Everything you Need to Know about Apple Trade Ins

Apple Trade Ins

Are you about to upgrade to one of Apple’s new models? If so, remember to cash in your old one. Apple Trade Ins-

Tossing your aging phone in the trash bin or a drawer is no solution, as this piece of electronics is more valuable than you believe. Nowadays, there are special services that provide users with cash in return for their gadgets. You can get a high resale price if you take good care of it. 

Here is everything you need to know about Apple trade-ins.

Why trade in Apple products?

These trade-ins are preferred by users for multiple reasons, despite their appreciation and love for these products. Although Apple products are quite costly to purchase, they are popular for retaining their value in the years to come owing to their build and design. Hence, if you treasure them, the trade-in price you’ll get will work to your benefit. Go here to learn why Apple is so expensive.

Moreover, by trading an old product manufactured by Apple, you can partially finance the purchase of a new one, such as the latest iPhone or iPad. Another advantage of such trade-ins is preventing the accumulation of unnecessary waste. By making a commitment to repurposing such devices, waste management costs will be lower.

These trade-ins are considered a smart decision, as dealers facilitate the selling process. They will provide you with the correct money amount, which matches the worth of your product. You, on the other hand, might struggle to calculate the worth on your own. Such trade-ins are also helpful in earning future credit towards purchasing Apple products in the future. Even if the gadget is no longer functioning, the dealer is most likely to accept it, thus minimizing electronic waste. 

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The largest part of dealers handles trade-ins that involve a wide range of Apple devices, not just Mac computers. They accept virtually every iPhone version. During the evaluation of your phone’s condition, a few factors are taken into account, like checking if the device is still capable of making calls, inspecting it for liquid damage and a cracked screen, as well as checking the battery quality. 

Trade-in values can vary in price depending on different factors, such as the device type, program type, and the device’s condition. As a result, products in a solid condition will normally receive more value in comparison to those whose condition isn’t as good. Customers should bear in mind that the value they will receive from dealers is higher than the value of an Apple gift card. 

What to do before the trade-in?

Prior to trading in your old device, there are certain steps you should follow to protect your privacy. You should start by transferring information to another gadget, then remove the personal information from your old gadget. If you have already purchased a new iPad or iPhone, you are advised to use Quick-Start for an automatic transfer of information from the old device to the new gadget. This option is feasible if you use iOS 11 or a newer version. Go to this page, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IOS, to get familiar with the history, features, hardware, and development of iOS.

Those using iOS 10 or an earlier version should use iTunes or iCloud for conducting an information transfer. The following step is removing personal information from your old device. If you have already paired an Apple Watch with your iPhone, make sure to unpair it. Then, you should back up the device. After backing the gadget up, you should sign out of iTunes, iCloud, and the App Store. 

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Individuals switching to a non-Apple cell phone are also supposed to deregister iMessage. Don’t forget to go to settings to use the transfer or reset option, more specifically, the erase all content and settings option. Users of iPhones that use e-SIM should erase the e-SIM profile. If requested to provide your device passcode or Restrictions passcode, don’t hesitate to enter it. 

What about Apple trade-ins? 

Individuals planning to trade their precious items through the official Apple program should know that this company isn’t very accepting of cracked screens, broken cameras, and damaged buttons. Anyhow, Apple is claimed to have softened its rules and become more accepting of broken units. Some of the best Apple trade ins are provided by third-party companies. The change of rules comes from the fact that users are less likely to settle for repairs than trade-ins. 

Repairs of these products range between $109 and $154, provided you don’t use AppleCare. Despite the risk-free character of this program, many users collaborate with thirty-party dealers to receive a higher value. 


Try to get the best resale price you can. 

There are numerous reasons for considering a trade-in. 

It’ll enable you to purchase a new product for a lower price!


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