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Marriage is an eternal bond between two, but a lot of people get into make it happen. Yes, marriage – one of the essential social customs human being has ever known. As millennials, we have been facing some of the most complicated relationship challenges. Marriage is one of them. However, your father has waited for this for long and might have also prepared the father of bride speeches. Thankfully, we have also been inspired by relationships that stood the test of time and restored faith in love.

We assume marriage to be one of our personal goals, of course, but that is not just our goal. Our families and relatives involve in the process and live through it.

A wedding is incomplete without father of the bride speeches
A marriage is made in heaven

Why Is The Institution Of Marriage Still Relevant?

With time there have been doubts regarding the institution of marriage. As more people opt for live-in relationships, we do have reasons to speculate, as the number of divorces increases. Why is the institution of marriage still relevant when people are failing to save their marriages?

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Often the negativity is so overwhelming that we get carried away by it and overlook other facts. There have been more issues with marriage and married couples’ lives, but people are still together. If you are the father of the bride, then you may be worrying about how your daughter perceives marriage. You do not have reasons to worry! Marriage still continues to be a wonderful and healing relationship. Let us dig deeper and understand why marriage is still relevant and important.

  • Family values: The importance of marriage is inculcated in us. You may avoid it for a while, get into established relationships, but it never matched the satisfaction of marriage. We have grown while knowing marriage as a part of our lives. You know this is the only normal thing and became a value for us, which we honor. Like respecting an elder, nurturing a younger family member, getting married has become one of the family values. We may like to indulge in controversies around it and talk against it, but we cannot ignore it. In fact, we honor it.
  • An indispensable way of life: How we behave and become in life are deeper than we can assume. We become familiar with the concept of marriage right from our childhood as we see our parents. Similarly, we see uncles and aunties getting married, later brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, colleagues marrying people. This has been lucid and perfectly normal to us. Not just that, we have grown up accepting and believing it as an indispensable part of our lives. So, when we speculate the need to get married, it could be because of a sense of monotony. However, that is momentary or for a phase, but we cannot do away with it. An individual may not get married for long, but eventually, he or she does get married. It is the way of life that we have grown up with, and we cannot do away with it.
  • Assured love and stability: Unfortunately, relationships have become fragile over the years. As we progressed as a civilization, we have deteriorated in humanity. It could be greed, competition, fear, and anything that has made us less loving. We seek to love and compassion more strongly than ever before. You seek stability and stable love that is only possible from a marriage. Marriage is a commitment to togetherness. You know if no one then at least your spouse will be there for you. He or she will love you genuinely and for life. This assurance and stability are what draws more and more people to marriage today.
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A father might not be able to say all at the father of the bride speeches
A father and his daughter

A Father Before His Daughter Is Married

The bond between a father and daughter is always special and talked about. It is also believed that daughters are closer to their fathers than their mothers. At marriages, you would often see the father of the bride speeches are longer than others and frequently punctuated with overwhelming emotions. The man who seems the most humble and simple in a marriage house, he is the father of the bride. Here are a few things that a father usually likes doing for his daughter’s wedding.

  • Busy and never at ease: Once a father gets to decide or finalize the groom for his daughter, he gets going. He will be the busiest man in the house and even during the wedding day. The busiest man you see at the occasion would surely be the father of the bride. However, in the simple father of the bride speech, he would still mention that certain things are remaining. The father wants to do more than the best of things for his daughter. So, the list never ends, almost never.
  • Suggest his daughter and teaching lessons of life: The father worries, even when he knows that he is marrying his daughter to the best possible groom. So he looks for what he might not have told his daughter. He gives all the best possible lessons to his daughter before marriage. It will enable the daughter to deal with the difficulties and live happily.
  • Getting information about the groom: A father tries every means to be sure about the groom for his daughter. So, gets information about the man and related details to ensure he is the best man for his daughter. A father can even call off the marriage if he observes something negative about him.
  • Organizing the marriage: A father waits for this day when he will marry his daughter well. He feels the pain of letting her daughter go but takes pride in organizing a grand marriage. A father might write the best of the father of the bride speeches, but he makes a long list of guests. He takes care of every possible detail and hand-picks the best of everything for the marriage. A father is the best person to plan a daughter’s wedding.
  • Smiling throughout: Fathers are less expressive, but they get emotional at their daughter’s weddings. You will not see them with wet eyes. He will be the man with the brightest smile and warmest welcoming gesture. The father of the bride always smiles throughout the wedding. He is a man with a heavy heart and a smiling face.
A wedding is incomplete without father of the bride speeches
A bride at a wedding

Tips To Write The Best Father Of The Bride Speeches

When you have a lot to say, it is often difficult to speak. This is quite a common situation for the father of a bride. If a father has to speak at his daughter’s wedding, then he may need to write it before-hand. So, here are a few tips to write the best of the father of the bride speeches on your daughter’s wedding day.

  • A captivating introduction: This may sound like a cliché but it’s a must. You must think well and write a great introduction to your speech. Every introduction is important. You surely must have one for your daughter’s much-awaited wedding.
  • A note of welcome for the guests: You are the host. Though you have greeted all your guests in-person, you still must have a word for them in your speech. Give a note of welcome to the guests and gratitude for their presence on the occasion.
  • Gratitude to the bridesmaids: Your daughter’s bridesmaids deserve your attention in the speech too. Have a few words to thank them in your speech. They are like your daughters too. It would be a very warm gesture to acknowledge their importance at the event. So, think well and write something great about them too.
  • Anecdotes of your daughter: The speech is about your daughter – her childhood and everything about her. When you think of it, there would be so many things rushing by in your memories. Make sure to collect some good anecdotes about your daughter. This will certainly make one of the best of the father of the bride speeches in recent memory.
Have a words for the groom in father of the bride speeches
A newly-wed couple at their wedding
  • Have a few words about the groom: When it’s your daughter’s wedding, how can you not speak about the groom, your son-in-law? You, of course, want to and we suggest you what you can. He would be a member of your family, so make sure to welcome him into the family. Mention a few interesting facts about the groom for the guests who may not know him well. It sounds excellent, and your son-in-law would feel great about it too.
  • Talk about your family: No wedding is complete without a family. How can a speech at the wedding be complete without mentioning your family? Talk about your family, how it has been, and of course, daughters in it. You have well-wishers and family friends at the wedding. Many of your guests may connect with what you say, and it would be nice touching up memories.
  • A toast to the marriage and new couple: Keep the speech short and conclude it well with a toast to the marriage and the new couple. End on a note of joy and celebration and future. End it on a cheerful note.
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The wedding is your daughters’, and she is surely the cynosure of attention and, of course, the groom. However, everyone does look up to the father and a few words from him on a special day. So, we have suggested a few tips, and we are sure you must have figured out how to work on it. Are you ready with the best of the father of the bride speeches?

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