Growing Positions for Remote Workers

Remote Workers

Opportunities to explore new positions in remote work have grown exponentially over the past couple of years and there are now a huge number of individuals who are able to work remotely full time – there are also a huge number of industries and businesses looking to expand into the remote working space too as those look here for the latest news on the best remote work and digital nomad lifestyle – but for those who have yet to make the change, which positions are the fastest growing for digital nomads?

Why Remote Working is the Future of IT Industry: Exclusive Research
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Customer service positions are more readily available – Whilst customer service may not be the ideal job for some, the huge growth seen in the e-commerce sector over the past two years has only led to a growing demand for workers in this space and remote options are becoming more widely available too. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean the traditional customer service of answering the phone either, as online service has become an important part of business identity and there are a growing number of positions for those looking to expand their horizons whilst doing something perhaps low stress and easy to manage. 

Tutoring and education – A popular vocation for many years for remote workers have been in the education sector – those looking to travel to teach English in different countries had always been a reliable method to spend a long period of time in another country, and the changing desires for remote workers has certainly helped this sector in the past two years. Homeschooling and remote education have helped those looking to get into the tutoring and education space greatly and have helped to provide some unique opportunities too. 

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Digital marketing continues to grow too – Another of the most popular options for digital nomads and something that has become more essential in the past two years too – businesses that have had to close their doors and re-open, or those struggling to succeed throughout the past couple of years have turned to digital marketing agents to ramp things up and have become an even more essential part of the business. There are a large number of different niches within space too so plenty of options to explore that cover a wide variety of different specializations too.

As more and more digital nomad visas become available, the list of countries opening up to remote workers is only growing, and with travelling become easier as restrictions start to lift too there’s no better time to explore remote working options away from home, particularly in the sectors that are growing.