A Career in Gaming


It’s often quite alarming to think how quickly online entertainment has changed in such a short amount of time and particularly within the online gaming space – mobile leads the way for the gaming market as a whole as the emergence of app marketplaces in 2008 started the ball rolling and have helped lead to some of the biggest games on the market found at thebestcasinos.co.uk, but esports was the market which brought about the ability to build a career in gaming, and now many young electronic athletes are earning salaries comparable to professional sporting.

Much of this change has simply come with the growing interest in the space – early offline events would only attract a few hundred to a few thousand visitors whilst esports was still establishing but now the biggest games sell out the biggest arenas in the world whilst also attracting tens of millions of viewers through online streaming platforms like Twitch – perhaps the biggest game in esports of League of Legends has helped lead the way here too with its biggest yearly event boasting over one hundred million concurrent viewers, and only being beat out by events like the Olympics and the World Cup.

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The increased attention has brought on additional sponsors for the big events and teams alike – big tech companies have often been involved in sponsoring the events but betting and crypto companies have been the latest to get on Best board games too, and over the years the teams themselves have been able to establish relationships with all kinds of business too from clothing brands to telecom giants – the additional sponsorship for both events and teams has led to increased salaries and increased prize money to boot – the richest game currently is within Valve’s DotA2 as the last International event was able to surpass $40 million in prize money.

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Opportunities to build a career in gaming aren’t only limited to competitive ventures either, however, as streaming and content creation has often become more lucrative for those with an exciting personality – Twitch streamers have been known to earn huge salaries too without the necessity of being a competitive player, although former esports and current esports have been known to generate much larger audiences – but the methods are the same, big sponsorships and contracts alongside subscriptions and donations for many have helped replace a career in YouTube for a career in live gaming and other categories on Twitch, and have quickly become something of a preference for younger audiences looking to build an online presence and try something new.


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