5 Career Options for Creative People


It can be difficult to find the right career option when you are a creative person, especially since many people believe that your creativity should be used solely for hobbies and past-times. This is not the case, though, and there are many exciting careers within which you can utilize your inner creative talents every single day of the week. 

If you would like to see your creative visions come to life in a real and satisfying way, there is no better job than being an interior designer or decorator, where you will be able to help people to realize their dream decor for their home. However, before you decide on the degree course that you should take, you should research the difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer, with the New School of Architecture and Design offering courses in a wide selection of interior decoration design skills. 

  • Graphic Designer 

However, if you are interested in technology and want to allow your designs to flourish in both the physical and digital world, you should consider becoming a graphic designer. As a graphic designer, your traditional roles encompass developing product packaging, logos, and advertisements. However, with the onset of the tech revolution, graphic designers are now also often in charge of creating designs and illustrative content for websites. 

  • Creative Writer

You do not have to be an excellent artist to be creative, though, and if your skills lie within your words instead, you should consider becoming a writer. Although you might be concerned that writing is unable to give you the stable wage that you are looking for, this is not the case. Many writers decide to find jobs in copy and content writing, as well as technical and report writing, blogging, and creative consulting. 

  • Marketing Assistant

One of the most fulfilling jobs that you should consider if you want to take on responsibility within a larger corporation is that of a marketing assistant. Not only are marketing assistants usually offered excellent advancement opportunities, but the roles involve allowing many people to interact with and see your work every single day. Once you have developed your skills and become a marketing assistant, you will work with a team to develop astute and engaging marketing campaigns for the business that you work for, which might involve social media, content, or SEO marketing. 

  • Creative Artist

Lastly, if you want to immerse yourself within the creative world every single day of the year, you should consider becoming an artist or illustrator, with there being a demand for artist commissions on a global scale. Not only could you consider taking commissions or selling your work, but you could also think about partnering with other companies, illustrating other work, such as children’s books, or even producing designs for clothing companies.

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Although being a creative soul can be difficult in the corporate world, it is possible to carve out a fruitful career for yourself as a creative, either on a freelance or an employed basis. This will then enable you to hone your skills and work toward your dream job- all while getting paid for it. 

“Finally, if you’re aiming to fully engage with the realm of creativity throughout each day of the year, it might be worth contemplating a path as an artist or illustrator. The global demand for commissioned artwork presents ample opportunities. Beyond merely accepting commissions or marketing your creations, you might also explore collaborations with various enterprises. This could involve tasks like creating illustrations for diverse projects, including the possibility of finding a children’s book illustrator. Moreover, delving into crafting designs for apparel companies is also an avenue worth considering.”


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