9 Key Features of Bitdefender Internet Security

Bitdefender Internet Security

When you try to purchase security software for your computer, you need to know its features and read the reviews first. This article provides the key elements of Bitdefender Internet Security and how it can defend your system from e-threats. So here are the key features of this security software.

Bitdefender Photon

If you read the Bitdefender Internet Security review, you will know the key features of this security software, and Bitdefender Photon is one of them. This feature will configure the device software to perform at full capacity and match the computing tools you install. With that said, the solution of the software is unique to every device. In addition to that, the performance and speed of the computer are getting pushed to its maximum.

Global Protective Network

While most robust scanning happens in the systems, this key feature will make it possible to perform scanning in a cloud. It means that the CPU of your computer will not be of use, and its performance stays the same.


Bitdefender offers some tools to focus on the performance of your device. It will give you the best solution if there are threats, and it will also tweak the system’s performance when necessary and will use helpful resources when scanning. Autopilot acts as a notification and will give the users the recommended security solution. This feature is best when your computer is dealing with threats from the internet.

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Bitdefender VPN

Web privacy is also essential when it comes to security. It hides your personal information from hackers and will make you look anonymous. This security software doesn’t overlook this process and even has its own VPN. The encrypted traffic of 200MB is also included in this software.


This key feature is new to the software. It is capable of blocking trackers like cookies that will collect your data. When you are surfing the internet, Bitdefender can keep all your data non-public.

Game, Movie, Work Modes

If you are watching movies, playing video games, or even working, Bitdefender’s security features will detect and temporarily stop unneeded requests and notifications. Besides that, the performance of background activities and display settings will be minimized, maximizing your use of the device.

Webcam Protection

The feature that is capable of hiding you from those peeping individuals from the web is this one. The webcam protection key feature of this software can avoid webcam leaks, and it will notify the users if some websites attempt to access the camera of your computer.

Rescue Mode

There are some cases where a complex malware or virus infects your device, evading all security features. The Bitdefender has an instant plan to automatically restart your device to recover and then clean it when it tracks the threat or danger.

Social Network Protection

Social media sites have now turn into an entryway for invading privacy. It is now quickly passed on without knowing it is a virus that can hack your account or in your files. It usually looks like a usual ordinary link, but it contains infected files that might put a virus onto your device.

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Takeaway of Bitdefender 

If you have tasks to do while using a computer, you need to protect your data and information from harmful threats on the web. The best way to prevent hacking and damage your computer or any device from e-threats is to use Bitdefender Internet Security.


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