How to Read CBD Labels to Find the Right Product

CBD Labels

When you are buying CBD oil, you must understand the labels that are present on the bottle.

These labels can assist you in making sure that the CBD oil you are purchasing is of the highest quality while also giving you insight into its components and production.

If you are trying to find the right CBD product, then you are in the right place. Keep reading to find out how to read CBD labels and to find the best product for you.

Understanding Spectrums

A high-quality and legitimate CBD oil company should let you know what type of spectrum it is. On its label, it should specify the following:

  • Full-spectrum, or CBD oil that is derived from the whole plant and offers various benefits
  • CBD isolate, or the most CBD concentrated type.
  • Broad-spectrum, a mix of CBD isolate and full-spectrum, which offers benefits of the whole plant but does not include THC.

Now that you know these CBD oil differences, you can understand the spectrums mentioned on the label. Moreover, if you want specific benefits, knowing what spectrum will work best for your needs will also assist in giving you a better CBD experience.

Knowing Where the CBD Comes From

Both hemp and marijuana come from the cannabis plant, and depending on where you live, you may have access to both hemp-derived or marijuana-derived CBD oil.

On the label or by researching the company you are buying from, it should specify the CBD source. Some hemp-derived CBD may have very little traces of THC while marijuana-derived CBD may contain a more substantial THC content.

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Those CBD and THC work very well together; you may have drug tests or legality concerns regarding THC consumption. So, by knowing the source of your CBD, you can have peace of mind that you are getting the best quality CBD for your needs.

There are also a variety of CBD brands that may work best for you, and you can check out a list to learn more.

Making Sure Your CBD Is Safe

One of the most prominent signs of poor-quality CBD is what is not on the label.

If you do not see a batch date, lab results, or manufacturing dates, you may have a poor quality CBD on your hands.

Batch dates are imperative because they give consumers an idea of where it was made, making it more traceable and verifying it authentically and safely produced.

Additionally, your CBD should have a manufacturing date present. CBD is consumed, so similarly to food product labels; quality CBD should offer a manufacturing date on the label. Most CBD products should be used sooner rather than later since their effectiveness and quality can decrease over time.

Lastly, lab results are also significant. When CBD is lab-grade, it gives you peace of mind that this CBD has been approved after rigorous testing made by professionals, making sure everything presented on the label is accurate and high-quality.

CBD Dosages

On CBD oil bottles, there should be a milligram present to guide you on the recommended dosage. This allows you to know precisely the right amount of CBD to use instead of using too much.

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Understanding CBD Labels

From understanding the spectrum, safety, and dosages, you should now be able to read CBD labels with ease.

To learn more about CBD uses and benefits, check out our website for more CBD related content.


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