Are You Taking Care Of The Lobes Of The Brain?



If you are keen on having control over your life, then you must learn to control your mind. Speaking of this, let’s talk about ‘brain’ today! The brain has four lobes, and the different lobes of the brain have distinctive functions.

Whether you are doing great or sulking in a corner, it can depend on how your brain functions. The brain is what controls us. If human beings are considered superior to all living beings, then it is because of our brains. Human brain parts enable us to be so. The secret lies in the four different lobes of the brain and of course, your determination for ultimate goals.

Take care of the lobes of the brain
Diagram: Different lobes of the brain.

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Four Different Lobes Of The Brain

What your skull is protecting is the brain, rather to be precise, the four different lobes of the brain. Your brain has four lobes on both sides – frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, and temporal lobe. Each of these lobes has distinctive functions that lend character to your brain.

  • Frontal Lobe: The frontal lobe is primarily responsible for cognitive functions and regular voluntary activity or movement. What we identify as intelligence rise from this part of the brain. It is responsible for carrying out executive functions. This lobe is in charge of planning things, solving problems and finding the reason or reasons behind anything. Besides these, the frontal lobe also regulates our emotions.

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You must have often heard about how crucial it is to pay attention to our emotional intelligence. You may find it difficult to exist if you cannot control your emotions well. This even holds true for excelling professionally. So, now know what exactly you must take care of, for improving your emotional intelligence.

  • Parietal Lobe: It is that part of the brain that enables us to identify and respond to touches. It helps us to feel anything. It could be temperature, or pressure, or pain, or pleasure. Feel from touch that you receive on your skin is processed in your parietal lobe and understand what and how it is. Just not that, you can identify two different touches from two different objects.
  • Occipital Lobe: Thank your occipital lobe because it enables you to identify objects. It is often referred to as a brain’s visual processing center. It has the primary visual cortex or V1. When your eyes meet an object, or you see something, V1 gets the visual information from the eye. It then passes the information to different visual processing areas and analyses the identity of the object. It then comes out with output and, you can understand what you have seen. All of these happen within a fraction of a second.
  • Temporal Lobe: If you have amazing memories to cheer for and feel good about, it is because of the temporal lobe. Among the different lobes of the brain, the temporal lobe is responsible for memories and processing sensory information. This lobe contains hippocampus, which is important for memory, emotions, and learning.

The temporal lobe processes auditory information. It has the primary auditory cortex, which receives sound from ears and other secondary areas. Then it processes the input to understand what we are hearing.

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This lobe also processes visual inputs. Some temporal lobe areas can process complex visions like faces and scenes and let us know about it.

Are you taking good care of the lobes of the brain?
Brain helps in creating good habits and habits shape character

Brain Builds Character And Character Makes A Man

Your thoughts guide you. You must have often heard people suggest you change your thoughts to change your life. It works that way. Brain health is primarily important because everything else depends on it. We suggest you try these to utilize the four lobes of the brain.

  • Understand your mind: Your mind is unique, like your DNA, and it is perfectly synchronized with your body. Did not hear ‘health body and mind’? The mind and body are interdependent. The best thing about it is that you can understand your mind. All you need to do is connect with yourself. You may call it meditation; it might make the process simpler and more acceptable. You must know, analyze, and thus understand your mind.
  • Control your mind and never be controlled by it: When you are sure to have accomplished what we mentioned above, then you are ready for this. This is the ultimate secret for mastering your own life. However, this is tricky and very difficult but achievable nonetheless.
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When you can understand your mind, you know how to deal with it for the best outcomes. The mind gives you rational suggestions because reasons govern it. So it would be great to listen to your mind but only when you are in charge of it; never otherwise. Control your mind to lead a life you have always wanted to. However, make sure you do not harm anyone by your deeds.

  • Respond to the pop-ups: You have instincts, and we often call it gut feelings. As we mentioned earlier, an individual’s brain is different from the others’, so the response is even unique. Once you get to know yourself (read brain), then you can understand these signals better. It is one of the ways how your brain communicates with you. When you learn to understand them, you will be guided by your gut feeling, which seldom goes wrong.

These collectively enable you to shape features for yourself and thus create a magnetic personality. When you control your mind, it builds your character and, thus, your individuality.

It's time to take care of the lobes of the brain
Pay attention to brain health, now!

How To Take Care Of The Lobes Of Your Brain?

What you care about also takes care of you. It can be your friend, body, and undoubtedly your brain; not necessarily in that order. We suggest a few easy and practical ways in which you can take care of the four lobes of the brain.

  • Eat healthy food: You are what you eat. It’s not just valid for your body but even for your mind. The food you eat nourishes your body, which directly influences your mind too or psychology. If you are overeating junk food, it interferes with digestion. You develop stomach issues, cause discomfort in your body, and disturbs sleep. It doesn’t end there; it disturbs your healthy hormones, too, and thus affects your brain health. Unhealthy food often enhances depression. So, the first and foremost step to ensure adequate brain health is, to begin with healthy food.
  • Workout regularly: Workouts make you a happy person. Heavy exercises that make you sweat, release your happy hormones. It dissolves your stress and makes you happy. It allows your brain to take a good break, breathe, and generate healthy cells. In the long term, it ensures good brain health. This is why you must exercise every day.
  • Keep a check on your emotional health: Stress and emotional imbalance affect brain health. It is so because emotions are directly related to health. Prolonged depression can affect our cognitive abilities and other brain activities too. Deal with such issues from the nascent stages only. This will limit the damages.
  • Interact with people: Curiosity might have killed the cat, but you are a human being. Have a non-satiable hunger for knowledge, eagerness, and unwavering determination for whatever you do. Meet new people and interact with them. Move out of your comfort zone and try to make things look better for everyone.
  • Throw friendly challenges at yourself: You must have an eye for improvement. So try to set some achievable targets. Be lenient with yourself when you achieve those benchmarks, and then make sure to celebrate your accomplishments too. It’s a way of thanking and encouraging yourself for higher achievements.

The brain is the superpower that we have been blessed with by default. Little attention is what we need to ensure our brain functions optimally. What we suggested above are some of the proven ways, you can modify the list according to your conveniences.

Are you paying attention to the lobes of the brain?
Brain is always at your service!

Why The Brain Matters Above All?

The brain is the ultimate seat of activity and control. It is the most important organ in the human body. If you want to change your life, then you must change your thinking. You can change your life by utilizing your brain; how cannot then, brain matter above all? The brain matters; rather, the four different lobes of the brain matter.

It controls the nervous system, which controls your movement, ability to remember, identify things, and respond to stimulus. So, its health is of paramount importance, and you must never ignore it for any reason.

A healthy enables you to think innovatively. It makes you an able thinker, problem solver, and enables you to achieve inspiring goals. When we can do all these, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and happiness come along.

If you want to create a happy life, then you must focus on taking care of your brain. You don’t need a good time to start for it; every day and every moment in it is a great time to start for it.

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Take care of the different lobes of the brain for success and satisfaction. These are two halves of a sphere and complete your life.


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