Are You Ready For Dil Bechara On July 24?



    Dil Bechara would have been another Bollywood movie had we not lost Sushant. The actor’s untimely death came as a personal loss to his admirers and common people alike. Unfortunately, we will remember this movie as his last work. Before sorrow overtakes us, won’t such remorseful vibes contradict Sushant’s ever-positive attitude?

The Show Must Go On!

He changed his course of life from a potentially affluent career of an engineer to an actor. Sushant learned that being in the moment and being excited is what makes him happy. Over this short period of time, we came to know what a versatile man he was! His yearning for the space elements, science, technology, singing, ballet left us spellbound. The man we lost was a man of many virtues.

Sushant Singh Rajput in the lead role in Dil Bechara
Sushant Singh Rajput playing his guitar. Image Courtesy: Instagram

Despite everything, the pain must not overshadow his spirit and zeal for life. The show must go on! As we loved him, we can embrace the causes that he stood for.

Amid speculations over the cause of his death, backlashes against nepotism in Bollywood, Dil Bechara is all set for release. The Covid19 crisis has hit movie connoisseurs hard. While some of you are okay with home-shows, others are not.

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The Much Awaited Movie Is Set For Digital Release

The movie is inspired by the novel “The Fault In Our Stars” by Jhon Green.

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Sushant’s charisma and brilliant performance have won hearts and critics. Sushant’s latest and even his final movie would be out soon; the date is July 24, 2020. However, you can only watch the movie on Disney+Hotstar.

While the audience is excited and eager to watch the movie, some of them are not happy with the digital release. After considering the current scenario, theatre release would mean a fresh set of contamination and controversy. So, the idea of digital release is good; we can at least watch it.

Some movies have never seen the daylight because of such postponement. Theatres cannot be open soon because Covid19 positive cases are rising in cities across the country. Digital releases, too is a new normal. Big screen or no big screen, we are glad to watch it on screen now. How exciting is that for you?

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Dil Bechara In A Nutshell For You

The movie is inspired by “The Fault In Our Stars” by Jhon Green. A Hollywood movie was also made inspired by this novel, and Dil Bechara is apparently its remake. The movie narrates the lover story of Manny and Kizzie. One is a young and cancer survivor, and the other is a cancer patient. They end up falling in love with each other.

    Dil Bechara is the directorial debut of Mukesh Chhabra. Sushant Singh Rajput stars with debut actor Sanjana Sanghi in the lead role. The film also stars Saif Ali Khan, Milind Gujani and others. A. R. Rahman is the composer for the film. Surpotim Sengupta is the screenplay writer, and Satyajit Pande is the cinematographer for the film.


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