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Online gaming is currently more popular than it has ever been before with there being record numbers of people signing up to play at the many different options of online gaming. There are a select few who have managed to turn online gaming into their job by earning money from online tournaments or from streaming their gameplay on social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Another online gaming provider that is seeing huge numbers of people sign up is the online casinos with a lot of people making money from these once they know what they are doing. There are many good online gaming platforms to choose from and more can be found like these that offer some of the more visited online platforms around. Online gaming became a huge part of daily life during the lockdown periods caused by the pandemic and COVID. You can make money by online gaming, but it does take a lot of skill and patience to do so, there are a few different ways to do it for instance the gamers who make live videos of their gameplay that earn them money through how many views or subscribers they get from it, or you get the online casino gamers that learn games such as poker for one. Online casinos are mainly potluck with not all the games requiring luck with games such as roulette and slots just being luck if you win on them or not. 

There are a lot of younger gamers that are making money from playing games such as FIFA, call of duty and Minecraft. These games can be great money makers if you can learn how to get good at playing them, millions of different users play these games so it will take a lot of practice to get good enough to make money from them but it can be done, some very successful gamers have made a lot of money from online gaming. When the pandemic first happened, online gaming become the thing for everyone to be doing, because they were stuck at home there were not many things to do apart from watching the tv or playing online games. Online casinos saw record numbers coming to their platforms during the lockdowns and gaming console sales went through the roof. A lot of people lost their jobs over this period, and this is where a few of them managed to learn online gaming and still to this day have it as their main source of income

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