How to Find the Perfect Couch Covers that Fit Your Sofa?

Couch Covers

Couch covers are one of the best ways to protect your sofa from any type of damage. As they will work as the protective barrier, you need to be careful while choosing a couch cover for your sofa. However, choosing a perfect couch cover that fits your sofa is a challenging and time-consuming task. 

Apart from setting your expectations right, you also need to measure the width and length of your sofa so that you can choose the right one. Continue reading the article to know some great ways to choose couch covers that fit your sofa. 

Choosing a Couch Cover that Fits 

When the couch covers you purchase complement the proper size of the sofa, you can boost the aesthetic beauty of the sofa, without even replacing it. Additionally, the couch covers of perfect shape will help you minimize the risks of reupholstering the sofa. The proper size will protect every inch of the sofa from spills, stains, damages, and dust. As per Apartment Therapy, dust can scratch the surface of the furniture items.

Just like any other investment, it comes down to your requirement, the cost of the couch cover, the maintenance methods, and how long would the cover last. 

Can You Apply Couch Covers on Your Expensive Sofa?

Before you start choosing the couch covers, you need to determine whether you can use couch covers for your sofa or not. 

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Depending on the structure, your sofa might not be designed to fit couch covers. Given the innovative nature of the sofa and design, more than 85% of sofas are slipcover-able and straightforward. 

However, sometimes you need to customize your order whole purchasing the couch covers. Remember that couch covers come in various shapes, fabrics, sizes, designs, and patterns. Therefore, choosing the perfect one for your precious sofa might take time. 

What Will Be the Cost of the Couch Covers?

This is one of the most important questions people ask while choosing couch covers. The cost of the couch covers is dependent on multiple factors including design, size, shape, and most importantly, fabric. 

To purchase the best couch covers that will fit your sofa without any problem; you need to take extra precautions while measuring the size of the sofa. Even if the process is time-consuming, make sure you double-check the reading to ensure their effectiveness. 

Generally, the cost of the couch covers can be anywhere from $400 to $600. You don’t need to pay additional money for the fabric or the workmanship. This is why many people choose online companies over traditional ones. 

Are Couch Covers Great Investment?

Many people question the effectiveness and worthiness of the couch covers. Choosing a couch cover is one thing, but ensuring their quality and longevity is another thing. 

While upholstery will help you change the appearance of your sofa, you will face extreme problems once you spill something on it. This is why many people go with custom couch covers that are flexible to replace or remove without any problem. 

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Remember that sofas are extremely expensive, depending on the size and fabric you choose. Hence, couch covers are undoubtedly a great investment to protect your sofa. 


Now that you know the importance of proper couch covers, it’s time to purchase them. Make sure you pay close attention while choosing the couch covers. This way you won’t make mistakes.


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