6 Interesting Basketball Facts

Basketball Facts

Sports have different origins and have unique ways of gameplay. The variation of sports is also influenced by the people who created it and the people who continuously support it as it represents their race and nation. In earlier years, basketball was not much of a thing. We can see how much it transcended from peach baskets to one of the biggest sports. 

Great players who have caused significant impact and elevated the game go by the names of Jerry West, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Julius Erving, Bill Russel, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and many more.  While we know a lot about these players and their statistics, how much do we know about the sport itself? 

James Naismith – The Inventor of Basketball 

Before we dig deeper into our basketball facts, we shall peak a little about its history. Basketball was created by a Canadian-American physical education instructor, James Naismith, way back in 1891. The sole purpose of creating this sport is to have an alternative indoor game to play aside from football during the winter. 

Compared to football, basketball is also less prone to injuries. The sport’s name came from peach baskets where Naismith used two half-bushel peach baskets as the point indicator. Basketball has gained popularity during the 20th century after helping the Young Men’s Christian Association(YMCA) boost its membership. 

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When Did Dribbling Become Relevant in the Sport?

If you have seen awkward basketball games in black and white where players do not take dribbling seriously, that is because dribbling has only become a vital part of basketball by the 1950s. The sport’s transformation alongside the players’ competitiveness brought a considerable adjustment to the game. 

The Basketball Court

You have probably played at different basketball courts in several locations, and you might have noticed that some courts and broader than the others. Some courts have a farther three-point line and have higher basketball rings. The standard basketball hoop is at 10ft ever since 1891, with a standard basketball court of 50ft wide and 95ft long. 

Wilt Chamberlain’s Record

When we talk about scoring 100 points, only one person comes in mind, Wilt Chamberlain! Chamberlain still holds the record of the most point scored in a single basketball game up to the present day. He is still hailed as the greatest all-around big man to play the sport.

The G.O.A.T

Who is the NBA’s greatest of all time? This argument could last a lifetime without a guaranteed correct answer. Before claiming a particular player with this title, numerous factors are to be considered: scoring ability, clutch, assists, defensive attributes,  championship rings, MVPs, all-star game appearances, leadership, impact on the sports, influence, etc. 

Even up to the current date, people still hail Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls as the GOAT. The 90’s Michael Jordan, with the jersey number of 23, left a strong mark on basketball history. Although it is somewhat subjective for others, every player’s records and greatness will always differ from era to era. 

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The Team with Most NBA Championships

The most NBA championships team will always be between Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics, but the number one spot goes to the Celtics. Aside from their seven straight wins during the 1960s, the Celtics have won a total of 17 championships. 

Takeaway of Basketball 

Although the game’s standards have changed throughout the years, and the players’ abilities have drastically improved by improvising legendary players’ game style and intense training, the argument on who is the greatest player of all time still continues.  Kobe Bryant and Lebron James are always compared to the GOAT Michael Jordan, one tough argument. 


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