5 Fun Outdoor Activities to Try This Spring

Fun Outdoor Activities

Did you know that in the Northern Hemisphere spring is usually 92.8 days but in the Southern Hemisphere, it is around 89.8 days? Whether you’re in the Southern or Northern Hemisphere, you are probably looking forward to warmer temperatures so that you can enjoy the great outdoors after a long winter. We have put together this list sharing some fun outdoor activities that you can plan before the season is here.

Keep reading for the top things to do outside during the spring. 

  1. Backyard Movies

A great option to enjoy some beautiful spring weather is to contact movie party rentals for an outdoor movie night. This is a fun outdoor activity where you can invite your friends and family because most companies usually allow a pretty large number of people. 

  1. Camping

With the weather getting warmer, camping or even glamping is a fun activity to plan. The key is to have all of the gear necessary to make the trip as comfortable as possible so that everyone can enjoy themselves. 

If you are not sure where to go, we highly recommend researching State Parks in your area. Make sure to double-check what facilities they have available so that you can plan accordingly. 

  1. Gardening

Planting a garden is another fun outdoor activity that you can enjoy by yourself or with your family. Take a trip to your local gardening or home improvement store and choose some flowers and plants to create your perfect garden. 

You can even get creative and choose plants or flowers that attract a specific animal like butterflies or certain birds. 

  1. Hiking
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What better time to hike up a mountain than the spring when it’s not too hot or freezing cold? Find a hiking trail that you feel comfortable exploring and plan a fun day out of it. 

You can even pack a lunch for everyone, along with a blanket, and enjoy eating together once you reach the top of the mountain. Take in the views and of course, take a group picture to have this memory saved.

  1. Outdoor Yoga

Connecting with nature while practicing yoga is a wonderful way to be more mindful, relax, and appreciate the spring season. If you have children they can also join the fun and you can incorporate fun poses and possibly a story to go along with each pose. 

Both you and your kids will be using all of your senses while practicing your yoga poses of choice which will lead to connecting with nature and the spring season even more. 

Ready To Try These Fun Outdoor Activities?

We hope that now that you have our list of the top outdoor activities you can choose what you want to try either solo or with the family. Why not be super adventurous and try all of the above activities. 

Are you looking to also plan activities to do this summer? Please keep browsing this section for some summer fun ideas.  


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