Marcella Samora Quintanilla: Check out the story of an infamous teenager Salena Quintanilla’s mother!

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I am sure the 90s generation must have heard about Selena Quintanilla-Pérez! For those who don’t know about her; Selena was a worldwide famous singer. At the very tender age of 23, Selena achieved a lot of fame. However, out of jealousy, her fan shot the poor girl. It became international news and caught a lot of attention. Anyways, it is not the topic for today’s discussion. It is her mother we are going to discuss today. Selena’s mother, Marcella Samora Quintanilla.

Marcella caught the media’s attention during her daughter’s murder trial. So let’s explore how much we know about her in this article.

Marcella Samora Quintanilla: Quick facts

To begin with, Selena’s mother was born in Washington, United States. She belongs to a Mexican family of Cherokee descent. Also, Her father was Texan, and her mother was Coloradan.

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Her parents were raised here in Washington. Moreover, Washington has been lucky for her. She met the love of her life there. While serving in the US military, Abraham Quintanilla Jr. was stationed in Washington. This is where they fell in love with each other instantly. The couple decided to name their relationship after dating for a while. Therefore, the couple tied the knot in 1963. After a while, Marcella gave birth to Abraham Quintanilla III or A.B. Quintanilla. However, soon after the birth, the couple decided to leave Washington and go to Texas. Consequently, they relocated to Texas with their newborn. After that, Marcella became the mother of two beautiful baby girls Selena and Suzette.

Marcella’s husband had an excellent knowledge of music. He used to sing and write songs. Therefore, he gave his talent to all his three children. He trained them to sing and compose songs. Also, Seeing Selena responding to her training well; he formed a band for his three children Selena y Los Dinos. However, unfortunately, their daughter got murdered in 1995.

Did Marcella support her daughter Selena?

Marcella was a very open-minded and kind mother. She always supported her children and husband, no after what. When Abraham decided to teach their children music, she did not stop him. Instead, she sawed Abraham’s passion for teaching her children. Also, she supported Selena and her siblings to become the best.

Selen was no doubt the golden girl of the family. She took the band to new extremes; She met Chris Parez in 1988. He was the lead guitarist in their band. Later, Selena and Chris got married without anyone knowing in the summer of 1992. They kept it a secret from Marcella and Abraham. However, Marcella accepted the marriage instantly when she and Abraham found out.

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Marcella was thrilled as all her children had achieved a lot during their teenage years. She was awestruck to see her daughter Selena climbing the stairs of success. Moreover, Selena became a worldwide sensation in 1994. She won several national awards, including Grammys. People credited Marcella for having such talents in her house. She was happy as life was going smoothly. However, life took a painful term when Marcella’s youngest died. That’s right! Selena got murdered by one of her acquaintances. Was it jealousy or something else? Let’s find out in the next section.

What exactly happened to Marcella’s daughter?

 Marcella Samora was well acquainted with Yolanda Saldivar. Marcella was fond of Yolanda as she seemed kind. Moreover, Yoland used to call her Selena’s fan. In 1991, Yolanda insisted Selena’s father and her manager, Abraham, let her start a fan club in the name of Selena. Marcella liked the idea and instantly gave her permission. However, Abraham did not like the idea. However, at last, he gave authorization when Selena insisted.

After a few years of being the president of Selena’s fan clubs, Yolanda gained the trust of Marcella and her family. Eventually, she became an essential part of the family. Henceforth, Abraham appointed Yolanda to manage Selena, etc. It was a chain of Selena’s clothing line, boutiques, and salons. Selena opened the stores in Texas. However, due to Yolanda’s obnoxious behavior and poor management skills, The staff often complained about how poorly she used to manage everything to Marcella and Abraham. Abraham informed Marcella. But, Marcella did not think it was severe. But, Abraham did not settle for this and started gathering evidence against her.

Moreover, Abraham found some shocking and solid proof against Yolanda in January 1995. He found out that Yolanda was stealing from Selena. Also, she forged some checks and sent them to the clients. After investigation, Marcella and Abraham found Yoland stole approximately $60,000 from the family. This is when Abraham laid his hands on the sore and decided to confront Yolanda for committing fraud. 

On March 31, 1995, the whole family went to Days Inn, Corpus Christi, where Yolanda was living. Upon confronting, she vigorously shot Selena. As a result, due to loss of blood flow and cardiac arrest, Selena was announced dead.

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Selena’s trial:-

During Selena’s trial, Marcella played a significant role in getting justice. Marcella and the whole family fought to bring Selena to justice. Yolanda killed the poor child using.38-caliber Taurus Model 85. However, thanks to the US judiciary, she was found guilty of convicting the murder of a teenage celebrity and for fraudulent activities. Thus, Marcella took a breath of relief when Yolanda got life imprisonment in October 1995. Moreover, she was eligible for parole after 30 years.

It was all challenging for Marcella. It is primarily for a mother to see her child dying before her, and there is nothing she could do to stop it. According to Marcella, Yolanda was a big fan of Selena and loved her dearly. There is no chance on earth that she will kill their beloved daughter without blinking an eye. However, Marcella was a brave person and a mother. She fought with every bit of strength left in her.

The family is still in shock and pain after so many years. Moreover, the time for the parole of Yolanda is near. According to the reports, chances of her release in the year 2025 are maximum. However, Marcella believes that criminals like Yolanda do not deserve such mercy of parole.

Marcella does not want her out in any condition whatsoever.

Marcella Samora: What happened to the family!

Anyway, if we talk about the Quintanilla family, Selena’s siblings Suzette and Abraham III kept her memories alive as they advanced in their careers. They said she would want this for us. Suzette is a well-known singer and CEO of Q productions, her family’s company. She is a singer and actor whose job is to promote Tejano music and artists.

Marcella Samora is proud of her children.On the other hand, Marcella’s son Abraham Quintanilla III is a record producer, songwriter, musician, and composer.

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Also, Marcella and her husband are running a non-profit organization. Moreover, the organisation help unprivileged children who struggle to survive. They are part of the Selena Foundation, along with Chris Perez. The organization provides children with education, food and inspires them to become good people.


In the end, I hope you like this article regarding a deceased mother, Marcella Samora! How she managed after the death of the child. Selena had a huge fan following. This Latin girl has her name on everybody’s tongues. Her death was not the easy one to digest. It shocked half of the world. Now, you can see the life events of Selena in her biopic. Selena: The series is streaming on Netflix. The series is on the life of the Latin celebrity. Also, it tells all about the murder of the innocent girl Thank you for your time today. Take care and be safe!


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