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McDonald’s Corporation is an American fast-food company. McDonald’s corporation is a public type of company. Mcdonald’s corporation is a very famous fast-food company and well known for IwonatMCD. McDonald’s corporation was founded back in the year 1940 almost 79 years ago.

McDonald’s corporation was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald. McDonald’s corporation has its headquarters in Chicago as well as in Illinois. McDonald’s corporation is serving all over the world. McDonald’s corporation is active in around 37855 different locations.

The main products of McDonald’s Corporation are hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chickens, French fries, cold drinks, milkshakes, salads, desserts, breakfast, and wraps as well. There are around 2,10,000 employees in the McDonald’s corporation. The CEO of McDonald’s corporation is Enrique Hernandez Jr. McDonald’s Corporation is considered one of the largest fast Food Chain restaurants when it comes to revenue of the company. McDonald’s corporation gets its revenues from different sources like rent, royalties from its customers, and franchisees fees as well.

IWonatMCD in Canada is a game contest from McDonald’s for their customers. This is a wonderful contest for McDonald’s lover. McDonald’s game contest mostly happens in Canada. McDonalds game contest offers its customers around 14 million prizes to win. These prizes include 10000 $ cash, vacation trips at different places, and other prizes as well with some food rewards as the instant prizes from McDonald’s. 

Participating in the McDonalds game contest:

For participating in the IwonatMCD game contest you just have to visit the McDonalds food store and buy any food item or you can click here too, which comprises one of these rewards and prizes. You will get a game piece with that food item and you have to paste it on the monopoly board of the McDonalds food store. If you get a chance to win the instant prize, you will get a coupon or a free food item or else you have to place that game piece on the monopoly board of the McDonalds food store.

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Food items that contain the IwonatMCD rewards or prizes in McDonald’s game contest are:

  1. Burgers.
  2. Big mac sandwiches.
  3. Chicken Mac Nuggets
  4. Hash browns.
  5.  Americano 
  6.  Cappuccino.
  7. Triple thick milkshake.
  8. Different drinks
  9. Country chicken sandwiches
  10. Different Coffees.
  11. Different Soft drinks
  12. Wraps
  13. French fries.
  14. Different shakes.
  15. Mac Flurry.
  16. Hot chocolate.
  17. Some desserts too.
  18. Medium and large fountain drinks.
  19. Quarter pounder cheese sandwich
  20. American and deluxe hot chocolate.
  21. Tea.
  22. Mocha.
  23. Latte.
  24. Slices of bacon and eggs mac muffin sandwiches.
  25. Sausage mac muffin sandwiches.
  26. Large fries egg mac muffin sandwich.
  27. Mac café beverages.

IwonatMCD Prizes and Rewards offered by McDonald’s game contest:

  1.   Around 5000 $ as prepaid cards.

  2.   Around 2000 $ as gift cards.

  3.   Cineplex premiere card.

  4.   Around 10000 $ cash to their customers.

  5.   Polaris snowmobile. 

  6.   Vacations trips and many more other rewards as well.

Participating in the McDonalds game contest without any purchase from McDonald’s food store:


  1.   Visit the official website of the McDonalds and click on the option McDonald’s game contest participation without any purchase.
  2.   You have to enter your email id there.
  3.   You have to enter your full name and your address as well in the same.
  4.   You have to fill all the other necessary details as well as your city, territory, zip code, etc. etc. 
  5.   After filling all this information hit on submit the entry option.

You can also participate in the McDonalds game contest without any purchase in offline mode as well. For doing that you have to:

  1.   Post a mail by postage to McDonald’s game contest office.
  2.   You have to write your full name, your full, complete, and correct address, your email id, postal code, zip code, your city as well as territory. 
  3.   In the envelope, you have to write a few lines that you want to participate in the McDonalds game contest and you request McDonald’s game contest office for a game piece.
  4.   Moreover, mail the same to the McDonalds game contest office.
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Rules and regulations to be taken care of the McDonalds game contest:

  1.   An individual must be a legal and eligible Canadian resident for participating in the IwonatMCD contest.
  2.   There is no purchase needed for participating in the IwonatMCD contest.
  3.   There is no need for any of the game board to play or win the McDonalds game contest. 
  4.   There is no age limit for IwonatMCD contest in Canada.
  5.   However, McDonald’s game contest needs 13 years of age of an individual at least.
  6.   An individual must not be the friend or the relative or in any sort of contact of the employees of McDonald’s.
  7.   An individual must not be the friend or the relative or in any sort of contact of the ex-employees of McDonald’s.
  8.   There is no age limit in claiming the food prize of McDonald’s game contest.

Redeeming the IwonatMCD contest prize money of 10 $ as well as 50 $:

  1.   If you have won an instant prize of 10 $ or 50 $ from McDonald’s game contest then you have to show it original receipt in the store manager.
  2.   Have a visit to the McDonalds food store in Canada, show that original receipt to the store manager, and ask him for the blank McDonalds card. 
  3.   It is a kind of treasure hunt because that blank card will have some instructions for you to follow to get your reward or prize money of around 10 $.
  4.   You have to go online on the official website of McDonald’s game contest and enter the 20 digits unique pin code, which is mentioned on that blank card, which you received from the store manager of the McDonalds.
  5.   Then you have to answer some questions.
  6.   If your answers will be right and match the standards. You will be awarded the prize money or else you will be declared disqualified.


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