Interesting facts about Alison Sweeney’s Husband: David Sanov!

David Sanov & Alison Sweeney

David Sanov is an American-based police officer who worked at the California Highway Patrol office in the US. But, why is he so well-known when there are several police officers employed in various departments around the US? The answer to this question is that he is so famous for being the spouse of a popular actress Alison Sweeney. Also, David Sanov has some admirable qualities which make people wonder about him. He also appeared on a television program playing a police officer role. Exciting, right? Are you curious to know about him? Let’s dive into this article to know more about who he is. & His lifestyle. What are the interesting facts about him? And what is the name of the TV show he appeared in for a while?

Early years of David Sanov’s life

To begin with, David Sanov born in Los Angeles, California, on Oct 4, 1972. He lived in a joint family with his parents, relatives, brothers, and sisters. In 1990, David finished his elementary schooling at Oakland School. To complete his education, he later traveled to the University of California in 1994.

He was very good at his studies and an excellent sportsperson who tried to keep himself always healthy and fit.

We do, however, know that he was attracted by the cops when he was younger. Due to this, he decided to join the police force after graduating.

The blissful life of David with her lovely wife, Alison

Alison Sweeney’s spouse, David Sanov, was the actress’s childhood friend and long standing crush. She outlined how she met her husband:

“His dad and my mom play the violin for feature film soundtracks, so we’ve known each other since our childhood days.”

Most of Alison’s followers aren’t aware that she and her husband are familiar with each other since they were childhood friends. Alison is a well-known American actress, director, and TV host. Numerous films, television programs, and commercial advertisements featured her. David and Alison started dating in the late 1990s.

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However, they were married on July 8, 2000, and their union prospered. The couple has been together for 21 years as of this moment. They are the epitome of a stunning couple and have a great love for one another.

Alison explained how each year, on their anniversary, she and David would go out to dinner together to celebrate and reflect on their union. She said that during dinner, they each list three qualities they value most in the other. She stated:

“Every year on our anniversary, we go out to dinner and discuss how things are doing in our relationship.”

She also added:

“We evaluate each other’s job, which is a little embarrassing to reveal! We discuss our three favorite qualities about the other person and then three things we could work on.”

Alison celebrates their anniversary every year by posting a sweet selfie on her social media. They celebrated their 20th anniversary recently with a glass of champagne. She captioned the photo,

“In our backyard, Dave and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary. Not quite how we’d planned it, but that’s one of the best lessons we’ve learned in the last 20 years. Some of the best adventures often result, when plans get abandoned.”

Alison's 20th Anniversary
source: Instagram

David Sanov: A Father of Two Kids

David Family Photo

David and Alison are parents of two kids. After five years of married life, they welcomed their first child, son Benjamin on Feb 25, 2005. Currently, he is a 17-year-old tennis and baseball player. After four years, they welcomed their second child, daughter Megan on Jan 12, 2009. She just completed elementary school.

David and his kids get along well and frequently go places together. His wife, Alison, had to juggle her career as a TV personality, actress, and author with family time.

David’s Professional Police Career

David was very much passionate about becoming a police officer. He passed the entrance and the physical examinations with distinction and joined as a junior police officer. He was dedicated to his profession and solved many cases with intelligence.

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David Sanov worked as a Highway Patrol Officer in the past in California. Several responsibilities come with working as a highway patrol officer. A patrol officer’s duty is to enforce highway safety, which includes reacting to accidents or other crises. He served as a patrolman for several years until his retirement.

David’s Role in Hollywood

The career of a policeman extended beyond his time spent serving the country. He appeared in TV programs as well. He appeared on the TV show “Days of Our Lives” as a police officer for some time. This role wasn’t a difficult task for him as he was serving as a police officer in real life. Besides this role, David hasn’t tried acting again, so it seems he has no vested interests in the film industry. But he became famous for his role in “Days of Our Lives.”

Furthermore, For more years in the same show, “Days of Our Lives,” David’s wife Alison did the role of Samantha aka “Sami” Brandy. However, after working for a few years, she decided to quit the show in 2017. She chose to exit the show to spend a reasonable amount of time with their children

David Sanov is simply a typical family dad. His wife has always lauded him for being a dependable support system, and all indications point to a long-lasting marriage between them. They have gained even more respect and appreciation from their peers and supporters due to their commitment to one another.

David Sanov: Estimated Net worth

As of 2022, David’s total net worth is around $500k. His employment as a former highway patrol officer was mainly responsible for his wealth. On the other hand, his wife is worth $9 million.

Here are a few interesting facts about David Sanov

  •       He doesn’t have any unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking.
  •       He is capable of flying a plane.
  •       He has his airplane.
  •       He enjoys traveling. He enjoys spending time traveling.
  •       He doesn’t like sharing his personal information with the media, which allows him some solitude and privacy from the outside world.


Finally, David Sanov and his family are enjoying a good life. He successfully chased his ideal dream job, found a loving partner, and perfectly balanced his personal and professional life. Moreover, David encourages his wife to work, support her, and go to numerous events together. He is an excellent example of a perfect police officer, spouse, and parent.


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