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“The measure of a man is what he does with power,” once said Plato. His statement pretty much sums up what power is. If you are still trying to figure out what it is, I will break it down even further. Power is the extent of influence that one can have on another or the society as a whole. It is the impact that one can have on its surroundings. Often we want to be one of the most powerful people in the world. Power is attractive because it gives you unchallenged authority over others; that’s alluring as a mortal. Isn’t it?

most powerful people in the world
What it feels to be one of the most powerful people in the world

What Is Power?

Above we have touched upon the literal meaning of power from sociology’s perspective. Of course, that’s the perspective we are discussing. Other than this, power in physics means the amount of energy that gets converted in every minute. However, we are not talking about it here. So, let’s stick to the social implication of ‘power.’

Power is the capability of influence that one can have on his or her immediate and extended surroundings. Human beings have always been ruling over other species with physical and mental power, sense of authority and supremacy.

Over the years, the concept and implications of power have been getting refined. Some definitions of power might even surprise and enlighten you about its diverse implications. Fulton J. Sheen, described power as “Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is “timing” it waits on the right time to act, for the right principles and in the right way.” Power is a limitless concept of realizing your self-worth, capabilities and even your responsibilities in exercising your powers.

Power comes with its utilities that have been alluring humankind to crave for more of it.

Some of the most unwavering utilities of power
  • When you have power, people recognize you and like you. You become popular and enjoy attention from the mass.
  • Power brings glory, and it brings happiness. You can fulfil your wishes and others’ wishes too. Thus, you become happier and have less to little stress.
  • When you have power, it opens up closed doors, and you can get access to almost everything. You can use multiple utilities and make life easier and enjoy the finer things in life.
  • Power also gives you more scopes of increasing your financial affluence. You can work more and earn more money. With it, you can own multiple properties and live a lavish life.
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Power makes everything possible.

most powerful people in the world
Who is the most powerful person in the world?

Who Are The Most Powerful People In The World?

We have just discussed what power is and what it implies to millennial mortals. So, considering you know what power is, can we zero down on the most powerful person in the world? Well, that would be next to impossible because everyone wants that position. They will bring forward every argument to support it. So, here we discuss the perceptions. We try to figure out, do we have the most powerful people in the world?

When power is strength

Power is physical strength; how strong you are than others. One who is healthy, one who has nutritious meals every day, proper sleep and exercise regularly is strong. However, it depends on person to person and how their bodies build up core strength.

When power is to understand capabilities

When you have the power or authority of importance, you ought to understand. By this, we do not mean serving others but listening to others with compassion and understanding them.

When power is the realization

Power places you on tricky shores. It gives you complete control and authority to run the show. However, it is up to you to decide whether you want to rule or direct. The real value of power lies in realizing its implications.

When power is responsibility

What follows after realizing the essence of power is responsibility. Power is a responsibility as well. When you have authority, you have an alleviated status and a higher reach. So, you can avail what others cannot. It is a moral obligation or a responsibility of powerful entities to take care of less powerful beings on this Earth.

Most influential people are the ones who have realized all of which stated above and stood loyal to them. You are lucky if you are powerful and be grateful for it.

most powerful people in the world
Qualities make you stand out

How Are The Most Powerful People In The World Different From Regular Mortals?

We often say that every human being is born with similar features. Then why is one different from another? It is because of how we use these features and qualities. Take a closer look at the top leaders in the world, and you will find that they have similar attributes. So what makes the most powerful people in the world different from others?

They are passionate about what they do

When you need the motivation to work, that must be an alert for you. The hardest and perhaps, one of the cruellest truth is that no one can motivate you. Look at the most powerful men in the world or the most powerful women in the world. They strongly believe in the purpose and are passionate about what they do. They do not seek motivation from external sources.

Influential people are more resilient

Successful and the most powerful people in the world are undeterred by failures. They are resilient people, committed and focused on their goals. They do not break down or lose hope when they fail. Instead, they bounce back to their best form and pursue their dreams. People who get overpowered by failures cannot become successful or influential.

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They are optimists

No amount of setback can make them give up. The most successful and influential entities have become so because they are die-hard optimists. They shut chaos and are untouched by negativity or anything that tries to convince them against their goals.

Discipline is their habit

Discipline creates an unwavering power. It is a universal truth. One common quality of successful and influential people is that they are disciplined. In a room full of people, you can make out who is the most powerful person in the world. A disciplined person will have a different aura than any ordinary person.

They keep learning and try to improve

Powerful people are eager entities. They want to know more and keep learning new things every day. People who resist learning, cannot improve and hence are not successful. Unsuccessful people cannot get power and become powerful. It follows this chain.

most powerful people in the world
Eagerness to know takes you to the power that everyone seeks

Why Do You Want To Become One Of The Most Powerful People In The World?

No mortal can deny the fact that power attracts them. Almost everyone wants to have control over another. That’s quite a human nature, present even in animals. Only the spirit and audacity of carving for power varies. It is only usual for you to crave for power and authority. So, let’s try to understand why we want to be powerful.

Enjoy popularity

People like to be around successful and powerful people. By looking at the number of followers, you can understand who is the most popular man in the world. Influential people can influence opinion, and people try to get benefits from their powers. However, the followers are not always admirers or may not even genuinely like them. They surround potent people because they want services from them.

Powerful people have many listeners

Powerful people do not have to struggle much for getting listeners. They have a profound understanding of life and on different subjects. So, when then talk about them, it is a privilege to listen to them. We have mentioned above that people stay with powerful people for benefits. All of their listeners are not always genuine followers. They may listen to please the speaker or as a cautious effort for not offending him.

Scope to earn more money

When you have power, you have endless opportunities as well. You have a wand to fulfil every wish. You can make money not just for your lifetime but even save for generations. It depends on the extent of your power. So, with power comes a massive scope for earning money.

Low stress

When the whole world likes you, listen to you, have money and all comfort, you don’t worries. It automatically dissolves your stress. Life with power and zero pressure is all you might have ever wanted to have. Why wouldn’t you then seek power?

Power is highly transformational. It changes everything that comes in contact with. Also, power is harnessed with determination, perseverance, resilience, disciple and more. Interestingly, powerful and successful people are humble and compassionate. Often it is rumoured that most powerful people in the world are authoritative and dominating. That’s not entirely true. Most of the powerful men and women in the world are harbingers of prosperity to their surroundings. They are agents of development. The next time you meet any of the most influential people in the world make sure to get clicked!


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