Do You Know How To Boil Eggs Without Cracking?



Your body responds well to the food you eat. It is the simplest and the most basic way to a balanced and healthy life. Certain foods are amazingly beneficial for your body – one such food is an egg. Do you know how to boil eggs? That’s enough! You don’t need to know fancy egg dishes, but just boiled eggs will be sufficient.

An egg is very commonly available and is a regular food item. However, people across the globe are turning vegan, and that may keep people away from eggs. Interestingly, an egg is considered a vegetarian food. You can be an eggetarian if you dislike non-veg food and want your protein at the same time.

Know how to boil eggs - that the easiest task ever
Egg – wholesome goodness inside the shell

Eggs – A Superfood For Good Health

There is magic formula or short-cut to a healthy and fit body but a balanced diet and regular workouts. You have many options for food but certain foods are loaded with ample benefits. By now, you must have heard umpteen times that you must have at least one egg each day. Why is it so?

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The simple fact that an egg is supposed to turn into a chicken tells how healthy an egg is. It has all the elements needed to form a life – of course, all the nutrients as well. So when you eat a boiled egg, you consume the wholesome goodness of an egg and all its nutrients.

Packed with multiple nutrients

When you consume one boiled egg or even deviled eggs, you get multiple vitamins. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, folate, phosphorous, and selenium. Do you want more? Besides these, a boiled egg also contains different trace nutrients that can improve your health.

Increase good cholesterol

Thankfully, we know that all cholesterols are not bad. There’s good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL). If you know how to boil an egg, you can improve your blood cholesterol. Researchers and health practitioners have found that higher HDL content in the blood reduces the risk of cardiac disease, stroke, and other health issues.

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Improves eye health

Eye health should be one of the topmost priorities. Issues with vision or improper eye health are a concern, and you must try every means for protecting them. Health experts have always referred egg as a superfood for eye health. As you age, your eyesight is the first thing to get affected. So, start taking care of your eyes when you see things are bright and beautiful. Make sure to have at least one boiled egg in your meal every day. Eggs contain a good amount of lutein and zeaxanthin. These two are antioxidants; you can find accumulated on your retina. A sufficient amount of these antioxidants controls the chances of cataract and macular degeneration. These are two of the most common kinds of eye health issues caused by aging.

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Reduce triglycerides

Omega-3 fatty acids are a blessing for your health. If you knew it for improving your hair and skin, please note that it reduces triglycerides too. However, you must also note that hens that roam free on pastures produce eggs with a high content of omega-3.

Amino acids in right ratios

Protein is what you need to your body, repair, and regenerate. You want to have it the easy and most effective way? Have one boiled egg every day. Besides protein, an egg contains all the essential amino acids and that too in the right proportion. Isn’t that great? All you need to do is know how to boil eggs, do that, and have it. Getting healthy is so easy!

Know how to boil eggs?
Eggs are regular but you can cook it innovatively

How To Boil Eggs Innovatively?

Do you now know how to boil eggs? I won’t be surprised if you don’t. I, myself, learned it when I was pursuing higher studies. However, if you knew, then this could have added to your expertise. Boiled eggs are one of the most common and easiest things to accomplish. So, here we suggest you some of the unique ways of having boiled eggs.

  • Break the egg and pour it in any shape available at your home. However, make sure you don’t disturb the yolk. Now take a vessel and fill it with water; turn on the flame and place it on the fire. As the water starts boiling, you can place these shapes on containers and in the vessel. This double boiling process will allow the egg to get perfectly cooked and even keep it soft.

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  • Boil eggs in a microwave. For this, you need to take about two cups of cold water in a microwave-safe bowl and place it inside the device. Allow the water to get heated. Once it’s done, you can put the eggs in the water and cover it with a suitable plate. It gives you super tender yet delicious boiled eggs. A sumptuous meal is what you need to begin your day. So do try this!
If you know how to boil eggs they won't break
Good food must even look better

How To Boil Eggs, So They Peel Easily?

Often boiled eggs break because we cannot peel them properly. This looks bad and even disheartening. You are bound to feel bad when things don’t turn out like you wanted it to be. However, you can try other ways and ensure you boil them perfectly, and peel them easily.

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Hard boil ensures easy peeling

One of the easiest ways to ensure you can peel boiled eggs easily is to hard boil them. Allow the water to reach the maximum boiling temperature till it starts bubbling. Then allow the eggs to boil in that condition for a considerable time. This will hard-boil the eggs.

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Ice-bath for boiled eggs

Boil eggs following regular method, and then allow it to cool down a bit. Then take ice cubes in a bowl and put the boiled eggs in it. Let them have the ice bath for some time and then peel them.

Use a spoon of salt while boiling eggs

Use the common boiling process; just add a spoon of salt into the water before it starts to boil. It is a kitchen hack and has been quite useful in peeling eggs without any damage to the same.

Know how to boil eggs and other special egg dishes
Why worry for cooking when you know the smart hacks?

How To Boil Eggs Without Breaking?

Don’t we consider ‘boiling eggs’ as one of the easiest tasks? Well, it might be the easiest, but even that requires some care. Often the eggs break while boiling and spreads into the water. Sometimes it can break entirely. So, here we suggest you a few hacks following which you can boil eggs without breaking them.

Bring them to room temperature before boiling

Sharp opposite temperatures is a common reason why eggs break while boiling. So, you must bring the eggs to room temperature and then start boiling them. When you take the eggs out of the refrigerator, they are cold and stiff. When you put them into boiling water, the heat hits the shell and cracks it. So, you must neutralize eggs’ temperature to avoid them from cracking during boiling.

Put eggs first and then water

Carefully place the eggs you want to boil in a saucepan or any other vessel. Then gently pour waters into the pan, make sure the water doesn’t put any pressure on the eggs. Usually, we put eggs into the water, and while doing so, eggs may hit the bottom and crack. So, we put eggs first and then fill up the vessel with water.

Use vinegar water

Another way of preventing boiling eggs from breaking is to boil them in vinegar water. If you are boiling five eggs, then use five spoons of vinegar in the water and boil. Vinegar allows the protein in egg white to coagulate quickly and seal up cracks (if any). Since vinegar is quite commonly available and present in every kitchen, so you can try the method without any fuss.

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Whether you know how to boil eggs or not, you must have boiled eggs. Besides the nutrition facts, eggs are delicious and a filling food. This filling effect of eggs is often why dieticians recommend them for those who want to lose weight. If you like softer boiled eggs, then know how long to soft boil an egg. A few seconds can make eggs hard-boiled, and that may just spoil the fun for you. And for the remaining issues with boiling eggs, we have discussed it quite elaborately above. I hope you find this article useful enough and return to us for more such smart and easy hacks.


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