Are You Ready For A Perth Murder Mystery Party?


It’s a little early for Halloween, but it’s never too early to plan the perfect get-together with all the ingredients for those who enjoy a good mystery, murder, and trying to figure out “whodunnit,” complete with props, costumes, and a theme.

You can have the ideal Perth murder mystery party in a setting of your choice, making a truly thrilling scene organized by an event planner to pull off an occasion you won’t soon forget, or you can start off with planning a party at home if you haven’t had the experience yet and want to try it out first.

This is a unique evening of entertainment for everyone to participate in if you’re up for the challenge of hosting a themed event. It comes down to details, organizing yourself, the space set up, and the guests prepared to settle into the parts they’ll play so everything goes off without a hitch.

Consider these suggestions as a step-by-step guide if planning the murder mystery party for your home for the first time. As time passes, you can move the party to a more obscure setting.

 How Will You Plan Your Murder Mystery Party

A Perth Murder Mystery Party can be a riveting experience for you and your guests looking for something unique for an evening of entertainment. You can select the setting and the theme while the event is planned for you, nothing short of a spirited and likely hair-raising good time.

Some might want to try it in their home first to see what it’s like. It can be a lot of fun with close friends enjoying something unusual with costumes, props, and play-acting.

You’ll need to be equipped for hosting, having the space set up, the guests prepared for their parts, and yourself organized for what you’ll need to do to get ready for a gripping evening of frightful, fantastical excitement.

Find tips for hosting a murder mystery party at and then consider these suggestions on how to plan the perfect “murder.”

●      Select your theme

The priority when planning a murder mystery party is to decide what the theme will be for the party. That will carry over when you choose invitations, ask guests to pick out costumes, create decorations, plus decide on the food and drinks for the evening.

You can get a number of ideas from online, complete with suggestions for the backdrop, what the guests should wear, and how to progress through the evening with the “play” until the ultimate reveal.

While some of the play-acting will be improvised, you’ll need a script or a game that will give you details on when the lights should flicker, how the deceased will come to be, what each of you should do and when, and who will be the guilty one and why.

●      The invitations need to go out

When you have the premise behind the party planned, the invitations will need to be created for those who need to play the various parts. You’ll need to get these out roughly two to three weeks ahead of time so guests will have time to RSVP.

You’ll need to know how many people will be participating and the amount of food and beverages to have on hand. If the party is a spur-of-the-moment decision, you can use technology to your advantage with a social network event set up where you invite everyone via their site profiles.

This is a fast and easy method of getting responses back, but you’ll still need to do this ahead of time enough that everyone will have time to get their costumes, and you can get the party decorations and menu items.

Costumes don’t need to be elaborate, and it’s essential to let guests know; they can even make something simple to create the character.

●      Make the menu selections

The menu selections will need to stay in the context of the theme. If this is supposed to be a mansion where a murder happened at the signing of a will, perhaps you’ll have a formal sit-down dinner. That, however, can mean a lot of effort for you as the host unless you decide to have the event catered.

Another suggestion is to choose a buffet-style meal or make it fuss-free by asking each guest to bring a dish that aligns with the sort of cuisine matching the party’s theme. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy cooking could buy something cohesive or provide the beverages.

It’s wise to get a list of what each person will bring before the evening of the party to know the primary aspects of the meal you’ll need to handle. This way, you can avoid the possibility of having a themed party that ends up having a minimal menu.

●      Set the theme

When guests begin to arrive for the party, the themed music should be playing loud to make the ambiance but not too loud that you can’t hold a conversation. The entryway should be decorated to set the party’s tone so everyone gets an idea of “where” they are and what’s about to happen.

You should be in costume, with each guest receiving their character cards with no one sharing their roles. There will be a detective, a victim, and the murderer. The game should be fun, with each person enjoying the evening.

You can give a general idea of how the course of the evening will go and when dinner will be. Only the killer and victim should know when the “event” will occur. Give the others a general idea of where the clues are hidden so these aren’t too challenging to find.

Final Thought

When the evening is coming to a close, have a sort of award ceremony where the person who solved the mystery gets a prize, the person wearing the most convincing costume gets one, and the best “actor” is rewarded.

Now that you see how awesome the party can be, it’s time to graduate to a Perth Murder Mystery Party and see what will happen if someone else organizes the event. Go here to learn how to play “detective” with the kids.

It’s all about planning for the perfect execution!


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