Biggest Branding Trends for 2023


From business owners to freelancers and designers, all professionals are aware of the power recognizable branding has in dominating the industry. Done well, branding could make a strong first impression, attract potential consumers, and build memorability. But for this to be successful, branding can’t be static. It has to evolve along with industry trends and changing customer needs, which makes following emerging branding tendencies a great method for keeping a brand fresh and relevant. With that in mind, here are some of the biggest branding trends that are expected to rule 2023:

Bold Nostalgia

Nearly every industry seems to be traveling back in time for inspiration, and branding is no different. Nostalgic and retro designs are rising in popularity, creating a new trend that will dominate 2023. From fun product designs to unique customized boxes, retro solutions will enable brands to express themselves in more vibrant and engaging ways while evoking strong nostalgic memories from their audiences. Retro color palettes, layered 3D typography, and psychedelic patterns can all be expected. While the quirkiness and kitsch of the Y2K aesthetic might still be dominating, the 50s and 60s era illustrated mascots are starting to appear as well, giving brands a more human touch with their playfulness.

Innovative Design

With the need for uniqueness rising, the idea of pushing design boundaries is expanding as well. In the upcoming years, we can expect solutions such as anti-design and anything-goes aesthetics to dominate. This allows brands to go against the status quo, delivering something innovative and different that is bound to grab attention. However, playing with daring decisions and broken design rules can easily backfire if it’s not done right. For that reason, professional brand design services will be crucial in the following years. With brave thinking, creative ideas, and disruptive solutions that turn heads, industry experts will be able to achieve successful outcomes through strategic and innovative design.

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Daring Colors

Whether it’s caused by retro tendencies or the need to stand out in a sea of minimalism, the trend of impactful color combinations is undoubtedly rising in branding and design. Contrasting and clashing tones will be used to make bold statements, enabling brands to boost their visibility in terms of digital marketing. As the competition continues to rise online, brands have to focus on scroll-stopping graphics to gain a competitive edge. The impact of color will be one effective strategy. If used correctly, daring hues might also be able to strengthen branding on their own, allowing companies to support their visual identities and increase overall brand recognition.

Animated Logos

The increased focus on video-based content has already transformed traditional branding, and will likely bring more animated logos in the years to come. Animation represents an excellent method for companies to tell their story in a unique way and easily stand out from the competition. It also enables marketers to pack a brand’s message in a more concise, entertaining, and intriguing narrative that is bound to linger in the minds of consumers. Animated logos can effortlessly express personality, representing products, services, and the overall brand persona in a stylish way. That is exactly why they are so attractive in the world of branding at the moment.

Powerful Typography

Another trend that can give more weight to words is statement typography. The days of minimal sans-serif options are gone, making way for more powerful and effective typography. After all, wacky and wild fonts can help any brand stand out from the rest. From playful approaches with extended and stretched words to going big with mismatched fonts and bright colors, we are already seeing the power imaginative typography can have. Regardless of the message that’s intended to be conveyed, statement-making typography will surely get it across. Don‘t be surprised if 3D lettering and bold serifs begin dominating 2023 branding trends – they are here to make a point.

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The New Green

Although eco-branding is still growing as a movement, it will focus more on futuristic and minimal design in 2023 and beyond. Instead of soft treatments and earth tones, there will be more simplistic, monochromatic color schemes. The new form of eco-branding is future-focused, aspirational, and refreshingly minimal. We’re already seeing neutral color palettes and simplified approaches, with just a few words of text making an impact in a clean and concise manner. Considering the fact that the sustainability movement prioritizes aspects such as modest and simplistic living, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that minimal designs are now having a greater effect on audiences than overdone green themes.

While branding trends might come and go, leveraging the right tendencies can elevate any business by generating brand awareness, increasing brand value, and setting it apart from the competition. The trends mentioned above are just some aspects of branding that are expected to be prominent in 2023, all with the goal of standing out.