Krystal Guest Survey And The Free Burgers You Didn’t Know About


Krystal Guest Survey is a part of Kystal Guest which is an American Fast Food giant which is headquartered in Georgia, or Atlanta to be specific. 

It is famous for its sliders, small, square hamburgers which have steamed-in onions but only in places other than the Southeast.

Krystal originally had its corporate headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee since 1932 itself, but in early 2013, they moved to Atlanta.

Krystal Guest’s restaurants are both company-owned and franchises and they operate in locations like Kentucky, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee. There is a restaurant on the Tennessee-Virginia border too, and one in West Memphis, Arkansas, right across Mississippi River. 

It has owned several restaurants in Texas too and is often compared to White Castle, the northern restaurant chain.

Enough about the history and geography of  Krystal Guest let’s discuss what we are here for, and that is the Krystal GuestSurvey.

Now, you might be thinking why a company like Krystal Guest needs a survey, but the fact is a company like Krystal Guest needs such things so that they can stay connected with their customers.

Read on to find out the objectives behind this survey!

Krystal Guest Survey Objectives

krystal guest survey

There is a cost associated with every decision a company makes, and they always try to make sure that their decisions bear fruits. That being said, there is a cost related to the company’s decisions to create this survey, the objectives of the survey would definitely have been worth it to move ahead with the decision.

Let’s see what those objectives were:

  • To ensure they are satisfying the needs of their customers,
  • To get to know their customer better,
  • Direct communication with customers will ensure that any grievance reaches to the management as soon as possible so that it can be solved.
  • To improve various aspects of the restaurant by working more on décor and that kind of stuff,
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Krystal Guest Survey Prize

Whenever you visit next after taking the survey, you get three free burgers, if you purchase medium fries and drinks. 

Please note that the prize of the receipt may vary according to the location, so check your receipt to make sure you get the prize according to your location.

Krystal Guest Survey Prize Details

Survey Prize: 3 free burgers with purchase of medium fries and drinks

Receipt valid for: 3 days

Coupon valid for: 30 days

Coupon Limit: 1 per limit

Purchase Required: Yes

How to take the Krystal Survey

The steps to take the survey are very easy and you can finish this process within a few minutes. Follow the steps to know how you can get yourself three bagels for free!

  1. Go to the nearest Krystal Guest store and order anything you want to.
  2. Make sure while paying the bill, you remember to take the receipt.
  3. Then get a mobile or a laptop with an active internet connection.
  4. Now click on this site and access the survey:
  5. Fill in a few relevant details that you are asked and start the survey.
  6. Answer the questions honestly while giving the survey.
  7. At the end of the survey, the screen will show you a  survey validation code, note that code on the appropriate space on the receipt.
  8. Now, the next time, actually within three days, when you visit the store make sure that you take this receipt with you and show the survey validation code at the counter. As a reward, you will be given three burgers for free when you order medium fries and drinks.

Krystal Guest Survey Homepage

When you visit the official site of Krystal Guest, you will be taken to a stark red, black and white-coloured page. The page will ask you to fill in a 12-digit survey code. Find the code on the receipt and enter it into the flashing window on the homepage.

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Krystal Guest Survey Rules

There are a few rules that you must follow to respect the services they are providing to you, the rules are easy to follow and are made to make things simpler for you.

Let’s have a look at them:

  •  The receipt of your food is valid only for three days that means you have the window of claiming your free burgers only within three days.
  • However, the coupon expires after a window of 30 days, so you must redeem your coupon within this window.
  • You are only allowed to use one coupon every time you visit.
  • Most importantly, you cannot ask for cash in exchange for your prize.
  • You are not allowed to combine this coupon with other offers, so make sure you don’t mix things up.
  • You cannot ask for refunds either, they are simply not available.

For more information about the rules and regulations of this survey, I recommend you visit their website. this is just a basic yet important list of rules, you will find a comprehensive list there. You can also find rules on the receipt of the Krystal Guest.

Contact Krystal Guest

You might have a query that cannot be solved by a simple google search, sometimes you just need real assistance. 

Krystal Guest have made sure that anyone can approach them anytime they want to so they have made a special page, you can visit the page anytime and help yourself. 

The link to the page is:

So, we are at the end of the article and now we have some more information about Krystal Guest and the Krystal Guest survey. We have an idea as to why Krystal Guest would want to go for a survey. Then we got to know some details about the Krystal Guest Survey and then we saw how we can take the survey, the process is easy, by the way. Then we saw some rules that you should keep in mind while taking the survey and then we saw how to contact Krystal Guest directly in case you want to contact them.