CBD Bath Bomb with Cannabidiol Oil

CBD Bath Bomb

CBD bath bombs are a great way to enjoy a calming bath while also soaking up the many benefits of CBD.

Just like regular bath bombs, CBD bath bombs can be used to enhance the feel, aroma, and appearance of your bath. A high-quality CBD bath bomb can transform even the most boring of baths into a luxurious therapeutic space where you can relax.

A growing number of CBD brands are using their premium cannabidiol oil formulas to create fun and healthy bath bombs. Whether you are looking for a calming lavender infused bath bomb or an energy boosting frizz in your bath, you are sure to find the perfect CBD bath bombs.

With so many CBD bath bomb options available, it can be hard to pick just a few. Let’s take a look at where you can purchase CBD bath bombs when shopping online and which ones you cannot afford to miss.

Premium Jane

CBD bath bomb from Premium Jane offers the perfect balance between a luxurious bath time experience and a way to care for your skin in a natural and healthy way.

Premium Jane has five different CBD bath bombs to choose from, including a calming lavender bath bomb and a sweet almond and coconut option. As with all of Premium Jane’s products, the CBD in the bath bombs is sourced from hemp plants grown within the USA.

Premium Jane’s bath bombs undergo the same rigorous testing as all of the other products. Lab testing is used to ensure consistently high quality and a precise, pure dose of CBD.

As well as smelling great and containing 50mg of Premium Jane’s CBD, each bath bomb has its own unique, beautiful design. Watching Premium Jane’s bath bombs slowly fizzle and transform the color of your bath water has you feeling excited before you even jump into the tub.

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Premium Jane’s jasmine CBD bath bomb has a bright, vibrant blue coloring, almost lighting up the entire room as it disappears into your bathwater. Made using all natural ingredients, including jasmine oil, organic shea butter, and pure isolated hemp extract, you will find yourself wanting to use Premium Jane’s jasmine bath bomb in every single bath.

All of the bath bombs that you find for sale on Premium Jane’s website are made from 100% natural ingredients so that you never have to worry about filling your bath water with dangerous toxins and chemicals.

Bath bombs can be purchased directly from Premium Jane’s online store for just $10.99.

Extract Labs

Extract Labs uses healthy organic ingredients to create its CBD bath bombs, resulting in a therapeutic and calming time where you can switch off from reality. Extract Labs combines its popular CBD isolate with essential oils and flower essence as the base of their CBD bath bombs.

One of the main things that set Extract Labs’ bath bombs apart from many other brands is the addition of gemstones. Each bath bomb contains a themed gemstone, adding an extra layer of luxury to your bath.

Extract Labs has several themed bath bombs to choose from, including the very popular sleep bath bomb, which has been specially formulated for nighttime use. Meanwhile, Extract Labs’ breathe bath bomb is packed with dried eucalyptus and flower essence, filling the room with a calming sense of peace.

All of Extract Labs’ bath bombs have been designed and created with care, and this is definitely something that shows when using their bath bombs.

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Extract Labs bath bombs are available for just $16 from the website.

Just CBD

When shopping with Just CBD, there are several fun and innovative bath bombs infused with cannabidiol oil to choose from, all of which have been carefully crafted to take relaxation to the next level.

Just CBD has six scented bath bombs to choose from, including fruity options such as the fruit explosion bath bomb and some more calming scents, including open fields and ocean breeze. With so many different scents, bath time will never feel dull again.

All of Just CBD’s bath bombs are made from natural ingredients with sodium bicarbonate and Epsom salts, forming the base of each bath bomb. Additional organic ingredients and essential oils are then added to create the different scents and colors.

Each bath bomb contains 25mg of hemp isolate, providing a rich and calming experience without having to worry about any potential psychoactive effects.

Just CBD uses natural ingredients to create the bright colors. From vibrant blue to floral pink, each bath bomb turns your bath water a different color.

Just CBD bath bombs are available for as little as $9.99


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