Thinking of Becoming a Casino Dealer? – Here’s a Quick Guide

Casino Dealer

The operators of your beloved betting games both inside a brick-and-mortar casino and online at live dealer sites like Playamo.  Contribute the entire human element that visitors love about betting. If not for them, it would be you against a machine and casinos would have never evolved past the mechanical slot machines.

But dealers also need to deal with a lot and have a keen eye for their surroundings and everything going on. It’s not a job that allows you to be half-asleep throughout your shift, unlike many other nighttime positions.

It might not be for everyone, since it requires late or overnight shifts, dealing with drunk patrons and doesn’t pay particularly well.

Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Casino Dealer?

While there are some clear downsides to the job, there must also be benefits that attract bright and friendly people to it.

For instance, as a casino dealer, there’s the flexibility of working different hours. Instead of the same boring nine to five office job. The ability to make much more than the basic pay in tips and of course, the best reason of all, the opportunities to travel.

It’s not only in land-based casinos that casino dealers find work, some work on resorts around the world, cruise ships and even in the studios of live casino dealer sites. Where you manage, deal and interact with online bettors as they join your virtual table. With these new advancements, the opportunities for dealers have improved greatly.

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How Much Money Do Dealers Make?

The pay is nothing amazing for most entry level casino dealers. Within two years of working, the salary can go from about $30,000 AUD to $35,000. However, if you’re good at your job and treat players with a friendly attitude, it’s not unheard of for some dealers to make an extra $4,000 in tips per month.

In fact, many dealers in the UK have reported that they make an extra 30% of their yearly salary in tips. Then there’s the opportunity for growth toward becoming an inspector or manager which will show you a greater increase in salary if you stay with the same casino or brand.

How to Become a Dealer

If you would like to become a casino dealer, there’re are a few things you’ll need to have under your belt first. It will require some training, which you can acquire from a program run by the casino, or a separate training program. Neither will guarantee you a job upon completion.

In places where there is a good presence of casino entertainment, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a decent program. You can check with a few casinos for information on where and how to sign up.

Most programs will consist of training about the rules of the game, casino protocol and more. You’ll also need to learn the local laws and legal regulations that surround the industry in your area. Which can change depending on the city you’re in or plan to work in.

Once you complete this training, you can start trying out for different jobs at casinos. At this point, they will look at your technical skills as well as assess whether you have the right personality or even look for the brand.


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