Mobile Phone Throwing Championship

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What is Mobile Phone Throwing Championship?

Mobile phone throwing contest seems very interesting, isn’t it? A mobile phone is a very precious thing for millions of people in this world and they think of throwing it. How is it possible? However, I can feel that this is going to be very exciting. What do you think?

Let us know more about this mobile phone throwing contest. Actually, Mobile phone throwing contest is a national sport of Finland. Just like hockey is the national sport of India. In Mobile phone throwing contest participants, come at a place and meet. They compete and see who can throw their mobile phones to the greatest distance.

We generally in our normal lives think of throwing our mobile phones so far that we can never get it back. Maybe this is because sometimes we are angry or we just got harsh words on a call from our boss or there might be many other reasons as well. Maybe this is the reason this Mobile phone throwing contest is designed for people like us. 

Interesting Fact about Cell Phone throwing contest:

There is an interesting that you should know about and that is participants never throw their own mobile phones in Mobile phone throwing contest sponsors or organizers provide them the mobile phones in Mobile phone throwing contest. This becomes more interesting for me, and for you? 

People win in Mobile phone throwing contest according to their distances of throwing mobile phones. In other words, whoever throws the mobile phone at the farthest distance will win the game. 

Tom Philipp Reinhardt who is from Germany is the world record holder for Mobile phone throwing contest with a throw of around 136,75 cm. 

There is a decided weight of the mobile phones, which are used in the Mobile phone throwing contest. The mobile phone must be of 220 grams to 400 grams only. There should be a similar phone with everyone in this game. This is a kind of rule.

There are generally four different categories which come under Mobile phone throwing contest:

  1.   Original game.
  2.   Freestyle game.
  3.   Team original.
  4.   Juniors.

1. Original game:

This original game is also commonly known as the traditional game. In this, we have to throw the mobile phone on the farthest distance.

2. Freestyle game:

In this freestyle game, participants will get the points according to their aesthetics.

3. Team original:

In this team, the original category there will be a team of three, they have to throw the mobile phone simultaneously, and their scores will be added at the end.

4. Junior:

Children of the age 12 or less than 12 can play this game.


1) What is the Mobile Throwing Championship?

Answer: The Mobile Throwing Championship is a unique and entertaining event where participants compete in throwing mobile phones as far as they can.

2) When was the first Mobile Throwing Championship held?

Answer: The first Mobile Throwing Championship was held in 2014 in Finland.

3) Who organizes the Mobile Throwing Championship?

Answer: The event is organized by the Finnish company Circus Air.

4) Is the Mobile Throwing Championship a global event?

Answer: No, the Mobile Throwing Championship is primarily a Finnish event, but it has gained international attention.

5) Are there any safety precautions taken during the Mobile Throwing Championship?

Answer: Yes, participants are required to wear protective gear, and the event is held in a controlled environment.

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