Haro Mountain Bike: Comfortable Mountain Bike In 2022


Haro bike was established in 1978 by Bob Haro. It is growing up as the BMX era boomed at that time. Their MTBs are the most durable, versatile, and outstanding. Haro bike riders have won over 10 medals in X-Games competitions. This ultimate model from the thread line gives you the high- performance of braking and controlling. This article will overview the Haro mountain bike and many other things. Just stick with the post till the end to know all the detailed information about this bike. 

Types of Haro Mountain Bike

There are the following types of Haro mountain bikes mentioned below:-

  • Dual Suspension Mountain bikes
  • Sports and Fitness MTBs. 
  • Urban Mountain bikes
  • Kids and Youths mountain bikes
  • Cross country 
  • Freestyle MTBs. 

1- Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes

The dual suspension bike of Haro offers a substantial suspension on both wheels which makes the most difficult portion an ideal. It is the best full suspension mountain bike under 2000. That is updated with the 4-bar linkage suspension which offers you more control and shock absorption. 

2- Sports and Fitness MTBs

The Haro sports and fitness MTBs bike is best with the coolness and the speed of a road bike. It is the combination of traditional MTBs gearing with the rolling efficiency. 

3- Urban Mountain Bikes

Haro has created a bike that will offer you a comfortable bike ride in the town. These bikes are speedy and comfortable and can be great for commuting and informal riding. 

4- Kids and Youth Mountain Bike

This bike may not be best for the kids but they are a great alternative for the teens. These bikes are built with tough wheels, solid frames, and great disc brakes. The Flightline Series comes in 20 inches and 24-inches sizes.

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5- Cross Country

The cross country bike is the most satisfying according to the riders. This bike has a more streamlined tubing and more lightweight frames. It is available in two-wheel sizes: 27.5 inches & 29 inches. 

6- Freestyle MTBs

These Freestyle MTBs are designed for dirt-jumping and racing. The freestyle MTBs bike is similar to the BMX and you can do all these things with this bike like- jumping, racing, and mid-air stunts. 

Top 5 Best Haro Mountain Bike 

Below is the following list of the top 5 Haro Mountain bikes:-

  • BMX Backtrail HARO X1


This Haro bike has an 18.5 inches top tube F series frame. It has 36- spoke wheels with alloy rims and also has a rear axle of 14mm. You will get the cable detangler and four pegs. It has 990-style U-brakes. It also has Haro small blocks and plastic pedals. 

  • Frame- F1c hi-ten, Jr. the size frame is 18.6 inches TT. 
  • Fork- 1 ⅛ inch Hi-Ten- Threadless. 
  • Cranks- Haro steel 1pc. 165mm. Loose ball USA BB. 
  • Gearing- 39/ 16 freewheel. 
  • Pedals- Haro small block plastic 1/ 2 inches. 
  • Grips- Haro stripe grip 
  • Handlebar- Hi-Ten -7 inch rise. 
  • Seat- Haro slim seat
  • Seat post- steel post
  • Pegs- 2 pairs of steel. 


It has a 20.3 inches top tube F series frame. There is a 990-style U brake. It is a 48-spoke wheel with alloy rims and a 14mm rear axle. Also has the Cable detangler and four pegs. There are the Haro small block plastic pedals.

  • Frame- F1 Hi-Ten 20.3 inches TT
  • Fork- 1 1/ 8 inches Hi-Ten – Threadless. 
  • Crank- Haro 3pc Crmo – 175mm Loss Ball USA BB. 
  • Pedals- Haro small block plastic 9/ 16 inches. 
  • Grip- Haro Strip Grip 
  • Seat post- Haro Slim seat 
  • Seat clamp- steel post 
  • Pegs- 2 pair steel
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3. BMX Blacktrail HARO X1

This has a 20.5 inches top tube X series frame. Haro has a Culture Slim seat. You will get a Cable detangler and one set of pegs. It has 36/13 micro-drive gearing. There are 175mm CrMo 3-piece cranks.

  • Brakeset- Tektro alloy U-brake rear brakes and Tektro aluminium rear levers
  • Crankset- Haro Megacrank with the 44 teeth
  • Rear Cogs- 1-speed with 16 teeth
  • Pedals- Haro Small Block resin
  • Chain- KMC Z410
  • Seatpost- Fusion steel pillar with the 25.4mm diameter
  • Saddle- Haro Landing Strip
  • Handlebar- Haro Slim Bar
  • Tires:- Front- 20 x 2.25 inches Haro Catapult and the Rear-20 x 2.10 inches Haro Catapult
  • Rims- Alex X-303 and 48-hole
  • Hubs- Haro OS 


This bike has a 20.3 inches top tube F series frame. There are Cable detanglers and four pegs. It has 990-style U-brakes. You will also get the 1-1/8 headset. There are Haro Small Block plastic pedals.

  • Frame- F2 hi-ten – 20.3″ TT
  • Fork- 1 1/ 8 inches Hi-Ten -threadless
  • Cranks- Haro 3pc Crmo – 175mm. Loss small ball USA BB
  • Pedal- Haro small block plastic 9/ 16 inches
  • Tire- Haro MS4 20X2.1 Front and Rear. 
  • wheels/ rim- Weinmann 48H ALLOY 
  • Seat post- Haro Slim seat 
  • Seat clamp- steel post 
  • Pegs- 2 pairs of steel 


It has a 6061 alloy Shredder lo-profile frame. There is a 1-1/8 threadless headset. There are 28-spoke wheels with 16 inches alloy rims. It has a stop coaster brake and linear pull V-brake with an adjustable lever. You will get a Padded Jr. seat and Jr. plastic pedals. It has heavy-duty training wheels and a full pad set. It is also available for girls in a step-thru model.

  • Frame- Low Profile 6061 Series Alloy Frame, 15.5 inches Standover Height
  • Fork- Hi-Ten 1 1/ 8 inches Threadless 
  • Weight – 19.4 lbs
  • Cranks- steel 1pc, 114mm 
  • Gearing- 36/ 16
  • Pedal – Nylon ½ inches
  • Front hub- Steel Shell 28h, Loose Ball
  • Rear hub- Steel Shell Coaster Brake, 28h, Loose Ball
  • Seat- Jr. Haro padded adjustable
  • Seat post- Steel, 22.2mm 
  • Seat post clamps- Alloy, 25.4mm 

Winding Up!

Above we have discussed Haro Mountain Bike Review: The Best & Most Comfortable Mountain Bike In 2022. We have also mentioned all the top 5 bikes, their features, and specifications. Hope that all the detailed information will be helpful and make you choose the best one for you. Visit our other articles also for more information.


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