5 Life-Saving Skills for Apocalypse Survival

Life-Saving Skills

Warnings that the world is going to come to an end have been around for millennia. One of the first warnings written in clay can be dated to Assyria from approximately 2800 B.C. Since then, there have been many predictions that foretell the end of humanity as we know it.

While these predictions never came true, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Read on for some life-saving skills you will need for apocalypse survival.

1. Access to Clean Water

The first and most important element for human survival is having access to clean water. Not only is dehydration a serious consideration after the fall of civilization, but water can also carry a variety of diseases.

To ensure you stay healthy, you need a way to purify water. There are a variety of ways to do this, including boiling it, using iodine tablets, buying a water purification system, or using solar disinfection.

2. Find a Food Source

After securing a clean water source, the next thing you’ll need to worry about during the apocalypse is where you’ll find food.

Once society collapses, you won’t be able to head to the grocery store for your next meal. Some things you might consider include acquiring hunting firearms so that you can look for and shoot your own meat.

Having a gun is also beneficial in case you need to protect yourself against marauders and other unsavory characters.

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It’s also a good idea to save seeds so that you can plant crops. By participating in hunting and farming, you will ensure that you have the sustenance to stay alive after the world comes to an end.

3. Protect Yourself with Shelter

After the end of the world, even if you have to keep moving to stay alive, you will need some type of shelter. This will protect you and your belongings from the elements.

If you have the ability to stay in one spot, then staying in your home is the best option. You already know where everything is. This can keep you comfortable and safe.

Should you find that you have to move, packing a small tent or another type of shelter is in your best interest.

The best place to survive an apocalypse is somewhere that has enough land to grow crops and an abundance of wildlife for protein. It’s also beneficial if you have enough space to put up your shelter.

4. Stay Healthy

If you are asking, what do you need to survive an apocalypse, having a first aid kit or another way to prevent infection is necessary.

After society collapses, it won’t be long before antibiotics and other medications run out. Stocking up on these important supplies will ensure you’ll have them for a while, but having a Plan B in place will also keep you healthy.

Thus, you might consider learning which plants are medicinal and how to use them.

5. Learn to Live Without Electricity

In the modern world, most people take for granted that they have power at the flip of a switch.

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When it comes to the apocalypse survival guide, a life-saving skill you can teach yourself is how to live without electricity.

Knowing how to light fires, cook, clean, and do other chores without electricity will not only help you survive, but it will also keep you from going crazy.

Apocalypse Survival

People throughout history have predicted the end of time, but it hasn’t come about yet. However, nothing lasts forever. Instead of being taken by surprise when the apocalypse comes, being prepared could be the difference between life and death.

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