Is Cabbage Soup Diet Entirely Healthy?

cabbage soup diet for weight loss


You are what you eat. Nutrition is one of the most essential and neglected elements in our lives. However, it is key to a healthier and happier life. Proper nutrition can help you eliminate health issues at the root; you can enjoy a healthy body and a proactive mind. Certain superfoods can work wonders for your health. Cabbage is often considered well for health but in supervised quantity. You can trust a cabbage soup diet for its nutritious content. However, you must not have it for a longer time at a stretch.

Often we assume certain foods to be good and continue having it for a longer time, but that can have adverse consequences. Cabbage soup diet results vary on how much you are taking it. So, it would be best to keep an eye on its quantity to ensure you keep enjoying its quality.

Focus on clean eating to lose weight effortlessly
Food for wellness

Food And Wellbeing

We have identified the importance of a health body and mind and the role of food in it. So, when working hard for a balanced life, make sure to keep a check on what you are eating.

Nourish your cells, organs, and entire body

Different foods have different nutrients, each of them has different characters. Your body cells absorb those nutrients; they reach to different organs and nourish them. Proper nutrients nourish the entire body. If you don’t know the benefits of cabbage soup, then you can try with a30 day cabbage soup diet

It helps it to grow, repair, and stay strong

Regular activities and natural changes in our body often cause damage to the cells. If you are eating right or a balanced meal, then your body itself can repair the damage. New cells grow in our bodies every minute. A proper diet ensures a healthy balance and encourages such repairs. Therefore, it plays a key role in building a healthy body.

Food checks your emotional health

Besides nurturing your body, food even makes you happy. Wrong or junk food causes bad cholesterol, saturated fat, and adds other toxins to your system. It disturbs your health, interferes with your sleep pattern, and cause imbalanced hormones. Improper functioning of hormones is often linked with low emotional intelligence, depression, and related issues. So, it would be best to eat healthy food and take care of your emotional health.

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Builds your immunity

It is especially now that we realize how important immunity is. Interestingly, it is not that difficult to build and ensure strong immunity. Certain foods are rich in antioxidants that strengthen your immunity. We often refer to them as superfoods. Also, there are no side effects.

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Healthy food is a great mood booster

We have mentioned earlier that right food ensures hormone balance. It does much more than that. There are a few foods which make us happy and are also good for health. So, by eating the right foods, then you can also be happy. What better than this?

Cabbage soup diet for weight loss
Strict diet plans often makes you crave for comfort food

Strict Diet Plans Can Backfire At Your Goals

You will crave more for things that you are not allowed to eat. Similarly, if you are put under a strict diet plan, then you will eat anything but the suggested ones. Cabbage soup might sound good, but you may not like it when you have an original cabbage soup diet. So, good nutritionists will never suggest a diet plan that you are not happy with. After all, eating health must never be a punishment. Here are some important reasons that can cause your strict diet plan to backfire your goals.

Slower weight loss

One of the most vital reasons for imposing a strict diet on yourself is losing weight. However, it has been observed that it causes an adverse effect when you try to undergo a strict diet. It slows down your weight loss process. So the very reason for which you were following a strict diet becomes nullified.

Hair fall and skin issues

Your body needs fat – good fat. Like DNA, every human body is different from the other. If a strict diet works with your friend, it might not work the same way for you. You must understand this basic thing before trying one. Often strict diet deprives your body of the essential fats, and it directly affects your hair and skin. Your skin may lose its luster, become dull and pigmented in the worst case. You may experience abnormal hair loss.

Inadequate blood glucose

Excess blood sugar is bad for health, and even less is bad. You need to keep it stable. Strict diet again limits proper nutrient supply to your body, and this brings down the glucose level. Often we know diabetes due to high blood sugar is bad. However, inadequate blood glucose is not good either.

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Nutrition deficiencies

Above, we have discussed this sparsely. Your body is made up of different organs, functioning in perfect synchronization. The food that you eat supplies the required nutrients to the body and helps it to keep functioning. When you are not eating everything, your body is getting deprived of the nutrients from that food. Over a prolonged time, it creates significant nutrition deficiency in your body. And this is highly undesirable.


Earlier, we have discussed how the food improves mood and makes us happy. So, when you limit your foods, it makes you unhappy. Moreover, when you are prohibited from doing something, you feel unhappy. Therefore, over a certain time period, this feeling of unhappiness transforms to depression. And this is a highly undesirable state.

Cabbage soup diet for weight loss
Cabbage limited

Cabbage Nutrition Facts: Is Cabbage Soup Diet Good For You?

Soup is a good appetizer and often seen as a meal-replacement. You may like to drink soups during winter months or when you are suffering from cough and cold. However, you must have it in measured quantity and check the cabbage soup diet before and after results. You must also consult a nutritionist and ask for cabbage soup diet rules if there is any. Cabbage soup might not be suitable for all. So, an expert would be the best person to guide you for it.

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Our bodies can be similar but are not the same. Like DNA, they too different from each other with varying requirements. So, cabbage soup diet results too may vary from one individual to another. Check the pros and cons before implementing your cabbage soup diet plans.

What’s so good about cabbage soup diet?

A wonderful thing about following the cabbage soup diet is that it allows you to lose weight fast. That’s why often people go for a 30 day cabbage soup diet plan when they are beginning weight loss practices.

Another good thing about this particular diet is that it is pretty easy to follow. There are no strict cabbage soup diet rules expect that you have to keep a check on the quantity. Too much of it would adversely affect your health. So make sure to have it under the supervision of a nutritionist or a health expert.

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What’s Not So Good About Cabbage Soup Diet? 

You must remember that the cabbage soup diet does not only have health benefits. Too much of it can trouble your health and make things worse for you. So, you must remember the consequences too. Firstly, doctors will not strongly suggest you on having or undergoing a cabbage soup diet. It is not medically sound, and therefore, you may have it in a limited proportion.

Secondly, when you are following a diet plan, you need to have it repeatedly. This can be highly monotonous and boring. You may not like having cabbage soup time and again. It may trigger a craving for comfort and high-calorie foods.

Thirdly, the benefit soon changes to a limitation. In pros, we have mentioned that it helps you to lose weight fast. However, this quick cabbage soup diet result doesn’t stay for long. You may even gain the lost weight. This is highly undesirable, but such a risk does persist.

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Cabbage soup diet is a popular food for losing weight
Soup anyone?

Simple Cabbage Soup Diet Rules

Though we have stated these as rules, we still would like to say that don’t overburden yourself with ‘rules.’ You must not think of them as rules but guidelines if you want to follow a particular diet plan successfully. So, here are some vital and practicable guidelines for significant cabbage soup diet results.

  • Be prepared for repetitive servings and quite a dull taste
  • Consult a dietician or a nutritionist for best results
  • Have a flexible approach to this diet plan
  • Do not force yourself to follow a cabbage soup diet plan
  • Allow yourself a cheat-day
  • Be comfortable with yourself and the entire weight loss process.

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Health is definite wealth, and we couldn’t have realized it better had we not faced this health crisis. So, when you focus on health and wellness, make sure to have a holistic approach towards it. If you want to follow the cabbage soup diet plan, then make sure to consult a nutritionist before that.


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