Can You Use CBD for Healing? 5 Must-Know Benefits of CBD

You Use CBD for Healing

Do you know all the health benefits CBD can provide?

CBD has been proven to help with a lot of chronic conditions and your overall health. But if you’re new to CBD, you might not know the full range of benefits that could be on offer.

Don’t worry! Read on for the 5 top benefits of CBD for healing.

1. Reduce Acne

Acne can cause a lot of physical and mental discomfort. It can be brought on by a variety of factors, including bacteria and genetic predisposition.

CBD can help reduce the production of oil by skin. This suggests that CBD could have benefits in relieving acne symptoms.

One study showed that CBD oil prevented glands from producing extra sebum. It also prevented the activation of other ‘pro-acne’ agents.

2. Reduce Inflammation

Studies show that CBD may be effective against inflammation and pain. One randomized placebo based study looked into the effects on people with peripheral neuropathy in their legs.

After 4 weeks, there was a reduction in pain, cold and itchy sensations for those taking CBD, but no reduction in the placebo group. And no participants reported side effects.

In another study, a 1:1 combo of THC and CBD showed signs of being effective for non-cancer-related chronic pain.

3. Heart Health and Blood Pressure

CBD isn’t just used to help treat active conditions. Studies have shown that it also contributes to lower blood pressure and overall hearth health.

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New research from the American Society for Clinical Investigation suggests CBD can lower high blood pressure.

CBD was shown to reduce the resting systolic blood pressure in subjects exposed to stress. The researchers attributed this to the anxiety reduction CBD provides. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD also contribute to a healthy heart.

4. Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Modern depression and anxiety drugs can cause a wide range of side effects and can even be addictive.

It is therefore no surprise that CBD is increasingly being used to treat both conditions. This is because it affects serotonin receptors in the brain, which helps regulate mood.

In a real-world test, oral CBD was compared against a placebo during a public speaking test. The CBD dose was found to be extremely effective at reducing anxiety before and during the test. So next time you need to do some public speaking, make sure to take your CBD Water.

The lack of side effects and long-term damage means that CBD can even been used to treat children with PTSD, insomnia, and anxiety.

5. Improve Brain Health

CBD is currently being researched for its ability to help with brain health.

Scientists are currently investing claims that CBD helps reduce the frequency and severity of seizures and protect the brain from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

This is because of CBD’s ability to reduce inflammation and reduce free radical damage in the brain.

Using CBD for Healing

As you can see, many people can benefit from CBD for healing. CBD has been shown to help with inflammation, blood pressure, and anxiety. While not a miracle cure, it can help complement your health, and keep you in top shape.

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