Fleshlight Facts: Are Sleeve Warmers Worth It? (The Answer Is Yes)


With Winter fast approaching, it’s only natural to start looking for ways to stay warm and cozy. It’s time for gray sweatpants season, hot cocoa around the hearth, and sleeve warmers for that Fleshlight.

You might be a connoisseur of masturbatory devices or still just curious about dipping your toes. Sleeve warmers are appropriate for people of all levels.

You might be thinking that you get enough enjoyment as is. Wait till you kick it up a notch with a sleeve warmer. But before you buy, read on the learn the ins and outs of fleshlights and accessories.

Sheath Thy Sword

Masturbation is good for you. When done safely, It’s sort of like chicken soup for the soul.

For one, it releases the feel-good endorphins, which we could all use. Second, no one will get pregnant or acquire an STD (except in rather extreme cases of negligence and lack of hygiene).

Thirdly, it helps you understand your body better and what kind of things you like. It also gives you a sense of sexual independence. What do you like about it?

How to Find the Best Fleshlight

Fleshlights feature an opening that can be shaped to look like a vagina, mouth, or anus. Some feature an orifice that doesn’t resemble any body part at all.

Want to get one that looks like Janice Griffith’s private parts? That’s totally a thing.

Also, the inside tubular part comes in different shapes, widths, and all types of nice ribbed tips and such. Some even vibrate. Check out these products for more ideas.

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How to Use A Fleshlight With a Sleeve Warmer

Generally, the basics of using and Fleshlight and caring for it are straight forward.

But today, we’re talking about sleeve warmers. It’s a device that heats up the sleeve (the inner part of the fleshlight).

You stand it up on a flat surface with the rod-shaped end that heats up. Just insert the heating stand into the fleshlight, plug it in, and let it warm up. A little bit of lube can go a long way.

Safety First

First things first. The sleeve warmer itself kind of looks like a sex toy. But it’s not so don’t even think about it (as per the makers of the product). Also, if you dare to use a homemade fleshlight, you assume all the risks.

Also, you wouldn’t want to insert any part of you into something that’s scaldingly hot. You should probably avoid anything over 100 degrees F. Genitalia can be particularly sensitive.

It’s possible that it could get a little too toasty in there. You could always test with a finger or even a thermometer. It’s been said that 93 degrees F will bring you to 7th heaven but feel free to experiment a little.

Become a Fleshlight Pro

Don’t you think its time to ditch that homemade fleshlight and spoil yourself?

A standard lubricated fleshlight provides friction and moisture. But heat is still missing from that pleasure trifecta. Go ahead and get the sleeve warmer, too.

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