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Looking for more information on the Cumberland farms survey, right?

Cumberland Farms is commonly known as the Cumby’s. Cumberland Farms is the chain of the convenience store and gas station. Cumberland Farms has its headquarters in the Westborough and Massachusetts. Cumberland Farms is currently working in around 566 different places. Cumberland Farms is a private and retail type of company. Cumberland Farms was founded back in the year 1939. Cumberland Farms redesigned its logo in the year 2009 by changing the logo color from orange to green whereas navy blue remained the same. Cumberland Farms also operates different stores for gas stations as well. 

By the time, Cumberland Farms included the new food items in their store. Cumberland Farms owner is the Haseotes family and the CEO of the Cumberland Farms is Ari Haseotes. Cumberland Farms is one of the few completely private retail chains, which are currently working in the world. Later they switched their business in the gas station business and company. 

Cumberland Farms has a chill zone too, in which Cumberland Farms serve the food items like Cumberland Farms branded chips, snacks, and drinks.

Let me tell you something very interesting. You know Cumberland Farms was initially a cow dairy farm. 

Around in the year, 1945 Cumberland Farms made almost 1000 quarts of fresh milk per day. In the year, 1938 Haseotes bought a cow farm in Cumberland, which is now one of the largest cows farm available in the world. Around in the year, 1958 Cumberland Farms started a dairy store in Bellingham to serve in a better way to their loyal and valuable customers. In other, words to provide their loyal customers better and more convenient services. Around in the year, 1962 Cumberland Farms started the convenience store in the northern US and around in 1960 they expanded their franchise and successfully completed their ad campaign too. 

Currently, Cumberland Farms is working in around 1000 of convenience and gas station stores actively in just England. Cumberland Farms is today also owned by the Haseotes family and operated by them as well. 

Cumberland Farms launched a survey recently. In that, customers have to give their feedback and comment on their experience with the Cumberland Farms. Therefore, that Cumberland Farms can improve its services and develop their business as well. 

What is Cumberland Farms feedback survey contest?

Cumberland Farms feedback survey contest is a legal and authorized survey contest, which is launched by the Cumberland Farms to know about the satisfaction level of the customers and improve their services where necessary. By Cumberland Farms, we can understand that they wanted to know about the customer’s expectations and their hopes from the Cumberland Farms. They ask their customers to give direct and honest opinions and comments on their services and experience with the Cumberland Farms.

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Steps to be followed:

  1.   Visit the official website of the Cumberland Farms feedback survey.
  2.   Choose your specified language.
  3.   Write the store number you have visited while purchasing something from Cumberland Farms.
  4.   Give the ratings and submit your feedback for Cumberland Farms.

Some more steps to be followed for participating:

  1.   Visit the official website.
  2.   Agree with terms and conditions.
  3.   Choose your specific language.
  4.   Fill in the Cumberland Farms store number, which is different for every location.
  5.   Write your feedback.
  6.   Give your ratings.
  7.   Fill in your personal details like date of birth, mobile number, email id, and your complete name.
  8.   Click next and submit.
  9.   You are done!

Details of Cumberland Farms feedback survey:

cumberland farms gift card

  1.   There are rewards of around 100 $ Cumberland Farms gift cards.
  2.   There will be around 58 winning announcements in a month and one prize will be awarded to an individual in each winning announcement.
  3.   The winning reward will be 100 $ gift card by Cumberland Farms.
  4.   There would be one prize per person per month in the whole Cumberland Farms survey period.
  5.   Cumberland Farms survey contest is an online as well as offline survey contest. If you participate in Cumberland Farms with purchase the contest will be in an online way and if you participate in the Cumberland Farms without the purchase the survey will be in an offline way. 

You can participate in this Cumberland Farms survey contest in two ways:

  1.   Participate in the Cumberland Farms survey contest with purchase.
  2.   Participate in the Cumberland Farms survey contest without purchase.
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Participating in the Cumberland Farms survey contest with purchase (an online mode):

  1.   Spend some money in the Cumberland Farms.
  2.   Purchase bill receipt will be given to you by the Cumberland Farms. Keep that purchase bill receipt with you safely. 
  3.   Be ready with a smartphone, laptop, computer, and tablet and more importantly with a good Internet connection.
  4.   Go to the official website of the Cumberland Farms survey contest.
  5.   Give answers to the whole survey contest questions.
  6.   Click next and continue (where needed).
  7.   You are done! 
  8.   You will be notified from the Cumberland Farms if you win the reward.

Participating in the Cumberland Farms survey contest without any purchase (an offline mode):

  1.   Go to the Cumberland Farms physical location stores.
  2.   Ask them for a paper survey (an offline mode).
  3.   Fill the paper survey contest as the instructions are given on it.
  4.   Answer all the questions and write your mail id on it.
  5.   Submit that paper on the counter.
  6.   You are done!
  7.   You will be notified by mail once the results are out by the Cumberland Farms.

Questions that are asked in the Cumberland Farms feedback survey:

  1.   How did you felt about the quality of the Cumberland Farms menu?
  2.   How were the appearances of the dishes you ordered?
  3.   Are you satisfied with the prizes of the dishes?
  4.   How was the quality of the services?
  5.   Was the store clean and good?
  6.   How was your experience with us?
  7.   Rate the Cumberland Farms.
  8.   Was your order correct?
  9.   Did you like the taste of the Cumberland Farms?

Rules and regulations:

  1.   Purchase of a product is not compulsory in the Cumberland Farms survey contest. 
  2.   Individual must be 18 years old or more than that to participate in the Cumberland Farms survey contest.
  3.   Individual must be a legal and eligible US resident to participate in the Cumberland Farms survey contest.
  4.   An individual should not be related to Cumberland Farms employees or ex-employees.
  5.   An individual should not be in any sort of relation with Cumberland Farms. Else, they will be declared disqualified.
  6.   Winners have to sign and give back all the prize papers in five days of winner declaration or else you could be declared disqualified and another winner will be chosen and declared.


Cumberland Farms feedback survey is a legal and authorized action launched by the Cumberland Farms. Cumberland Farms feedback survey is a good platform for earning rewards up to 100 $ gift cards by Cumberland Farms. Cumberland Farms feedback survey is the survey, which is available in both the modes online as well as offline. Cumberland Farms feedback survey is the action for knowing the experience of the customers.


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