Megumi Jujutsu Kaisen: Things That You Might Not Know!

Megumi jujutsu kaisen
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People who are fans of Japanese anime are mostly familiar with Megumi. Megumi Fushiguro is one of the fictional characters in the Manga series created by Gege Akutmi, Jujutsu Kaisen.

He is a student at Tokyo Jujutsu High, where every student’s job is to learn how to become a Jujutsu sorcerer. It is basically learning cursed techniques that one learns to fight all the cursed spirits and demons. 

The cursed beings are basically a form of cursed energy that forms from the negative emotions of us humans. Apart from that, he is a member of the Zenin clan. The clan is one of the top-notch and dominating clans in the world of sorcerers. 

In the anime adaptation of the Manga series, Yuma Uchida is Jujutsu’s voice-over in Japanese. Adding to that, in its English dubbing, it is Robby Daymond’s voice.  

So, moving ahead, here are a few small facts that usually people don’t notice about our favorite Megumi Fushiguro. These are not some massive facts that will change the course of the Manga or anime version of it. Rather these facts are going to give you a new perspective when you are watching or reading the same the next time. Adding to that, you would also be able to understand Megumi a bit better. 

Let’s not waste our time and dig deep into some of the things that most Megumi fans are not aware of. 

Things That You Might Not Want to Miss Out on About Megumi Jujutsu Kaisen

Megumi Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the most reserved protagonists in the whole series. Not only that, the way he carries his powerful Shikigami and, of course, himself drives his fans crazy. Adding to that, it is also one of the reasons why new Manga fans are falling for him too. 

But do you know that it is also his lesser-known background story and intriguing personality? That makes fans appreciate his character as a whole and on a different level than the mainstream ones. 

Throughout the season of Jujutsu Kaisen, one can notice the changes Megumi goes through. You can literally see him turning into one of the strongest Jujutsu sorcerers in the upcoming years. He trains strong under the current best and strongest sorcerer Gojo Satoru. 

But there are a lot of other things that go unnoticed when you’re you’re absolutely focused on such an interesting plot. Here’s a list of all the things that you didn’t know about Megumi, Jujitsu Kaisen. 

Megumi Jujutsu Kaisen is a Picky Eater

Not something a fan would instantly notice, but yes Megumi is really a picky eater

He utterly dislikes bell peppers, and by bell peppers, I mean the red ones, the ones that are slightly sweet. Megumi usually prefers food that goes with ginger, for instance, chicken. 

Adding to that, in one such episode, he did also mention that he prefers thigh meat in Oyakodon. Also, he specifies that breast meat is what he prefers in Nanban chicken. 

If you have been through the series, you can see him eating with Yuji and Nobara in his room. It is a rare moment when fans get to see him eat something, which at that moment was pizza. It was also the time when you could see him complaining about the pizza as it is a bit tough to digest. 

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Following that, when in Juju Stroll, when they question all the students about whether they prefer bread or rice? You can clearly see Megumi saying rice without any hesitation. So, basically, he likes rice over bread. 

There have been no reasons to specify why Megumi is like that when it comes to food. Maybe because of this way, his peculiar style of food adds to his character. 

Megumi as Exceptional Skills in Close Quarters Combat

If you don’t know already, here there’s a thing in Manga Megumi that is often called exceptional in close-quarter combat. The fact becomes even more intriguing as he is a Shikigami user. This means that in these sorts of combat techniques, users attack from a distance rather close. Megumi didn’t just reach these abilities with just his raw talent.

The real thing is that outside of his training schedule with Gojo; he invests his time with Maki. So, it is Maki and her cursed weapons with whom Megumi has trained as well. 

Adding to that, you can claim this evidence by seeing her guidance when they worked in tandem with the three-section cloud weapon and jet-black sword. The whole thing can be seen when Megumi fights Hanami during the Kyoto event. 

Megumi Jujutsu Kaisen
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He is a Reader of Nonfiction

Okay, so this is one of those rare facts that the fans who also read Manga carefully would know!

According to the first book of the series and the Official Fanbook, Megumi Fushiguro actually enjoys reading nonfiction. The reason that most people are unaware of this simple yet underrated fact is that everyone skips the part where it actually mentions the personal traits of Megumi.

The fact that Megumi is into nonfiction is clearly visible if you read his character profile that is there in Manga. But what really happens is most of the fans prefer skipping the whole introduction part. Adding to that, there are also the fans that don’t read Manga at all. 

Another noticeable thing is that Megumi’s comfort is the usual baggy clothes that we wear at home, sweatpants, and t-shirts. Adding to that, we can see him eating pizza. So, with those activities, we can assume that he prefers more relaxing and intriguing activities while he isn’t training or fighting. 

With that in mind, the nonfiction books make sense as he is an intelligent character and the books add to his intelligence. 

Megumi Deeply Cares

Since the beginning of the series, one can easily notice that Megumi knows his character and position well as the upcoming Jujutsu sorcerer. Adding to that, you can also see him following every order that his master Gojo gives, even when she’s annoyed. Further, you can also see him planning every fight even though his rivals dismay him. 

It is adding to that, in Manga, when the first and second-year students are discussing the Kyoto Sisters School Goodwill Event. It is the time when Yuji can only offer for the battle his option of hand-to-hand combat. This is the time when Panda doubts him, but Megumi defends Yuji by speaking up. 

He says that if it comes down to a clash with no cursed energy involved, Itadori will definitely win. Although it is not some big moment, if you know Megumi, he is a guy who rarely speaks. 

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The whole speech shows that Megumi cares and he is happy that Yuji is living and breathing. Adding to that, Yuji also has Megumi’s confidence vote. 

So, moments as such are all spread throughout the Manga. But it takes some serious and attentive readers to find all the small happy, and smiley moments. 

He is a Capricorn

So, assuming that every Megumi fan knows this, here there’s a thing: he was born on 22nd December. Which undoubtedly makes him a Capricorn. Also, as we all know that not everyone fulfills every stereotype of their main zodiac sign or their sun sign. 

However, when it comes to Megumi, he almost crosses all his stereotypical criteria of being a Capricorn. 

Capricorns are typically loyal, stoic, and hardworking. So, if you see Megumi, he is practical, loyal, and definitely stoic as well. You can see these traits by yourself when he first meets Gojo Saturo and is only a first-grader. He is also not interested in all the things Gojo tells him about his future and also the family. 

Basically, one of the major reasons why Megumi is a fan favorite is because of his behavior and attitude as he grows older. 

Megumi never fails to complete his work and loves his friends. Adding to that, the most important feature of all, he always maintains some mystery in the air for everyone. 

Who wouldn’t love a character like that? 

Megumi Jujutsu Kaisen
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Parting Words on Megumi Jujutsu Kaisen

So, that would be all on Megumi Jujutsu Kaisen that you should know. There are so many things that we usually miss out on just for watching our favorite character in action. But the thing is, the more you would know about the character’s personal space, the better. 

Knowing about Megumi will give you a better knowledge of why he is like the way he is portrayed. Megumi is an intriguing character, and less or more everyone who loves anime loves him too. He always manages to make a special place in everyone’s heart. 

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Q: What is Jujutsu kaisen, and what is it about?

A: Jujutsu kaisen is a Japanese manga and anime series written and illustrated by Gege Akutami. It is about a high school student named Yuji Itadori who becomes a host of a powerful curse named Ryomen Sukuna after eating his finger.

Q: How many chapters and episodes are there in Jujutsu kaisen?

A: As of 2023, there are 24 volumes and 174 chapters in the Jujutsu kaisen manga and 43 episodes in the Jujutsu kaisen anime.

Q: Who are the main characters and voice actors in Jujutsu Kaisen?

A: The main characters and voice actors in Jujutsu Kaisen are:

Yuji Itadori

Megumi Fushiguro

Nobara Kugisaki

Satoru Gojo

Q: What are the themes and genres of Jujutsu kaisen?

A: Jujutsu kaisen is a dark fantasy and supernatural series that explores themes such as death, morality, fate, friendship, and identity.

Q: Where can I read or watch Jujutsu kaisen?

A: You can read Jujutsu kaisen manga on the Manga Plus and Viz Media websites or apps or buy printed volumes from bookstores or online retailers.

So, stay tuned and follow us for more