Puff, Puff, Pass: Weed Tricks to Impress Stoner Friends

Weed Tricks

Are you looking to impress your friends with some weed tricks that they’ve never seen before? Then you’ve clicked on the right article because we’re going to press the refresh button on your bag of tricks and provide you with some showstoppers.

We urge you to read this article from start to finish to find out these must-know tricks.

1. Just Be Cool

This trick is known as the French Inhale and isn’t necessarily a trick, but a way to look like you’ve smoked weed before. If you’re around experienced smokers, you don’t want to look like an amateur.

The way it works is to inhale and slowly let the smoke seep out of your nose. As the smoke comes out, you’ll quickly inhale it through your nose. You may want to try this technique on your own first, making sure you don’t choke on the smoke.

2. Waterfall

This one can have your whole room of friends quite impressed and on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens next. The way to do this trick is to grab something like a glass or bottle, and you’ll need a few ice cubes.

Place the ice into the glass’s bottom and then take a hit of weed and blow it into the glass. Once you’ve exhaled, all the smoke tip the glass onto its side and watch the smoke flow out like a waterfall.

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This marijuana trick is pretty simple to pull off and can be done by anyone.

3. The Tornado

Some people find this trick to be more challenging to pull off and rightfully, so when has a tornado ever been easy to work with. You can use your fingers or a paper towel or toilet paper roll.

It’s much easier to do with the paper towel roll, and all you’ve got to do is blow smoke into the roll. Then slowly lift the roll off of the smoke and quickly rake your hands through, creating a tornado effect.

The first couple of times you do it, you may have a lopsided tornado, but eventually, you’ll get it right.

4. The Bane

This one sounds pretty intimidating because of the villainous character from batman, right? If you’ve recently bought a bong, it’ll be perfect to complete this trick and impress everyone around you.

Light the end of the bong and then inhale as much smoke as possible, collecting it in your mouth. Then after you’ve inhaled as much as you can, lock your jaws and smile slowly, letting the smoke seep between your teeth.

As the smoke comes out inhale through your nose at the same time.

Weed Tricks Made Easy

There’s so many out there to try you’ve just got to go for it when it comes to weed tricks. If you’re worried about not getting it right the first time, practice before going to group functions. We encourage you to try out a couple or all of the weed tips and tricks that we’ve detailed above.

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