Is CBD Oil Legal in the UK?


CBD oil’s popularity primarily got its start in the USA, with people along the west coast promoting CBD’s joys to the rest of the world.

However, while the USA is well acquainted with CBD oil’s, the UK is not as comfortable with it. This doesn’t mean that British people don’t love CBD oil’s, though – they are just a bit less familiar with it.

Those who want to learn more about CBD are probably wondering how they can buy CBD oil’s. First off, there is one burning question: Is CBD oil legal in the UK?

What Is the Status of CBD Oil in the UK?

CBD oil in the UK is not something most British people are aware of. After all, isn’t anything to do with cannabis entirely illegal in Great Britain? While cannabis is indeed illegal in the UK, the same isn’t true for CBD oil.

CBD, and other cannabinoid compounds alongside, are not actually what the UK law has a problem with. The rules and regulations surrounding cannabis products are to do with the THC content.

It is actually completely legal to buy CBD oil in the UK, as long as it contains less than a certain amount of THC. For the UK, this allowable quantity of THC is less than 0.2%.

This amount differs all over the world, with some countries and US states allowing up to 0.3%, and a few even permit 0.4%. This is why you must be careful when ordering CBD oil from abroad. You might be ordering CBD oil from somewhere where it is legal, but importing it into a country where it suddenly becomes illegal.

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In fact, the UK actually makes and sells hemp for the express purpose of producing CBD oil, among other cannabinoid compounds. The government is certainly very tight-fisted when it comes to offering licenses to grow it, but at least there is a system in place for producing hemp.

In sum, CBD oil is indeed legal for purchase in the UK, but it comes with a few complications and stipulations. You need to make sure that what you are getting is what you think it is and don’t pose any danger of breaking the law.

However, there is one thing you need to keep an eye out for in the UK when it comes to enjoying CBD oil legally: Hemp seed oil.

The Difference Between CBD Oil & Hemp Seed Oil

Despite the legal reality of CBD oil’s status in the UK, there are still plenty of companies and businesspeople that shy away from making or selling CBD oil. Whether due to worrying about complying with UK regulations, or just because of the inherent confusion and uncertainty when it comes to cannabis-related products, CBD oil is still taking its time being understood by the UK.

However, that doesn’t mean that businesses don’t use the hemp plant whatsoever. In fact, there is a top-rated product that is frequently made and sold in the UK that has nothing to do with cannabis products themselves, but everything to do with the plant itself.

Hemp seed oil, or just hemp oil, is food grade oil made by pressing hemp seeds to extract the oil within. This oil is then used in pretty much the same fashion as other food oils like olive oil. It is more often used as finishing oil or a topping ingredient, rather than a cooking ingredient, because it has a particularly low smoke point.

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The big problem with hemp seed oil is that a surprisingly large number of brands tend to mislabel it. If you were to search for CBD oil, or anything related to hemp, on most major retail websites, the first products you find would likely be hemp seed oil.

However, this hemp seed oil would be mislabeled as containing CBD or vaguely make allusions to some kind of cannabinoid content. In actual fact, hemp seed oil offers no cannabinoid content whatsoever.

So when you are looking for new CBD oil products, make sure that what you are getting is actually CBD oil and not hemp seed oil. The best way to avoid getting confused is to only shop for CBD products on established brands and websites, like Provacan.

These well-reputed brands are known for offering high-quality CBD products that actually contain legal CBD oil. So, make sure you are shopping there instead of other places to ensure that you always get what you are looking for.