How Gojek Clone App Is Making The Life Of Startups And Entrepreneurs Easy?

Gojek Clone

Quite some decades ago, setting up a business meant the Entrepreneur had to give in all their money and a larger chunk of their lives into it. But in this decade, the 21st Century, no one has the patience to invest more than half a decade to establish their Startup and wait for another couple of years to reach break-even and start earning profits. Everyone demands ‘Instant’. And, the best solution for Instant Business and Immediate Profits is a Powerful Gojek like App. 


What’s the secret behind this instant money-making business? 

Well, the Clone App is known for its multi-services on-demand traits. Its features are built to be lucrative, drive easy and quick money. Above all, the business models of the latest Comprehensive KINGX 2022 App are structured for high-speed profit-making. 

Earn Commission on every transaction

Entrepreneurs offering the entire bouquet of 70+ On-Demand Services have the plus side of earning commission on each service rendered. Imagine this, the Entrepreneur is earning a 12% Commission on every car washing service that is booked via the App and executed. Not just this, profits flow in from each of the 70+ genres of services offered on the Gojek like App, KINGX 2022. 

Earning profits via Commission is okay, but the best part about being the App Owner is deciding the commission rates. Yes! The Entrepreneur has all the rights to set the commission rates for every genre. They can set a higher rate for luxurious on-demand services such as Beauty Services, Parcel Delivery, Car Washing, Dog Walking, Babysitting, Interior Designing, etc.  

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Whereas, the daily employed services such as On-Demand Taxi Booking, Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, and others may have a lower Commission Rate. 

Calculate the high profit-making prospects with Gojek Clone App.

Earn Membership Fee or the Purchased Subscription Plans 

Just like the Commission Rates, Entrepreneurs have the freedom to decide, design, and curate the subscription plans. 

These Subscription Plans are then purchased by the Service Providers who will register with the App to render services. Each of the curated plans has a time validity that is, they can either expire in one month, three months, 6 months, or even 1 year. 

Service Providers can only start receiving requests from customers once they have purchased the Membership Subscription Plans. The Providers will also have to renew the plan before they expire to continue offering the services. It can be tricky to keep a tab on the expiration date, so, the Admin sends Reminder Messages about Plan renewal via In-App Push Notification. 

Another way via which Entrepreneurs can rake in steady income is In-App Third-Party Ad Integration. Third-Parties who want to showcase their Ad on your Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 App pay a certain amount to rent out the Ad Space!


Isn’t developing and launching an App like the Gojek Clone beneficial? It is for sure! 

Go Live with your own App in a record 1 – 2 Weeks and see your business grow right from day 1 of the App Launch. Take the first step to success and purchase the Clone App Script Package from a trusted, reliable White-Labeling App!


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