Best CBD Topical Creams for Pain

CBD Topical Creams

CBD Topical Creams are an extremely popular option for treating pain using the natural healing power of CBD.

The main benefit of CBD topicals is that they work much faster than other forms of CBD, giving you relief from pain when you need it most. CBD Topical Creams and salves also give you a much higher level of control. Topicals only affect the area of the body they are applied to so you can target particular areas of pain.

CBD Topical Creams is the most commonly used for treating surface-level pains. CBD cream can also be effective at targeting joint and muscle pains. There are many different CBD creams to choose from, with almost every CBD brand now offering their very own range of creams and salves.

Take a look at CBD salves and CBD creams in a little more detail and find the very best when shopping online.



PureKana has a number of topicals, including a 600mg CBD ointment designed to help you treat both mild and chronic pain. This multipurpose ointment not only helps you to target pain at its source but also acts as a moisturizer keeping your skin looking and feeling great.

Made using 600mg of PureKana’s famous CBD formula along with a number of nourishing ingredients, PureKana’s CBD ointment has a soothing aroma that you cannot help but instantly love. PureKana combines natural elements that are known to hydrate and care for your skin, including shea butter, olive fruit oil, and arnica Montana flower.

As with all of PureKana’s CBD products, the topical ointment undergoes third-party lab testing to ensure consistently high quality with each use. PureKana is committed to providing you with a healthy, natural CBD experience when you need it most.

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PureKana offers customers a 15% discount when shopping in bulk, helping you to save money when you purchase three or more packs of the topical CBD ointment.

Premium Jane

CBD Topical Creams

Premium Jane is known for delivering high-quality premium-feeling CBD products and is perfect for helping you to manage pain. When looking to treat pain in a natural way, Premium Jane has two options; its 750mg eucalyptus salve and a firmer 1500mg cocoa butter salve.

Both of Premium Jane’s CBD salves are made using their award-winning 100% organically grown CBD, which is sourced from hemp farms in Oregon. Each tub of salve is guaranteed to contain no more than 0.2% THC and be completely free from pesticides, solvents, and potentially harmful toxins and chemicals.

In order to create a premium experience, Premium Jane only uses natural ingredients to create their topicals. Along with their high-quality CBD oil, Premium Jane also uses organically grown ingredients such as jojoba oil, hibiscus flower, and grape seed oil.

With Premium Jane’s CBD salves, you can treat pain and care for your skin at the same time. The natural blend of ingredients works together to promote smooth, healthy skin even after a few days.


CBD Topical Creams

Provacan is one of the UK’s leading CBD brands and has a number of innovative CBD topicals designed to slot seamlessly into your daily skincare routine. Provacan’s 900mg CBD balm is an excellent way to manage pain using a completely natural formula.

Made using a combination of beeswax, coconut oil, and cocoa butter, Provacan balm works to target pain at its source while also acting as a moisturizer. Provacan’s combination of carefully chosen essential oils and terpenoids helps to support your body’s ability to process the CBD and ensure that you receive maximum benefits from each drop of balm.

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Thanks to Provacan’s natural balm recipe, their 900mg CBD balm feels and smells great on your skin. The creamy cocoa butter works with the coconut oil to leave your skin feeling smooth without the greasy feeling that is common with many other creams and balms.

With Provacan 900mg CBD balm, treating pain has never felt so simple.



Nanocraft has a range of CBD topicals that have been carefully designed to provide your body with a healthy dose of pain-fighting CBD. Nanocraft focuses on creating CBD topicals for athletes, giving your body the best chance to recover after a long workout and prevent pain before it has a chance to surface.

All of Nanocraft’s topicals are made using broad-spectrum CBD sourced from USA grown hemp plants. By using broad-spectrum CBD, Nanocraft creams pack a rich, THC-free dose of cannabinoids that together help to fight pain.

Nanocraft’s cooling CBD sports cream is an excellent way to hydrate your skin while also providing your muscles and joints with the fuel they need to recover. Nanocraft offers a muscle and joint bundle; the perfect way to experience a range of Nanocraft’s pain-fighting topicals.