Cabelas Retail Survey: Win Exciting Rewards By Cabela

Cabelas Retail Survey

In 1991, Cabela founded Cabela’s. Cabela’s Inc., a subsidiary of Bass Pro Shops is an American Marketer besides being a speciality retailer of Sidney Nebraska, outdoor recreation merchandise. And thay have started taking customer feedback through Cabelas Retail Survey. 

About Cabelas Retail Survey


Cabelas Retail Survey

Cabela’s catalogues are shipped to 120 countries and 50 states, via mail. In the year it was converted to an LLC, that year itself they had mailed more than 120 million catalogues, an achievement for a newly converted LLC.

Cabela originally bought a bulk load of hand-tied lures for $45 each which he tried to sell at his family’s furniture store.

However, no one was interested in buying lures in a furniture store. No surprises there! Also, the price was too much; the value of $45 in 1961 was $372, a moderately big number.

Despite this obvious failure, he did not want to accept it. And that was the time when he decided to give an ad in the newspaper stating “12 hand-tied flies for $1”. This was not a total failure, no, one kind person responded.

He did not lose his hope even then, no, instead he decided to switch his communication medium. He had one goal in mind, making the deal irresistible to all the potential customers.

And so he generated a new ad copy that said, “FREE introductory offer!” Apparently, he had decided to sell hand-tied flies for free, only adding postage and handling charges. 

Orders started pouring in like rain in a desert, and this marked the beginning of Cabela’s!

He, with his wife, took advantage of orders pouring in. they started putting names and addresses of all the people into one mailing list. And then they started sending out mail catalogue that benefited all their customers and increased their overall lifetime value.

Now the company is growing and they want this growth to be exhaustive. For their growth to make sense to us, their customers, they have started collecting feedback from the customers of their experience in stores.

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In exchange for offering thoughts for them, you get a coupon that helps you a lot on your next visit.

Cabelas Retail Survey Objectives

Whenever a company, especially one like Cabela’s adds something new to their to-do list then there is always a cost related to it. They always try to make sure that the returns of their projects and return on their projects are more than what they originally invested. Now that return can be tangible or intangible, it doesn’t matter.

In this case, however, the return is surely intangible.

If you want to know why a big company like Cabela’s would do a customer survey, then here are a few reasons:

  •  To ensure they are satisfying the needs of their customers,
  •  To get to know their customer better,
  •  Direct communication with customers will ensure that any grievance reaches to the management as soon as possible so that it can be solved.
  •  To improve various aspects of the restaurant by working more on décor and that kind of stuff. Prize

Cabelas Retail Survey Prize: on the purchase of $150 coupon, there is an off of $20

You receive your coupon via email, when you finish filling the survey, you get a tab that asks for your email id. details

Cabelas Retail Survey Prize: on the purchase of $150 coupon, there is an off of $20

Receipt valid for 7 days

Entry Method: Online

Purchase Required: No

Age requirement: 18 or older

Must be a resident of the US or Canada

How to take the Cabelas Retail Survey

The steps to take the Cabelas Retail Survey are very easy and you can finish this process within a few minutes. Follow the steps to know how you can get $20 off!

Cabelas Retail Survey

  1. Either you should have an older receipt or make a new purchase and then save the receipt.
  2. Now you need either a Mobile phone or a PC to continue with the process.
  3. In the search tab of your browser either type Cabela’s Retail Survey or click on the following link:
  4. If you are in Canada then click on this link:
  5. Now, read the rules and regulations carefully, fill in all the appropriate details and then click on the next button to start filling the survey. You will be asked to fill in a code, find that code on your receipt.
  6. Answer all the questions of the survey honestly.
  7. At the end of the survey, you will be prompted to enter your email id so that the coupon can be mailed to you.
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Now, the next time you visit the Cabela’s, do not forget to take your coupon with you to redeem $20 off $150. Homepage

The homepage of Cabela’s is pretty…interesting, to say the least. Green and white in colour, it shows simplicity and authenticity. As soon as you click on the link, you will be asked to enter the code, you will find this code on your receipt. Eligibility

before giving the survey, make sure that you are eligible for the survey, or else your efforts will be a total waste. Here are a few points that you should keep in mind before filling the survey:

  •  Within the seven days of getting the receipt, complete the survey.
  •  You don’t have to make any purchases if you have a receipt that follows point one.
  •   You have to be a legal resident of either the United States of America or the Canada to be eligible to fill the survey. 
  •  The survey is a void in RL, Quebec, and everywhere else where it is prohibited.
  • You can also call on 888-675-7668 to give feedback.

Contact Cabela’s

You might have a query that cannot be solved by a simple google search, sometimes you just need real assistance. Cabela’s have made sure that anyone can approach them anytime they want to and so they have made their contact number available to the general public.

Phone: 1 (800) 237-4444

So, we are here, to the end of the article and until now we have discussed a great deal about the Cabelas Retail Survey from a little bit of their history to their objectives behind this survey, to Cabelas Retail survey details and steps and eligibility. If you have any doubts about Cabelas Retail Survey, feel free to drop a comment anytime!