how to make long hair look short: 5 hairstyle tips

how to make long hair look short

Are you looking for some interesting hairstyles to get a new look? If you have healthy, long hair, it is proof of the care and love that you have bestowed on it. It is hard for some people to apply scissors, even if they want to look different. There are ample ways in which you can make long hair look short. Sometimes it is just dull to look at your long hair. It can become boring if it has been a long time since you changed your hairstyle. You can try out some of the wonderful hairstyles that can help you elevate your style quotient. People are often searching for how to make long hair look short to change their overall personality and experiment with their looks. Often, people do not want to cut the length of their long hair. It is because, at times, a new look with shorter hair might not suit you. You can experiment with many different hairstyles and styling options with your long hair without having to worry about the length being altered in any way. You can finally have fun with your long locks. If you want to know how to make your long hair appear shorter without cutting it, read on.

Amazing hairstyling tips: how to make long hair look short

1. Add some curls

Those with curly hair often hear that it makes their hair seem thinner and shorter. You can keep all of your natural height without sacrificing anything. Using curlers is the surest way to get the desired tight, adorable curls. You must learn how to make long hair look short without using hot rollers. It’s possible that using hot rollers can harm your hair. Because of this, you need to stay away from them. You may use the curlers after a quick wash and dry. Get your dream haircut with this. It is the most popular technique because curls visually reduce the length of your long hair. They’re perfect as a base for various shorter-cut styles for long hair. In addition, natural curls are stunning on their own. It works best on clean, damp hair after a wash. Curls are easier to achieve when the hair is moist because it makes the hair adaptable. You may use different-sized hair curlers if you’re concerned about heat damage. Put them to work for you! But you have to watch where the curls are going. Otherwise, they’d be facing in opposite directions. A tangled mass of hair is the result.

Add some curls

2. Try a half-bun hairdo

Here comes the second-best hairstyle option to try for individuals with long hair. The hairstyle is highly popular as it goes with both the party look and the regular one. It is the quickest and easiest method out there. Make your hair seem shorter without really cutting it. It is how to make long hair look shorter in length in a chic and fashionable way. Create a half-up bun with the top part of your locks. The remainder of the locks should fall freely about the shoulders. You should not attempt to straighten the natural curls. It gives the illusion of length. This strategy is often used. This look is popular at the moment. Many famous people have adopted this hairdo as well.

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Try a half-bun hairdo

3. Attempt a Bob cut look

When you go out in the street, you will see several people flaunting their bob hairstyles. It’s time for you to try out this most popular look. You do not have to give it a second thought. It is possible to get a bob look hairstyle with long hair. It is in high demand in the fashion industry. It’s among the quickest and easiest short hairdos for individuals who want to carry their long hair. You can do this in several ways. Section the hair along the middle and braid it loosely before securing it with a clear elastic. Pull each braid in reverse to undo the top layer of hair. Step two involves beginning to roll a single part of the braid. Inwards tuck the hair. Use bobby pins to keep it in place behind your head. The braids will remain concealed as the loose locks spread. If you want to learn how to make long hair look short as a bob cut, this is the one for you. The style makes your hair seem like it is bob. Do similar steps on the other half of your hair. The hair partition must not be visible from the back of your hairstyle. Tug the braids in such a way that it gives an unparted look. Curl all loose hair with the help of a heating device. Tug all of them in the braid to improve the hairdo. Curling your fringe can refine your final look. Use a finishing spray to secure your hairstyle. You’d be adorable with this fabricated pixie cut! The style would be very stunning. A ponytail will also work to get the short-haired look.

Attempt a Bob cut look

4. Tuck loose locks under

How to make long hair look short with layered long hair? This hairstyle looks perfect when your long hair is cut in steps. If you want your hair length to remain as it is, this short-haired hairdo is a must for you to try. It might seem complex when you begin doing it for the first time. However, with little effort, you will get the best result, which you will never regret. You need to get some practice in with this look before you settle on it as your personal preference. You get a stunning final hairdo that goes well with any outfit. Curls are appropriate for long hair if the right styling products are used. To shorten the length of the hair even further, try rolling any loose strands you discover. Pinning your longer hair behind shorter layers makes the whole hairdo seem shorter. Once the longer hair gets tucked beneath shorter hair, the remainder hair may be left down. It efficiently applies bobby pins to make long hair look short. Try this hairdo to get a whole new appearance. You’re going to have a blast successfully pulling off the look. People will likely look up to you. So, get ready to receive some compliments about your new hairstyle.

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Tuck loose locks under

5. Braids to get short hair

If you want your hair to seem shorter, try braiding it. Braids are the best hairdo to try how to make long hair look short and can complement every look. Having cornrows done is a prime example of this. However, you may get the same effect by doing regular French braiding. Braid the locks, starting at the crown and working down. Make at least two braids. Braiding your hair will give the impression that it is shorter. If you like doing this hairstyle, you no longer have to google “how to make long hair look short. Some individuals are reluctant to get haircuts because they have invested so much time and energy into growing their long hair. To begin, you need to section your hair into three equal parts. Twist them one upon another, one by one, to make a single braid. By dramatically reducing the length of your hair, you may create a striking new look. You may also build box braids to try something different. If you go through your social media feeds, you will find that many people are flaunting their boho braids. The braid is a timeless hairstyle that gets worn in various ways. That’s why you’ll also see many famous people sporting this hairstyle. You may modify them according to your hair type, length, or event. This year is already seeing the emergence of braided hairdo styles.

Braids to get short hair

Final words

Now that you have read the article about how to make long hair look short, you must have a lot of great thoughts in your head right now. Now is the time to experiment with new ways to make your long locks appear shorter. You might not get a finished look on the first try. With some practice with these new hairstyles, you can learn how to make long hair look short with all these hair styling techniques. The above methods can make long hair look like it has got cut short, giving you a new look. You should be able to make your hair look shorter without applying scissors to it. It might give you a cute look that you can show off for a short time, or it might help you imagine what your hair would look like if it were shorter.

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