Festival music: A necessary stimulus in online casinos

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Music is a transforming art and influences the way we perceive reality at a given time, it is a remarkable part of everyday life and society in general. The melodies transform the feelings and emotions of the masses, and also shape the inspiring environment by creating an enveloping atmosphere, and in tune with the environment that we want to achieve.

In addition, music conditions the behavior of consumers, its rhythm sublimely translates into a thought that directs the behavior and feelings of people. In any consumer space music is heard and impregnated, the same happens with virtual casinos and online games such as casino slots with a minimum deposit of $5.

Each sound coincides harmoniously and identifies the management, action or task being performed, generating an unbreakable link between the music and the activity being carried out at any given time.

Music and slots online

Slots are classic games that you can enjoy in virtual betting houses like Leo Vegas, very popular among the fans of online casino games. Music takes on a high value role in slot machines, a variety of stimulating sounds envelop the players and motivate them to participate in the activity and to make the next move.

In the case of the slot machine, the music is magically integrated into the gaming environment, to the point that the user is completely, and very subtly, captivated by each game.

The sounds of the slots

Each slot tune is designed to influence the mind and behaviour of the players, to arouse the interest of the users and to immerse them in an enveloping atmosphere. For this reason the slots combine happy rhythms with loud sounds.

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Historically, musical effects have always supported slot machines, and these effects are commonly heard as grand ovations to celebrate winning a particular play or recovering money.

Dr. Mike Dixon, professor of psychology at the University of Waterloo, conducted a study in Canada which found that slot machine music produces a greater sense of triumph and excitement when users achieve victory, it even serves as a stimulus to try their luck again, motivating the user to continue playing.

In the experiment 96 volunteers participated, most of them said that the games with loud sounds were more exciting and cheerful, also encouraged them to continue introducing coins into the slot, even if they were losing money.

The sound stimulus influenced the excitement levels of the players, the excitement was significantly higher in those players who played with sound

The link between music and behavior

The study also revealed that sound plays a role in guiding player behaviour and can lead to overestimating player wins in the game. In the experiment, the volunteers were asked about their preferences and they chose the noisiest slots.

This is because music influences the human brain, and a jingle (auditory stimulus) in a rewarding experience such as a game at the Captain Spins slot machine makes this organ react.

Even the brain remembers the wins in the slots that have more volume or noise, when the player loses the slot it does not emit sounds but when he wins some money the sounds are of joy, these sensations of pleasure flood the brain and send messages to the subconscious about the happiness that provides the game, consequently stimulates to continue playing.

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The brain, in this case, gets used to the repetitive and delirious sounds and it activates itself with the purpose of continuing in the bet focusing in the sensation of pleasure that provides the influence of the music in the mind, which lasts until the game ends.

On a subconscious level, the player automatically recognizes and associates the sounds with the slot machines, which means that the music is an essential element of the game and influences the players on a subconscious and subliminal level.