Mechanical Keyboards: Keys For FPS Gaming Best Gaming Keyboards

Best Gaming Mechanical Keyboards

Using mechanical keyboards for gaming allows us to have a slight gaming advantage due to their performance and unique features such as anti-ghosting or little to no input lag. The only problem people are facing is which gaming keyboard to purchase because there are way too many keyboards in the market.

People should consider the crucial factors before buying a gaming mechanical keyboard: durability, reliability, and performance. Although most gaming keyboards today have RGB lighting, they also don’t mean that they perform better than keyboards without RGB.

Another factor that you should look for in a gaming mechanical keyboard is the dedicated software. If you aim to play competitively, you should use the keyboard’s maximum capability by setting macros to any keys you rarely use in-game. With that in mind, here are the three best gaming mechanical keyboards.

Top 3 best Mechanical Keyboards

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

The K95 RGB Platinum is a premium gaming mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Speed switches. Cherry MX switches are what people desire to have in a gaming keyboard, especially when playing fast-paced games. Keep in mind that if you want to have the best gaming keyboard, you should look for ones with the best mechanical switches.

Moreover, the K95 RGB Platinum has dedicated media keys, a metal volume wheel, and a USB pass-through. But that’s not the only reason why the keyboard carries an expensive price tag. The K95 RGB Platinum has an aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame. As a result, this gaming keyboard can withstand a lifetime of gaming due to its durability.

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Havit HV-KB390L Low Profile

The Havit HV-KB390L Low Profile is another high-quality mechanical keyboard with a 30-percent lower key height than the average mechanical switches. What makes the Havit HV-KB390L Low Profile keyboard worthy of being on the list is that it’s also tenkeyless. Aside from its small size, this keyboard is extremely appealing due to its bright RGB lighting.

Another feature that you’d like in the Havit Low Profile keyboard is that the mechanical switches are very responsive. Responsive keys with 100-percent anti-ghosting are essential for gaming because it prevents you from making any misclicks while playing competitively.

The only problem you have with the Havit Low Profile keyboard compared to the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is that it doesn’t have the dedicated media keys and volume wheel.

Fnatic Streak RGB Mechanical Keyboards

If you’re looking for a classy mechanical keyboard that contains plenty of cool features and has minimal branding, then you should set your eyes on the Fnatic Streak RGB. The Streak RGB also has Cherry MX switches and goes beyond 50 million keystrokes per switch to ensure durability and reliability.

Moreover, the Streak RGB has dedicated media controls and a volume wheel with an additional function lock key that allows you to access the media controls with ease. This particular keyboard ensures that you’re gaming with comfort since it has a PU leather wrist rest that you can adjust to balance the key height for maximum comfort.


There are plenty of Mechanical Keyboards out there that allows you to maximize your gaming experience. However, the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, Havit HV-KB390L Low Profile, and Fnatic Streak RGB are among the best keyboards to have depending on your budget. Take note that the RGB lighting is a bonus; your gaming comfort and no hand fatigue is essential.


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