Keep the Fire Burning: 3 Hot Tips for Keeping the Romance Alive in a Relationship

keeping the romance alive in a relationship

The average couple in their 20s will have sex more than once a week. While there is no “normal” benchmark for intimacy among couples, sex is important to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship.

Have you noticed your sex drive decreasing over time? Is your partner less interested in physical touching than they once were? Are you wanting to heat things up in the bedroom?

Keep reading to discover some simple tips to help with keeping the romance alive in a relationship.

1. Put Away the Screens

Technology is great, but when it comes to keeping the romance alive, it can really hurt things. Experts say that putting away your devices while in a relationship improves your connection, leads to fewer fights, and increases your happiness.

Think about when you and your loved one use your phones or devices the most. Are you scrolling through social media after a stressful day of work instead of talking about it to your partner. Are you using your device before bed instead of cuddling or getting intimate?

Make an effort for you and your partner to put away the devices and concentrate on each other. Choose a specific time, like over dinner or before bed, to be screen-free. You’ll be surprised by the effect this will have on your relationship and intimacy.

2. Surprise Your Loved One

When was the last time you surprised your loved one or were surprised in return? Random acts of love are some of the best romantic ideas to heat things up.

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The best surprises are ones that speak to your loved one’s desires. There are five love languages — words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. Once you know which love language your partner speaks, surprise them!

For example, if they appreciate words of affirmation, leave them a love note in their car for them to find before work. Or if they like physical touch, make an effort to hug and kiss them every time you say hello and goodbye.

3. Get Some Help in the Bedroom

Are you looking to keep the romance alive in a more literal way? If you’re looking to spice things up when it comes to sex, don’t be afraid to bring in some backup.

There are many reasons that people fall out of intimacy, from lack of sex drive to boredom with the same routine. But luckily, there is plenty of help available.

Toys, such as vibrators or bondage can help bring excitement back into the bedroom. Ask your partner to try a new position or surprise them with a sexy outfit to break up a mundane routine. Or, if you need some supplements to help with your sex drive, look here.

Prioritize Keeping the Romance Alive in a Relationship

If you want a happy and healthy relationship, you need to prioritize keeping the romance alive in a relationship.

Start by putting away the screens for a dedicated time each day, like over dinner or before bed. Then, make an effort to surprise your loved one in a way that speaks to their love language with physical actions, gifts, or affirmations. Finally, it’s okay to accept help in the bedroom through toys or enhancements to bring some spice into your love life.

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