How to Take Kratom: The Only Guide You Need


During the last few years, the popularity of kratom has exploded. It went from obscurity to a staple at head shops in a remarkably quickly.

Is it like smoking weed? Salvia? The fact of the matter is that many people don’t even know what it is or how to use it.

Are you still figuring out how to take kratom? You might be surprised to find out that you have been doing it wrong the whole time. Keep reading the learn how to get the most out of your experience.

In a League of Its Own

You may have heard that kratom is like an opioid. You may have also heard that it work as works as a stimulant or antidepressant.

Government agencies have tried to get it banned as a Schedule I drug but tens of thousands of people claim it has important medicinal effects

This is contradictory. The only thing for certain is there are a lot of misconceptions out there regarding kratom.

Nothing But The Facts

It can be hard to find reliable information because of hidden agendas and bias. Today, we’re only going to look at the facts

Kratom is the common name of Mitragyna speciosa, a plant belonging to the same family as the coffee plant. Technically speaking, it is a tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia.

The tree can grow up to over 80 feet tall. The leaves of the kratom tree contain the substance responsible for its effects.

History of Kratom Use

Kratom has been used in forms of traditional medicine by different people in Southeast Asia. The tree grows naturally in modern-day Thailand, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when people started using it. However, it has been used to serve several purposes.

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Similar to coca leaves in Native American culture, kratom leaves can be chewed to stave off fatigue and improve mood by people performing a variety of arduous tasks. Also, it is sometimes applied to external wounds for pain control and improve healing.

Introduction to the West

It wasn’t until 1839 that Westerners identified the kratom tree. Highly respected Dutch botanist, Pieter Korthals, discovered during his expedition.

He named it Stephegyne speciosa but this would soon be changed in the coming years.

However, it wasn’t until more recently that people in other regions began to notice the potential uses of kratom. It is now popular in the US, Europe, Japan, and elsewhere.

Legal Concerns

Kratom has spread around the world faster than local governments can figure out what to do with it.

Some have come out against it and tried to have it immediately banned. Others have advocated for its medicinal purposes. It is not federally illegal in the US but several states have outlawed it.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) initially wanted to label it a schedule I drug, alongside heroin and PCP. They have since eased their stance. However, they are skeptical and urge safety testing to be expedited.

Learning How to Take Kratom

One thing that cannabis and kratom have in common is that you can find a lot of ways to use them. Some methods might be superior to others in terms of efficiency and safety.

It might come down to personal preference and availability in the end. Regardless, there are several steps you can take to ensure you’re aren’t making any rookie mistakes.

Tea Time

Some people like tea and crumpets in the afternoon. Today we’re going to learn how to make tea from kratom.

We’re not aware of any kratom tea bags currently on the market. If you do decide to make some tea, here is an easy to follow guide.

The Extract

Most of the time, the kratom you purchase comes in powder form. How often to take kratom ideally depends on your tolerance, the strength of the extract, and the desired effects.

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For kratom dosing, know that 1 gram leads to very mild effects in most users while some experienced users take over ten grams. Most people need somewhere in the middle but it is best to work your way up.

Get to Brewing

Simply bring a pot of water to a boil and add the desired amount of kratom. Let it simmer for about 10-15 minutes. Remove the tea from the heat once it turns yellow-orange.

You can add sweeteners or other flavors, like honey, sugar, cinnamon, and lemon.

Once it cools you can enjoy it immediately or put in the fridge for some kratom iced tea later on.

Toss n’ Wash

Yes, it’s a funny name. It consists simply of taking raw kratom powder followed by a gulp of water. Then, you swish it around your mouth for a couple of seconds and swallow.

It isn’t the most elegant method but many people prefer it to the tea. Why is that? Mostly, its because some people dislike the taste of kratom and just want to get it over with.

Also, some people don’t feel like waiting around for their water to boil and their kratom to steep. Just make sure to have plenty of water on hand. Having raw, dry kratom powder in your mouth is quite unpleasant.

What Not to Do

Kratom has many potential benefits. However, studies that thoroughly demonstrate just how safe or dangerous it is are lacking.

There are a few warnings to heed about kratom. Empty stomach, extreme anxiety, and hallucinations could be warning signs to hold off. If you accidentally take too much, you might experience the ‘wobbles’ (dizziness and difficulty concentrating)

A medical professional may be able to counsel you on the possible benefits and risks of taking kratom.

Crafty with Kratom

We believe that using kratom is a personal decision. On the same token, we want to be able to make an informed opinion based on the facts.

Learning how to take kratom the right way makes it more effective and safer for everyone.

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