Bubbler vs Bong: What’s the Difference and How to Choose?

bubbler vs bong

A relatively small portion of Americans smoke weed: 12 percent, according to a 2019 Gallup poll. So, it could be hard to ask around and get advice on whether to buy a bubbler or bong.

The good news is we’re here to help you in the great bubbler vs. bong debate. Read on to find out all you need to know about each option — and how to decide which one is right for you.

Bubbler vs. Bong: The Basics

Bubblers and bongs seem similar — and they are. They both rely on a water chamber to diffuse and filter the marijuana you smoke.

But the similarities end there. The setup of a bong is different from a bubbler, and the prices differ, too.

What Is a Bong?

There’s a reason why you’ll have to pay top dollar to get a bong: they are the cream of the crop of smoking apparatuses.

You’ll pack the glass bowl with your herb of choice and light it. The smoke will go through the water, then it’ll bubble through the chamber. This step helps filter out harmful particles and chemicals. It also leaves you with a smoother, more refreshing smoke to inhale.

To make all of this happen, bongs are made of borosilicate glass, which is non-porous. Smoke and residue can’t cling to this surface, which means every time you smoke out of your bong, it will taste fresh and pure.

And, even though they’re made of glass, it’s easy to disassemble your bong to clean it. The clear design makes smoking a show: you can watch the clouds form and twist within the device before you inhale.

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Because you can take apart and re-build a bong, you can customize it easily. Swap out pieces to create a bong that looks just how you want it.

Of course, the best bongs in this guide and elsewhere will cost you a pretty penny. You can’t be discreet with a bong, either, so you can’t carry it around for a quick smoke.

But the pros of your bong might outweigh the cons if you’re serious about smoking.

What Is a Bubbler?

Bubblers work in the same way that bongs do, but they’re not nearly as large as bongs. You can guess one of the major pros of bubblers, then — they’re portable, which large, delicate, glass-made bongs are not.

Still, bubblers are a better option than a dry smoking apparatus. They’re often considered middle of the road between bongs and bowls or joints.

Bubblers, unlike bongs, come in one piece. This makes them easy to tote around, but difficult to clean. They’re cheaper to buy than bongs, though.

Because they’re smaller than bongs, you can’t smoke as long with a bubbler without refilling it. And you can’t customize your bubbler like you can a bong: it comes in one piece, so you can’t swap out bowls or other pieces.

And, like we said before, the quality of smoke simply won’t compare to what you get from a bong. But, for an on-the-go option, you can’t beat a bubbler.

What’s the Bong vs. Bubbler High Differential?

Simply put, a bong will give you a better high.

With a bong, you have more space between the mouthpiece and the bowl, which means you get more smoke to inhale. This feature makes bongs better for social gatherings, too. You will have more smoke to pass around with friends if you bring a bong along to the party.

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This isn’t to say you don’t get a quality high from a bubbler. Because it filters through the water, you do get a smooth smoke — better than other portable pieces.

But you just can’t compare the high when it comes to bubbler vs. bong differences. The latter will give you a better buzz.

What’s the Bubbler vs. Bong Difference in Price?

The upfront cost of a bong will be higher, as you already know. But you get what you pay for: a quality high and a lasting piece of equipment.

Over time, though, investing in a bong may cost you less than a bubbler. That’s because you can more easily maintain a bong.

It’s not just down to the simplicity with which you can clean your bong. You can also replace defective parts as they fail to work. You can’t do that with a bubbler, though.

Instead, you have to replace your entire bubbler when it stops working since it all comes in one piece. That’s not to say your bubbler won’t be durable — they have solid lifespans, too.

But if you’re prone to dropping or breaking things, you might have to replace your bubbler for cracks and breaks. Meanwhile, you could swap out bong parts to keep yours running for years to come.

So, Which One Should I Buy?

Unfortunately, there’s no right or wrong answer in the bubbler vs. bong debate.

But you can make it easier on yourself by answering a few questions:

  • Do you want a more portable smoking device? Bubblers travel better.
  • Do you want to smoke with a group? A bong has longer stamina.
  • Do you want to spend less upfront on your smoking apparatus? Choose a bubbler.
  • Do you want to customize your device? Then you’re better off buying a bong.

In the end, only you can decide which device suits you, your lifestyle and your smoking preferences. We can help you with the rest of your weed-centric questions, though. Check out the rest of our articles on the subject to learn more.