How To Get Over Someone Who Has Hurt You

Know how to love but also know how to get over someone if they hurt you


It is very difficult to understand human psychology. It is unpredictable at the same time. What triggers an extreme emotional reaction in an individual might not be relevant to another. The response of an individual on a particular situation depends on multiple factors. Interestingly, they may even change according to their internal conditions. One day you may meet a person who is wondering how to get over someone. The same person might be celebrating his or her success at work the other day.

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Thankfully, like the human body, we can heal our emotions too. We are depressed at times and it is also us who bounce back to regain control over our life. Human emotions, psyche, and psychology evolve, and like that, we mature as individuals.

Being in love is great
Love without a reason, you won’t repent

Relationships – The Fragile Story

A relationship doesn’t depend on a single formula, principle, or suggestion. Often we have presumptions and prejudices which guide our psyche in dealing with relationships in our lifetime. You may like someone or hate. You may fall in love with someone or look for how to get over someone who hurt you.

It is quite challenging to explain the reasons that trigger different human emotions. Here we will try to understand them one by one, as identified by experts from across the world. We discuss some of the essential elements which influence human emotions.


Unique characters, beliefs, and attitudes of an individual dominate an individual’s outlook and shape their personality. An individual’s ability to take care of relationships depend on how he or she has been treated. It allows them to think and respond in a certain way or ways. Like this, it influences how their relationships with their surrounding are, or the people who surround him or her.

Upbringing and culture

It is a step ahead of what we mentioned above. The surroundings and behavior of people around him or her are examples that they follow. They also involuntarily take up such behavioral traits and inculcate as their habit. It is something that dominantly shapes the personality of an individual. Further, this reflects through what they do in lifestyle, relationships, and social reputation.

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Often, we assume that boys and girls, or men and women are equal. They can be similar in terms of capabilities. However, their emotional quotient and intelligence always differ. The emotional response of a girl or woman would be different from a boy or man. After a break-up, a girl would try to reconcile before she thinks about how to forget someone you love so much. She may give up trying if she is avoided more than she can bear. So, the emotional response of a man varies from a woman’s.

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Social conditioning

How we deal with our relations depends a lot on our social conditioning as well. We haven’t yet paid due attention to this element adequately, though. The environment, values, and behaviors are social conditions that a person grows up with. Later, it forms their character and thus the basis of how you deal with your relationships. If a man is not loyal, you have reasons to check his social conditioning; and vice-versa.

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Emotional challenges

Often, psychological health experts have always mentioned that emotional care is highly important. Like you care for your body, you must also take care of your emotions. If one has experienced emotional violence in childhood, then he or she might not be interested in any relationship. So the lesser emotional turmoil, the better would be one’s capability for good relationships.

Breakups are common
Break-ups are too often!!

Why Do We See Frequent And More Break-Ups Now Than Ever?

Among the people you meet, every second might be going through his or her break-up. This presents a grim situation, but it is, however, true. The numbers are scary and it may compel you to think why it is so high now? There’s reason enough for you to wonder. So, here we elaborately discuss some of the most common reasons behind frequent break-ups.

Inappropriate behavior

How we treat others reflects how we have grown up. Your upbringing tells you how to behave with others and other related things. One of the significant reasons for break-ups in the present time is inappropriate behavior. You fall in love earlier than realizing the finer understandings about the same. When something goes wrong, or beyond your knowledge, you may react unpleasantly. It is inappropriate, and relationships do break because of it.

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Society has become more open to love and relationships. You can meet people quickly and meet a lot of people at the same time. It also exposes you or your partner to the risk of having multiple choices. If you are angry with the other one, you can be easily convinced to ditch him or her. You may soon start to Google ‘how to get over someone you love so much.’ It is nothing but disloyalty and a widespread reason for break-ups today.


We are individuals with sets of unique qualities. Unfortunately, we cannot often accept this fact and live with it. This gives rise to insecurities and opens up the doors to unwanted issues in relationships. Insecurities cause havoc damage to relationships; they are often irreparable. As a result, you have break-ups and wonder how to get over someone you see everyday. You can avoid such a scenario by dissolving insecurities at the base.

Excessive stress

We millennials multitask; try to do more than we try to live. This is why we have less zeal for life and worry more than we feel good. It seeps down to our relationships. Most of the break-ups that you see now have been triggered due to excessive stress. You may even try how to get over someone fast, but it’s not that easy to switch emotions.

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Lack of empathy

It is a hard truth. We may be the most refined version of this civilization, but we lack humanity. Do you feel sad when some else fails? You don’t; we don’t. Now, that’s a reason to be worried for. We lack empathy, and thus we fail to understand the other in front of us. In a relationship, this often leads to a break-up. You may keep wondering how to get over someone you love so much. However, this may not help. Had you been more empathetic towards him or her, it would have saved you.

You must know how to get over someone who hurt you
You must love yourself first

Why Must You Know How To Get Over Broken Relationships?

Love is not unconditional, and this is why relationships fail; you break-up. It is more like a partnership that needs equal and proactive participation from both of you. If a relationship is falling apart, then you both are responsible for it and not just one.

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Often you would find people suggesting you patch up, but that would be a more significant mistake. If you want to have a relationship, you must also know how to get over someone who hurt you. You must not reconcile with the one who has undone his or her relationship with you. Take a look at a few crucial factors that made us say so.

Protect your self-respect

When you have a break-up it is surely an unpleasant experience. There would be name-calling and toxic behavior. Your partner may even insult and embarrass you. Whatever be the situation, you must not sacrifice your self-respect for anything.

Avoiding being hurt again

If your partner can break-up the relationship and hurt you once, then he can do that again. This is why you must not reconcile with your partner after you guys break-up. You must take every precaution to ensure that nobody hurts you again.

Get free from toxic surroundings

When you break-up, people will talk about it. Try to avoid such people and places. If you cannot do one, then at least break away from the routine or pattern.

Give yourself another chance

You deserve the best of everything. If your current relationship did not work for you, then, it should not mean the end for you. You must end it, heal yourself, and give your life a second chance. We are only responsible for the happiness that we create in our lives. Know how to get over someone who hurt you and talk to people. You may soon meet your partner, who will love you to the moon and back.

Try exercising if you are trying to know how to get over someone
Exercise boosts dopamine and that keeps you happy

How To Get Over Someone?

Initially, it might difficult but you must get over that person who hurt you.Take baby-steps, and you can surely do that. You can begin with these:

Practice self-love
    You must love yourself before you can love anyone. Often what we miss after a break-up is loving that person. Why can’t you be the subject of your love? Love and adore yourself.
Indulge in interesting activities

Create time to look for, learn, and indulge in things that you are interested in. If you love gardening, try that or anything that your heart desires.

Take time out for nurturing your body and mind

Exercise is the best way to be happy. It boosts your happy hormones and lightens your mood. By exercising, you can be fit and sharp.

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You cannot control a few things in your life. Whether a person will love you or not is one of those things. You cannot predict whether your relationship will last or not. However, if you have a break-up, you must know how to get over someone who hurt you. Make yourself the priority, and everything will fall into the right place.