Brueggers Survey: From Rocky Acquisitions To Free Bagels


Bruegger’s Enterprises, Inc. is basically a restaurant operator but it is a subsidiary of JAB Holding Company, a Luxembourg-based company. Its completely owned subsidiary, Threecaf Brands Canada, Inc and it itself is the operators and franchisers of Michel’s Baguette and Bruegger’s bakery-cafes and also controls operations based on Brueggers survey.

They hold the Guinness World Record for making the world’s largest bagels, not only this but they also more than 70 million bagels every year. This company also supplies soups, bread, sandwiches, specialty drinks and coffee.

They have around 300 restaurants in about 26 states of the United States of America, Canada and the District of Columbia.

Mike Dressel and Nordahl Brue founded this restaurant chain in 1983 in Troy of New York.

And for a relatively new company, Brueggers has very interesting acquisition and sales history.

In 1996, the founders Mike Dressel and Nordahl Brue sold their company to another one called Quality Dining, one of their many franchises. In exchange, they brought the stock worth $142.

However, the owners very quickly realized that the new owners of the restaurant aren’t what they expected them to be. The major problems arose with growth and job strategy. So as they got the chance, they went to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and filed a complaint raising issues of poor strategy and nil growth. This way, they were able to add to their current 26% ownership, leading to them repurchasing back their entire company for $45 million in 1997.

The owners said that that sale was the biggest mistake they ever made.

Again, in 2003, the founders sold their company to Sun Capital Partners and James J. Greco.

However, it seems that this acquisition is as rocky as the previous one because if you visit their website, you will find that the about us section does not include the names of the original founders.

Nevertheless, they have come a long way since their inception in 1983, what with more than 300 stores all around North America.

Enough about the history and geography of  Brueggers let’s discuss what we are here for, and that is the BrueggersSurvey.

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Now, you might be thinking why a company like Brueggers needs a survey, but the fact is a company like Brueggers needs such things so that they can stay connected with their customers.

Read on to find out the objectives behind this survey!

Brueggers Survey Objectives

brueggers survey

There is a cost associated with every decision a company makes, and they always try to make sure that their decisions bear fruits. That being said, there is a cost related to the company’s decisions to create this survey, the objectives of the survey would definitely have been worth it to move ahead with the decision.

Let’s see what those objectives were:

  • To get to know their customer better,
  • To ensure they are satisfying the needs of their customers,
  • To improve various aspects of the restaurant by working more on décor and that kind of stuff,
  • Direct communication with customers will ensure that any grievance reaches to the management as soon as possible so that it can be solved.

Brueggers Survey Prize

Brueggers survey gives three bagels for free in exchange for filling out honest information in the survey form.

Please note that the coupon for three extra bagels does not include cheese. To get the cheese you need to pay. Prize

Brueggers Survey Prize: 3 free bagels

Does not include: Cream Cheese

Receipt valid for 3 days

Coupon valid for 14 days

Entry Limit: unlimited

Entry Method: Online

Purchase Required: Yes

How to take the Brueggers Survey

brueggers survey

The steps to take the Brueggers survey are very easy and you can finish this process within a few minutes. Follow the steps to know how you can get yourself three bagels for free!

  1. Go to the nearest Brueggers store and order anything you want to.
  2. Make sure while paying the bill, you remember to take the receipt.
  3. Then get a mobile or a laptop with an active internet connection.
  4. Now click on this site and access the survey:
  5. Fill in a few relevant details that you are asked and start the survey.
  6. Answer the questions honestly while giving the survey.
  7. At the end of the survey, the screen will show you a   survey validation code, note that code on the appropriate space on the receipt.
  8. Now, the next time, actually within three days, when you visit the store make sure that you take this receipt with you and show the survey validation code at the counter. As a reward, you will be given three bagels for free.
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BrueggersSurvey Homepage

When you visit the official site of Brueggers survey, you will be taken to a red, black and white-coloured page. The page will ask you to fill in a 13-digit survey code. Find the code on the receipt and enter it into the flashing window on the homepage.

BrueggersSurvey Rules

There are a few rules that you must follow to respect the services they are providing to you, the rules are easy to follow and are made to make things simpler for you.

Let’s have a look at them:

        The receipt of your food is valid only for three days that means you have the window of claiming your free bagels only for three days.

        However, the coupon expires after a window of 14 days.

        This offer is not valid with offers, avail all the offers separately.

        Most importantly, the coupon does not include cream cheese, you will have to pay extra money for that.

For more information about the rules and regulations of this survey, I recommend you visit their website. this is just a basic yet important list of rules, you will find a comprehensive list there.

Contact Brueggers

You might have a query that cannot be solved by a simple google search, sometimes you just need real assistance. 

Brueggers have made sure that anyone can approach them anytime they want to so they have made a special page called tellusaboutus, you can visit the page anytime and help yourself. 

The link to the website is: