Know How To Preserve A Rose Or Grow Your Own Garden

Rose for good health and wellbeing

Nature has abundant goodness for us. She pleases us with her charm, nurtures us with her elements, and supports us in unforeseen ways. We are usually busy and fail to admire the little pieces of wonder. How beautiful are flowers? Not just beautiful, they are even beneficial, many with medicinal qualities and super healing powers. We all love rose, don’t we? If I tell you rose is loaded with medicinal properties, you will treasure a rose. You may also want to know how to preserve a rose. I am more than glad to tell you all details that I know about a rose. It’s a beautiful flower with multiple benefits.

Do you know how to preserve a rose
A rose is worth it!

Why You May Like To Preserve A Rose?

Plants and flowers are loaded with extraordinary healing properties. Besides fragrance, flowers are used for several purposes. For instance, rose is a much-loved flower and why not? It entices everyone with its beauty, perfume, and other utilities. After knowing them, you may want to preserve a rose. Popularly rose is used either by making rose water or rose tea.

Treats skin irritation and redness

These are common skin issues, especially during summers. The UV rays damage skin and irritate. Often we ignore such conditions as a minor discomfort, but when these issues aggravate, it can lead to serious health issues. Rosewater has been found to have healing effects on these kinds of skin conditions. It soothes skin, reduces irritation and redness often caused by it.

Heal infections, cuts, and burns

Rosewater has been a standard aid for treating skin issues, especially for beauty and grooming. Interestingly, it has excellent antibacterial and antiseptic properties too. You can either buy rose water from the market and keep it handy or use homemade rose water. Cuts and burns are kitchen pains and quite common. So, it would be a handy remedy and an effective one.

Cures headaches

Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Most of us commonly suffer from headaches; you can call it a lifestyle problem. However, I can suggest you a pleasant remedy for this issue. Of course, it is humble rose water; what will it be other than this? Rosewater is often combined with essential oils for aromatherapy for its de-stressing qualities. You can also make rose water vapour to get rid of your headache.

Improves mood

In a study on mice, scientists found that extracts from rose petals could calm down the central nervous system. Later on, rose petal extract was taken for treating anxiety and depression. When you are low, sprinkling rose water can uplift your mood and create happier vibes.

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Loaded with antioxidants and other anti-ageing properties

In different studies, researchers found that rose petals contain a couple of antioxidants. These prevent any damage to cells and even protect them as well. It comes from a natural source and so preferred more over synthetic products.

There are some popular reasons for preferring rose. Rose is not commonly available throughout the year, so people learn how to preserve a rose. They use it as and when they need it.

Preserve a rose today
You have plenty of reasons to preserve a rose and not a single reason to not do so

Why Are We So Crazy About Rose?

Rose is a demanding flower because of its fragrance and beauty and several utilities. Let’s dig into the goodness of roses.

Women’s health and wellbeing

Rose is particularly popular among women and girls. It could be the sheer beauty of a rose or its fragrance that entices women. There’s more in the picture. When discussing rose, we often forget it offers health benefits too. It is especially beneficial for reproductive health. It is commonly used for getting relief from menstrual cramps. If you suffer from menstrual cramps every month, then you can try this. Dilute rose oil and then massage it on your abdomen before about seven days of the possible date.

Great anti-ageing agent

Rose oil has a high content of antioxidants. It fights free radicals, soothes skin, dissolves wrinkles, and thus slows down ageing. Pollution, stress, and other lifestyle affect your skin. Regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are not quite enough. This miracle flower is also high in antibacterial properties and acts as a fantastic cleanser. If you know how to preserve a rose, you can make rose water at home. You cannot use homemade rose water for more than a week, but it’s just the best.

Emotional health and wellbeing

Essential oils are pretty standard now, and essential oil from a rose is quite demanding. It has a calming effect and is effective in diluting stress, overcoming anxiety and depression. Besides physical health, emotional health is equally essential for your general wellbeing and professional excellence. Rose essential oil is quite readily available; you can also prepare it at home.

Skin health and grooming

Rose oil is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin redness. Often during summer, we experience skin redness and itchy skin. It can easily and relatively quickly aggravate into a severe skin disease. You can use rose essential oil for treating such conditions.

Try homemade water for enhanced benefits
Rosewater is the ultimate healer and the best friend for your skin – homemade rosewater is even better

How To Preserve A Rose?

Before go at this section, I have elaborated on the several utilities of rose. Aren’t they fascinating? I am sure you are as much excited knowing them as I have been while discovering the facts. So, when a rose serves so many benefits, then how come we did not preserve it? I will illustrate some of the fundamental ways to know how to preserve a rose.

Dry them in a natural atmosphere

If you are not willing to make any additional effort to preserve your rose, you must try it. Check and ensure the stem is not wet and start drying your rose before it starts to wither. After you have chosen your rose, hang them upside down. If you want to retain its colour, then hang it in a dark and cooler space. Lack of sunlight and warmth will preserve its colour.

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Preserve rose with hairspray

You can use a typical hair spray to cover the petals, stem and leaves. Hair spray seals the moisture in these parts and keeps them firm. It is one of the standard methods I can suggest when you ask how to preserve a rose. Please stick to ordinary hair sprays. Exotic hair sprays often have unwanted ingredients that cause rose to wilt. So, stick to less expensive and local products.

Glycerin to preserve a rose

Glycerin is a best effective and hence popular moisturizer. It locks moisture inside the surface where you apply it. You can soak a rose in glycerin and keep it aside. It will enable the flower to retain its moisture, prevent it from wilting, and preserve the rose well.

Freeze it till dried

If you are very perceptive on preserving your rose but don’t want to work hard for it, freeze it. Instead, it would be best to take the help of a professional and ask him or her and follow the suggested steps. You can follow the standard measures of freezing flowers. Many flower sellers do it to keep flowers fresh and valuable.

Sand to preserve rose

It is not a pretty standard process. If you don’t know how to preserve a rose, you can surely try this fun method. Cover the roses with sand. The sand will absorb the moisture and turn it dry. It is simple, and you can be playful while doing this.

Grow your own rose
Your terrace garden

How Can You Grow Quality Rose On Your Terrace Garden?

Lockdown threw us behind the doors and made us learn modes of survival in ways we could hardly imagine. Gardening is one of the revisited and even mastered hobbies – from growing veggies to exotic fruits. How about growing rose on your terrace garden? Above I have discussed how to preserve a rose. Here I explain how you can grow quality rose in a terrace garden.

Wisely chose the kind

You are well aware of the different species of roses. When you are planning a terrace garden, then make sure to select the type first. Consider the available space on your terrace, climate and how many rose plants you want to grow.

Be careful about the containers

Often, we care about the plant and its position in the garden but not the containers. It is crucial to consider the kind of containers you must use for a specific rose species. So, once you decide the type of rose plant for your terrace garden, choose a suitable container for it.

Be mindful about ‘when’ and ‘how’

Depending on your place’s climatic condition, choose the best time for cultivating roses. When purchasing rose, you can either get a plan with soil or bare root roses. In the later one, you must submerge the plant roots in water for about an hour or more. It will help the plant to absorb water and get acquainted with the surrounding.

flower ultimate savior
rose good health and wellness

Having your garden is a blessing that you choose for yourself. If you are in love with roses, then you should create your terrace garden. Whether you know how to preserve a rose or not, you can always have your rose garden. Isn’t it? Do post your garden photographs and inspire us!



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