Cherish The Rarest Eye Colour But Protect All Eyes



The sense of vision is one of the most blessed and precious gifts to a human or any being. What you see is what becomes an intricate part of your personality. Interestingly, your eyes speak more than you can; people first make eye contact, which initiates conversation. On top of that, if you have the rarest eye colour, then you are the cynosure of attention wherever you go.

The eye is an essential and most sensitive sensory organ, and there are people with different and rare eye colours. Staring at someone’s eye is intriguing, and so is the eye itself.

Genes are responsible for the rarest eye colour
Genes are one of the reasons responsible for your eye colour

What Causes Eye Colour And What Causes It To Change?

Iris is the coloured part of your eye; it has pigmentation that determines your eye colour. However, there are a few other reasons which impart colour to your eye. While black and brown are common eye colours, hazel eyes are rare. Check out some of the important factors that cause eye colour.

Your genes

Your gene is one of the most common reasons held responsible for your eye colour. The colour of the human eye primarily originates from three genes. Two of those genes are known to science and are responsible for the common eye colours. Black, brown, and even green and blue are quite common eye colours, and genes cause this. Hazel eyes, grey, and a few other colours are rare. Scientists are still investigating the reason behind such eye colours. You can get an eye colours chart from a reliable source to know the different eye colours.

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Your age

Scientists have observed that shades of an eye change during earlier life. A baby can have a different pigment at birth, which may change as he or she grows. However, eye pigmentation can change until a particular time. Besides genes, melanin also decides eye colour. As an individual develops, the pupil’s melanin level increases and makes the eye colour look darker. It thus changes from a lighter to a darker shade.

Your emotions

Emotions directly influence hormones, and these hormones regulate characters in your eye. When you experience emotions, then your body releases hormones that change the shape of your pupils. When you are angry or happy, then your pupils tend to become vibrant. On the other hand, when you cry, your eyes become red and look bright and clear.

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Your health and well-being

Other crucial and common reasons for changing your eye colour can be deteriorating health. Often when you are well, your pupil turns yellowish or pale green. It  indicates your ill health, and you must consult a physician soon.

What Are The Common Eye Colours And Which Is The Rarest Eye Colour?

Human beings are said to be the most intelligent beings who are blessed with precious and unique organs. Among the different organs, the eyes are the most beautiful and unique organs. Interestingly, they are also a matter of curiosity and study – particularly eye colour. Different human beings have different coloured iris; some are common, while others are rare.

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Eye colours that you can see often

When we look at a person, we first make eye contact. How you respond or the other person in front of you through eyes plays a crucial role in the interaction. Eye colours are exciting and make an eye more captivating. Here are some of the standard iris colours that we come across.

Brown eyes

Among the entire population of this world, around 70 to 90 percent of the people have brown eyes. It is the most common eye colour. These many people have the highest amount of melanin in their irises. That’s what imparts the brown colour to your iris.

Hazel eyes

You do come across people with hazel eyes; it is the second most common eye colour in human beings. Hazel-eyed people have pigments concentrated on their iris’s edge, while golden, brown, or green dots at the iris center.

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Some of the rare eye colours

Unique iris colours add a different dimension to the personality of its beholder. People with rare eye colours are the cynosure of attention and for all the right reasons. Here are some of the rare eye colours that you would love to know about.

Blue iris

When we think of rare eye colours, we think of blue eyes. It is quite common among the rare eye colours. An estimated 8 percent of people in the world have blue eyes. Interestingly, some researchers have found that people with blue eyes are connected to a single common ancestor. During those researches, scientists have found that a genetic mutation took place before a thousand years. It caused blue eyes in human beings.

Grey pupil

People with grey eyes have even lesser melanin than blue-eyed people. Say around only 3 percent of people in the world. Scientists say that grey eyes have a different stroma composition. It allows the light to scatter, making the pupil look silver in colour.

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Amber iris

Amber eyes are scarce; they are yellowish, golden, or copper in colour. They do not contain brown or green flecks like other eye pigments. Usually, people from Spain, Asia, South Africa, or South America only have amber eyes.

Green iris

When speaking of rare eye colours, let’s talk of the green iris. It is the rarest eye colour because just 2 percent of people in the world have green eyes. What imparts a green colour to human eyes is still being searched. Till the reasons are discovered and beyond, let’s celebrate such uniqueness.

Do you have the rarest eye colour
Balanced diet ensure good eye health

Practices For Better Eye Health

Every organ in our body is precious. When we speak of eyes, it is one of the sensitive and precious organs. We must take care of it in the best of possible ways. So, let’s take a look at some of the most verified ways to ensure better eye health.

Eat a balanced diet

The root cause of all our health issues lies in what we eat. You must be very careful about what you are feeding your body with. Health experts repeatedly suggest having a balanced diet. You must eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, fatty fish for abundant Omega-3 fatty acids. Include antioxidant-rich foods; vitamin A and C loaded foods in your regular diet for better eye health.

Sleep adequately

When we speak of good health, then you cannot miss good sleep. You must sleep adequately. It allows your organs to take complete rest, repair, and rejuvenate for the next day. Don’t ever avoid it.

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Our body releases toxins, and you must remove this from the organs. When you exercise, it improves blood circulation, boosts oxygen level in the blood, and eliminates toxins from the organs. Thus, you have clear vision and healthy eyes.

Limit the use of digital devices

One of the primary reasons for poor eye health in millennials is smart devices. High energy blue light from these devices disturbs your eye and creates issues. Ideally, you must wash your eyes with regular water every hour and limit exposure to such sources.

Wear good quality sunglasses

Sunglasses look great and effectively protect your eyes. Make sure to invest in a pair of good quality sunglasses. It will protect your eyes from harsh UV-rays.

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Avoid smoking

If you thought smoking is cool, then you must revise your opinion. It harms your overall health and even your eyes. By smoking, you expose your eyes to oxidative stress, and it severely affects your eye health.

Keep your hands clean

Often we rub our eyes and unknowingly pass on germs from hands to the eyes. It thus enters our system. You may have dust or chemical on your hand, which, when comes in contact with eyes, cause irritation, and more. Hence, washing your hands is not an option but a dire necessity. Wash your hands often, and keep it clean.

You are lucky if you have the rarest eye colour. In fact, everyone with the ability to see is lucky. Whether you have black eye colour or the rarest green eyes, you must take care of your eyes.