how does PayPal work: Beginners guide

how does PayPal work

Are you questioning yourself: how does PayPal work?

how does PayPal work
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PayPal is a highly customizable payment system that makes it easier for online merchants to access millions of customers worldwide. 

If you want to easily advertise or sell your goods online and get the payment or want to give $25 to a friend after a weekend night party, PayPal is the best option for you.

This article will present a general understanding of how PayPal work and how you can make this payment system’s best use.

How does PayPal work?

As a vendor, you can conveniently take credit cards from your eCommerce store. And, of course, in minutes, you can send money to your relatives and friends, no matter wherever they or you are in the country.

1. How PayPal work for you as a merchant?

how does PayPal work
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  • PayPal keeps the details of the users secure

    PayPal’s website is completely secured, helping the clients to make online payments safely.

  • PayPal is great for subscriptions and all manner of daily payments.

    Charge the clients annually with annual charging plans for physical or digital products. The funds will be collected directly from the bank accounts of your shoppers.

  • Enable in-store internet purchases.

    PayPal does not officially accept contactless (NFC) transfers. However, through Google Pay, the customers can use their PayPal deposits to shop in physical stores. See all the details here.

  • Let your shop owners buy and pay for it later.

    Pay in Four and PayPal Cash, included with PayPal Checkout, would allow the shoppers more options to pay for their orders.

  • Your consumers have the option to send their money.

    This is a strong choice for independent traders and one-time purchases.

2. Utilizing PayPal to improve your online conversions

how to use PayPal
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If you are operating an eCommerce store, start using PayPal Checkout. It transforms to 88.7 percent –82percent more than a PayPal-free checkout, which is one of the best ways to receive customer purchases.

PayPal is also the ideal form of payment for mobile shopping. So, if you’re dreaming about adding PayPal to your homepage, you’re in the correct location; Lookout at some free PayPal add-ons options for your eCommerce store:

PayPal Checkout

PayPal Checkout would allow you to accept all major card payments, PayPal, PayPal Credit, and certain local payment options in over Hundred currencies.

Price: Free of charge

PayPal for Marketplaces

It would allow you to make flexible transfers between you and your sellers and enable your customers to search with or without a PayPal profile.

PayPal here

This is the best way to receive payments. Allow all cards, track cash, and verify payments with the PayPal application and card reader.

Add a PayPal button to your business website to get more features, update your purchases, and ensure your payment method is safe. You’ll need to build a profile with PayPal to get going.

3. PayPal business Solutions will automatically improve your revenue.

revenue by business
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Are you comfortable you’re using PayPal to its maximum potential? We bet there are a few tools you could skip.

Below you’ll discover the most awesome PayPal solutions that can generate revenue for your E-Commerce store.

Business app

Use this to monitor your account activities, handle returns, import contacts, and access your purchase history quickly and easily.

Corporate Debit Cards

Access your PayPal balance wherever Mastercard is approved through the PayPal Company Debit Mastercard. Earn 2 percent cash back for any order, from meals to household goods. And it’s even possible to use a Debit card to get money.

Shipping via PayPal

Shocked, huh? PayPal shipping provides delivery options, allowing you to earn discounts on USPS and UPS shipping stickers. You can generate shipping labels and track your packages. Vendor Insurance will cover you whether there are any refunds, inquiries, or cashback.

PayPal Invoice

PayPal invoicing helps you easily build and send pre-built or customized invoices to customers through email or a shared connection. It will take a portion of your overall invoice, though, because you have a paid business account. You can even review your billing history, payouts and give updates to your customers.


4. PayPal provides lending options to its consumers.

Business loans. 

Loans of $5,000 to $500,000. This form of loan is ideal for companies with at least nine months of operation and over $42,000 in annual sales. You can confirm your qualification online or by phone in a moment.

Working capital

Loans between $1,000 – $300,000 Better fit to current PayPal users who have had a Business account for at least three months and processed within the past 1 year $15,000+ through PayPal.

Solutions for users

PayPal also provides a lot of better options for users. They make their checkout process simpler and therefore increase the conversions.


ECheck is an electronic transfer financed by the bank account of the user. The bank must clear the ECheck before it is charged to the receiver. It normally takes up to six working days for an ECheck to be cleared and the wealth to display in the user’s PayPal account.

The ECheck is a good choice for all shop owners who choose to pay directly from their bank balances or do not have a credit or debit card. 

Instant Transfer

Instant Transfer is a way to transfer money or make an immediate charge from your bank account with PayPal.

This amazing choice offers you the ability to quickly receive funds on your balance while your buyer’s bank’s money request is still being processed.

Your consumers need to have a verified U.S. bank account and some backup source of financing reported on their PayPal account to use this service.

How to setup PayPal account?

log in details
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There are 2 kinds of accounts that can be created on PayPal

  • Personal
  • business

Let’s start with setting up a personal PayPal account.

Setting up a personal account

It requires a minimum of effort for the sellers to set up a personal PayPal account.

What kind of details is required to establish a daily PayPal account? See the following list:

Valid First name

Your Last name

Valid Email address

Your Password

Your customers will now be allowed to add their payment method, but this is voluntary and can be accomplished at any time afterward. They can also connect their bank account straight to their personal account to allow immediate payments.

Setting up a Business account

You can either make a business account from scratch or modify your account to a business account. Neither situation would take a lot of your time and attention. 

Fill in your professional email address to make a PayPal business account from scratch. Then, enter all the basic details about your company, such as:

Valid first and last names;

The legal name of the business;

Legal company telephone number;

And your business address.

How does PayPal work and Makes Money?

According to research, the overall payment amount of PayPal rose by up to 410 percent from 2014 to the end quarter of 2020.

It’s not a mystery that PayPal earns a profit by handling shoppers’ sales and other services it gives to company owners. PayPal charges a proportion of the money exchanged, to be more straightforward. 

  • While the customers are free from the charges, the merchants pay as they collect revenue from the order. When your customers order items online and make a payment for their purchase via PayPal, no fee would be paid for sending money to your eCommerce shop. 
  • A tax is levied anytime you receive money from overseas. In this situation, foreign transaction charges are applied.
  • A tax is added when you submit personal transfers with a debit or credit card.
  • You will incur a commission anytime you wish to make a payment from your PayPal account and pass it to your bank account using your payment cards. There is no penalty if you send money straight from your PayPal account to the bank account.

Final Words: 

We hope we’ve successfully answered the “How does PayPal work” question, and if anybody asks you this simple question, you must be confident that you’ll answer it quickly.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using PayPal for your individual needs or your online marketplace; you know it’s one of the easiest and simple ways to manage online payments.

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