An Ultimate Guide: How to change background color on an Instagram story

How to change background color on an Instagram story
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All social media platforms are a part of a day to day life. And through stories, we tend to share our day-to-day highlights with our friends and family. Moreover, new songs that release will also become popular via Instagram reels. The scenario has changed a lot. Earlier Facebook was in trend, and now Instagram has come into the market. Its features, such as reels become quite popular among content creators.

People use Instagram for their personal use, but it also emerged as a business-promoting platform. Whether you want to engage with your followers directly, alert them about your new post, reshare a post from different accounts that relates to you or share a photo or quote of significance, Instagram story features are an enormous tool for your business growth. But do you know How to change background color on an Instagram story? If not, then read the article.

Instagram allows the user to change the background color to make the story attractive to the reader’s knowledge. However, most users stick to the default background as Instagram chooses the background itself based on the colors present in your picture. This is because the process of changing the background is not obvious. Thus follow the below procedure to change the background color.

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How to change background color of the Instagram story: Two different methods to follow:-

Generally, we add pictures on Instagram stories, and unless the picture captures the entire space, you will see the background. And to change the background color, use the Draw Tool. The method is quite vague, but indeed it works. You can choose whatever color you want. Follow the steps to learn: how to change the background color of the Instagram story.

Method 1

  • Go to the Instagram app and then to the “Your story” icon present in the top left corner. Select for video or picture that you want to upload as a story
  • Tap on the three ellipses icon and choose the Draw option.
  •  Different tools appear at the top of the screen.
  • Select the leftmost option present in the toolbar( which appears like a pencil tip). Pick your desired color from the color palette at the bottom.
  • Tap on the screen and hold for seconds, and you will see that the screen is filled with color.
  • To make your photo visible on the top of the color, use the eraser present at the top toolbar. Drag it on the screen to remove the color from your picture. Do this process keenly and slowly. Moreover, in case you erased more than desired parts. Then reverse the step by tapping on the undo button present in the top right corner. Moreover, you can also decrease or increase the size of the brush by using the slider on the left side.
  • Once done, decorate your stories with stickers and emoticons. You can also save the edited picture to your phone.
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Note:- if you want a transparent or white background for your picture, use the highlighter option available at the top of the toolbar when you hit Draw. You can also use droppers in case you didn’t find your desired color.

How to change background on an Instagram story
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Method 2: How to change the background color of the Instagram story: Use create story option

The second method that the people use to make their Instagram stories is “create tool.” This feature allows the user to choose from existing templates that are used to add GIFs, timers, polls, and many more. You must be thinking about why you hassle with erasers, drawing, and so on to change the background. And simply use the create option. But to your knowledge, the create option does not allow you to add pictures and video. So, to change the backdrop color of the Instagram story by using create option, follow the steps below:-

  • Open the Instagram app and swipe right. This will open the camera. Tap on the “Aa create” present on the left.
  • A blank page will appear with the default background. You can change the background color by tapping on the bubble that you see in the bottom right corner. Once selected and done, post the story.
  • Moreover, you can also use the drawing method you read above to change the background color. Follow the same process.

The other method is to change the background color of the Instagram story.

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Method 3: By using your camera roll

If you want to use a specific background that is present in your mind, you can create it using the Canva app or Easil, a designing tool.

  • After opening one of the apps, design the background that you envisioned.
  • Download the picture and use it on Instagram.
  • You can also add text, gifs, emoticons, stickers, polls, music, and more to your personalized background to make your stories attractive and unique.

Note: In case you want to show this personalized and attractive story permanently on your account. Then, add this to your Instagram highlights. Tap on the highlight option at the bottom once you post the story. The highlights options allow you to add to an existing one or create a new highlight.

Method 4: Adding a color hue to your Instagram background story.

If you want to add a denser tone to your Instagram background stories. Here is the procedure to do so

  • Open your Instagram, go to your story option, and tap on it.
  • Select your picture, go to draw, and choose the option of pen icon.
  • Select the color hue that you want from the options.
  • Next, touch on the highlighter option and long press on the screen.
  • Again tap or long-press to make the denser color hue
  • Moreover, repeat this process a third time to create a solid shade

Method 5: Use Picture as your background 

The most unique and attractive idea is to use pictures as your background rather than color. It is not the process that you learn at first glance. Thus, here is the process to do it:-

  • Open your Instagram and choose the post or picture you want to share with your friends and followers.
  • Touch on the sticker icon and choose the sticker of Add from Camera Roll. Scroll your gallery to select the picture as background one.
  • Move the first selected picture to your desired place on the screen and enlarge the added photo by using your finger. While expanding, touch and hold your original post.
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How to change background color of the Instagram story: Instagram Stories Hacks

There are several hacks that you can use while creating Instagram stories. Some of the readers might be aware, and they are completely new for some. Thus, to learn the hacks read the below-mentioned points.

If you want a complete color palette to choose a color from them for your Instagram background, then,

Open your Instagram and go for a “draw” tool. Tap on the default color and press it for a while. You will see a color palette will open. Slide through the color to pick the shade for your story. And voila! It’sIt’s done.

If you want to give a rainbow effect to your text, then.

Write a text in your Instagram story. Touch on the text and choose the option of “select all” to focus on it. Once you highlight the text, open the shade spectrum by pressing on the color. Place one finger on the highlighted text and the other on the shade spectrum. Initiate to drag your fingers simultaneously. And you will witness that your text starts to change the color as you drag your fingers. Move your finger either faster or slower to add more variation to your text.

Add multiple photos to your Instagram story.

If you want to add multiple photos to your story, then there are two options by which you can do so.

  • The first is to use the layout option. You will find the option by swiping right, which opens the camera, on the left side of the screen. Select your frame to add multiple pictures.
  • The second method is to add multiple pictures by using the Add from Camera Roll option. To do so, add one of your pictures and then tap on the sticker option present at the top of the screen. After opening the stickers option, scroll down and select the plus-like sticker. This will open the pictures on your screen. Select another picture and place it on the screen. Repeat the same procedure until you add all the pictures.

Add boomerangs along with pictures.

Suppose you are new to using Instagram. Then it’s possible that you are unaware of the hack that you can add a boomerang and picture to the same story. To do so, first, add the boomerang and then use the option Add from Camera Roll option to add pictures. Keep in mind that first, you have to add the boomerang, then pictures. Reversing the process will not solve your purpose.

To make your story interesting and appealing to the followers. You can add music to your stories. Instagram allows you to browse thousands of songs. Whether you want to add English songs, Hindi, or Punjabi songs of famous singers, Instagram has every song that comes to your mind. Moreover, it also shows you the trending songs and songs based on your liking. So, get ready to make your story appealing.

There are several other hacks that you can use to create stories and videos. These include automatically adding captions, scheduling the Instagram stories, making and sharing the stories at the same time, and many more.

Conclusion: how to change background color on an Instagram story

Now, you learn how to change the background color on Instagram. It’s time to practice the same. Excited? Select your pictures and get ready to create a unique story to entertain your followers. There can be several reasons to change the background color, but one of the most famous reasons is to create branded Insta highlights. Moreover, you can keep your Instagram and personal brand unique and coherent with the tinch of colors. Now you are ready to storm Instagram by mixing your creativity with the aforementioned hacks.

For more updates on such hacks on Instagram, bookmark us. And, make comments on what tricks and tips you want to hear ahead!!


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