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Chuck E.Cheese Survey for tasty treats and discounts! What do you think, Chuck E. Cheese is a rat or a mouse? I know, your answer will be based on what irritates you less, a mouse or a rat. But I can help you make that decision about when I remind you of Mickey Mouse and Jerry.

Are you still not sure which one you like the most?

Well, up until 1995 he used to be a rat and he had a tail too! (Sorry, if you chose Mickey Mouse) But then its tail had to be removed because the children kept pulling it.

Eventually, after trying 101 times to deal with the problem and failing every time because kids are genius, the company decided to remove the tail for once and all.

I know what we are here for, but before starting with the hard stuff, let me tell you some funny stories about your favourite restaurant. I am sure you will enjoy reading about, as much as I enjoyed writing them.

So, let’s begin with a very old story, a story of the time when Chuck E. Cheese was being setup. The owners had initially almost named it Rick’s Rat. Fortunately, a PR firm they hired was so horrified at the name that they changed the name almost instantly.

And who would have preferred to go to a place that had a ‘rat’ in its name? not me! I am sure you wouldn’t want to go to such a place either. Anyone who has even an ounce of health standard, would not even step into it despite its dark-machine like atmosphere.

So, bless the PF firm that they changed the name immediately and came up with Chuck E. Cheese. The Cheese part was supposed to stand for the staple Pizza of the chain and E stands for Entertainment.

Oh, no, wait up, there are other interesting stories about how started, like this one, you don’t want to miss this.


Chuck, the rat of Chuck E. Cheese, used to smoke cigars too! And obviously, this was not the perfect example for children. Therefore, in 1980 to support the Smoke Out, smoking quitting the campaign, Chuck quit too. Hush, finally parents could take their children without worrying about their children catching some bad habits like smoking.

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Remember that animal playing band that you see, every time you visit the restaurant? It was actually created for parents. Surprised? The creators thought that the band would keep the parents entertained while the kids entertained themselves. This was also meant to provide a free bonus to parents since everything else in the restaurant that would have served them costed extra money. The Arcade games, the tokens and even food, you had to pay for everything separately.

In addition to all the non-family friendly activities I already told you about, there is something about your favourite restaurant that you might want to know, or you probably already know. Around about 70 per cent of the Chuck E. Cheese restaurants served alcohol too. Probably to keep the parents occupied while there were kids were occupied elsewhere.

I am sure, the next time you visit a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, you will view it from a completely different perspective, since now you know its super-crazy backstory.

Okay, enough stories, for now, let’s move on to the stuff you are actually looking for. prize

Prize: Email to join Chuck E-Club

The free membership for Chuck E-Club includes:

  • The immediate bonus of 30% off
  • 10 free tokens and a rewards calendar
  • Token offer coupon sheet

Chuck E. Cheese Feedback (

Survey prize: email invitation to join chuck E-Club

Chuck E-Club Bonus: 30% off coupon and other rewards

Purchase required?: Yes

Entry Method: Online

Privacy terms:

How to take the Chuck E. Cheese Survey

chuck e cheese survey

  1. Either make sure you have a Chuck E. Cheese receipt with you or go to the restaurant, order something and get the receipt. The receipt is important so just keep the receipt with you.
  2. On your PC or mobile phone, type in the following link in the search tab or simply click on it
  3. Fill in all the information that the page requests you to and then answer the survey.
  4. After finishing the survey, you will get an email form where you get a chance to join the Chuck E-Club.
  5. If you sign up for this club, you will get a few bonus coupons right then, which includes a 30% off bouns coupon, you can use all these coupons the next time you visit the restaurant.
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Feedback homepage of Chuck E. Cheese is a simple page with simple designs, it has a plain white background and has a mouse mascot on the top of the page. In order to start the survey, you will need to find a code on your receipt and enter that code and your contact details at suitable places. Terms & Conditions

  • To be able to take the online Chuck E. Cheese survey, you should make a purchase.
  • The survey is only available online, so that is the only way how you can take the survey.
  • However, no award is associated just by taking the survey, however, you can get a few coupons through the mail.
  • After you finish the survey, you are given an opportunity to join Chuck E-club through an email. If you sign up, then you are eligible for a few rewards and bonus coupons.

These tips were the most basic yet important ones. Visit the official website of Chuck E. Cheese to be able to view the exhaustive lists of terms and conditions.

Contact Chuck E. Cheese

You might have some queries that a simple google search perhaps can’t solve, well, in that case, here are some contact details so that you can get in touch with the support channel of Chuck E. Cheese, whenever you want.

Contact Chuck E. Cheese via phone: 1-888-778-7193

Contact Chuck E. Cheese via email:

So, in this blogpost, we have told you about Chuck E. Cheese’s crazy backstory, some facts about it and then we moved on to tell you about the details of the survey. I hope you were able to find what you were looking for.