Do You Know How To Cut Your Own Hair, Men?

You must know how to cut your own hair men

Do you still believe it’s only shoes that a man is known by? There’s a lot more than shoe dear – it’s a man’s overall look and, of course, his hair. Whether a girl, or woman, or any random person, they first make eye contact. Your face and, of course, your hair comes into the picture. So, all my male readers, please take care of your hair health. Given the current situation, know how to cut your own hair, men! You need more than an excellent automatic trimmer. Here I am going to tell you all about that and more.

Know how to cut your own hair man!
Good hair means a lot!

Good Hair Indicates Good Health

Your impression means a lot and is an important stepping stone for every sphere of your life. Good look is an asset like others. To ensure good looks, you need to take care of your health. Like you pay attention to your skin and face, focus a little more on your hair.

Shiny hair

Men are even worried about dull hair, and that’s quite normal. The stigma doesn’t exist anymore, and men are pretty open about it. Why not? Speaking about hair texture in men, it indicates your health. If your hair is shiny, then you don’t need to worry further. However, when you notice dull hair then shows a lack of essential fats in your body. Often men go for a haircut, but that’s not the solution. You can go for it, but I would suggest otherwise, even if you know how to cut your own hair, men. Include more food with healthy fats in your meals; you need to do nothing more.

Less hair fall

Hair fall is typical and a usual process unless it occurs frequently and abnormally. Losing few strands is fine because that’s a part of hair regrowth, but not when you lose more hair. If you are experiencing lesser hair fall, the body has all the proper nutrients and balanced quantity. You are blessed! Enjoy man!

Thick hair

You are not lucky if your hair is thick, but your body has enough protein. And that’s amazing. Often I have heard people complain about their thinning hair. Hair turns thin and then falls off because of a lack of essential proteins. Like your body, even your hair is made up of cells. These cells are made up of amino acids, which is again a broken-down version of the protein. So when your hair is thick, it means you have enough of this protein and when not, you lack it. For the latter condition, take food rich in amino acids like eggs, cottage cheese, mushroom, fish, beans and legumes, and others.

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Healthy scalp

Count yourself as blessed if you have a healthy scalp. Most people suffer from dry and itchy scalp that causes dandruff and other serious issues. A healthy scalp means your body has enough of omega-3 and omega-6. These essential fatty acids nourish your hair follicles and keep your hair and scalp moisturized. If your scalp shows signs of dryness, then please increase taking more food rich in these nutrients.

Black and dense

Black hair is common and indicated a sufficient amount of copper in nutrients. People who suffer from premature greying have a copper deficiency in their body. So, experts suggest taking this essential mineral by consuming more mushrooms, seaweeds, and sesame seeds. These can work wonders for your premature greying issues. Even if your hair is not greying prematurely, I would suggest taking it to ensure it doesn’t happen to you.

Hair cut is essential
Regular cut is as essential as brushing your teeth regularly

Why Do Even Men Need To Cut Their Hair At Regular Intervals?

Getting to your favourite salon for haircuts at regular intervals is a good habit. Considering the current situation, if you know how to cut your own hair, men, that would be great too. The point is to have regular haircuts, and that has nothing to do with your gender. It’s not just women, but even men must have regular haircuts. Let’s get into the details and elaborate on some important facts for you.

Maintain your hair length

Whether you like to keep it short or long, regular haircuts let to do just that and more. Hair grows and when you do not cut them at regular intervals, then outgrow your desired length. It looks messy and, of course, messes your overall look. It spoils your sharpness and makes you look unclean. Can you afford to look like that?

Get the latest cut

How can you miss the latest haircut that’s ruling the trend list? Even if you are not a ‘trend follower’, you must try that once in a while. People who follow trends surely know how cool it is. So, when you cut your hair at regular intervals, you get to try the latest hairstyles. You miss your next haircut schedule; you may miss the trending haircut too!

Feel good

Yes, this is important. A haircut can make you feel much better; this is not just true for women but even men. If you are low and feel depressed, try having a haircut. Even if you cannot visit your nearest salon, try to learn how to cut your own hair, men. That’s it, and voila, you become your own influencer!

Be your best-groomed self

I might have mentioned this above, so here I talk about it in detail. You cannot take your grooming lightly. It doesn’t matter if you are a working professional or a student, you must always be groomed. When you have been working hard on your health and fitness, looks when why leave aside haircuts?

Before cutting hair
A must-have before cutting your hair!

How To Cut Your Own Hair, Men Need To Know

Before this lockdown, seldom did we try cutting our own hair. At least men might have never tried that. However, the present situation has called for it, and I will elaborate the steps in exclusive detail. So much so that you can imagine yourself cutting your own hair and doing it like a pro.

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The hair wash – essential before haircut

Dirt in your hair causes tangles, and its oiliness further makes it difficult to cut. This is why hairstylists ask you to wash your hair before going for a haircut. So, when you are cutting it yourself, make sure to clean it. Allow running water to wet your hair, and then use a friendly shampoo to cleanse it. Rinse it well to ensure it has been cleaned properly.

Towel dry hair

It would be difficult to cut water-dropping wet hair. Take a clean towel and rub it well over your head so that it absorbs the water. It will ensure your hair is damp enough for cutting it smoothly. It would be enough towel dry it to remove excess water from your hair before cutting.

Gentle combing

Take a wide-teethed comb and run it through your hair. You need to do this even if your hair is short; they do get tangled. So, comb it gently to remove the knots. It is important before you start cutting the hair. Unless you resolve the knots, you won’t know if any hair remains to be cut or not. So, do not hurry with your haircut; take your time and comb gently.

Comfortable sitting

Find a good place to sit, and most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable. Otherwise, the discomfort will disturb your attention, and this may result in unwanted mistakes while cutting. It may even cause bruises and minor cut here and there. So, it makes sense to sit at a comfortable place before you start cutting your hair.

Facing the mirror without distractions

You may know how to cut your own hair, men, but you are not a professional hairstylist. So, fix your mirror and make sure you can look at it without distractions. Mind it that it is only your image on the mirror that you will refer to for cutting your hair. So, please pay attention to fixing it properly before you start.

Clear sectioning

Before you run the scissors or trimmer, this is the last step that you need to care about. Cleanly part your hair in two sections, preferably how you usually comb or how you want the haircut to be. It would be wiser to stick to the usual styles since you are doing it yourself. Make sure to divide your hair into sections and then cut it.

Do you have the essential things for cutting your own hair?
Hair-cutting essentials

Pay Attention To Hygiene During Your Haircut

I have mentioned above that haircut is important for hygiene as well. You need to be aware and careful about hygiene while cutting your hair as well. Here is a tiny list of things that you need to do to ensure proper hygiene during your haircut.

  • Clean and sanitize your scissors or gently run your trimmer blade with a mildly wet tissue paper
  • Use a clean comb and wash it after your haircut
  • Sit in a clean place
  • Use a washed towel and wash it after the haircut
  • You’re a soft brush to remove cut hair from your neck and shoulders

A haircut is an essential grooming activity; it’s even important for looking clean and sharp. However, the current situation doesn’t favour visiting a salon for a haircut. So, it’s great if you know how to cut your own hair, men. I hope this blog helps you in customizing your own haircut process, and everything turns out well.


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